Gag Gift

Submitted by: Mortice

Another Christmas, another office party, another Secret Santa.

I knew I'd just get aftershave again. That's what I always got, even though I never wear it. The names were picked at random, so it must be different people buying things for me, but always with the same level of imagination.

I picked out the package with my name on it. It was unusually small for a bottle of aftershave - perhaps just for once, someone might have given me something different? Something actually useful?

I unwrapped it, but there was nothing in it. Nothing, that is, except for a small bunch of keys. But nothing useful. I guess the keys must have been the gift, but I didn't know what they might be for. I looked at them closer, they were round high-security keys, and there were four of them, in two pairs. But no note, no explanation, no clues.

I thought it would be impolite to just throw them away, so I put them in my pocket and thought nothing more about them.

An hour later, after several bottles of wine had been emptied around the office, Kelly came up to me. She was looking very nice today, wearing a tight sweater showing her curves and a short pleated skirt. She's quite a shy girl, I'm not sure we'd spoken before so I was surprised she had come over to speak to me now.

She said, "Hi Steve. Did you enjoy the Secret Santa thing? I just got some Christmas socks."

It can't be a coincidence, her coming over and asking about that after I got such a strange present. But I thought I'd play along with it.

I said, "I just got a bunch of keys. No explanation, nothing."

She asked, "So what did you do with them?"

"I was going to throw them away." She looked shocked. "But I kept them." Relief.

"Well," she explained, "actually they were from me. It was a kind of a mistake, I shouldn't have done it. I mean, it was a kind of gag gift. Could I have them back?"

If she wants them back, they must be good for something. I asked, "So what are they for?"

She tried to look nonchalant. "Oh, nothing really. But could I have them?"

Aha, finally it was getting interesting! If it was something dull then she'd have told me. "So if they're for nothing, why do you want them? Why did you give them to me?"

She got flustered. "Well, I wanted you to know, and I thought about perhaps showing you, then I thought I couldn't, then I thought that if I gave them to you then I'd have to, then I thought I couldn't, but now I don't want to, but I do, and I don't know what to do!" She sat down, and her pretty eyes looked up at me.

"So it sounds like you gave them to me because you wanted to make yourself talk to me, is that it?"

"Yes. I've always... liked you. And you're always so popular, and I'm just me, and I couldn't just talk to you."

"Well, it's worked out well, because now we're talking. And you could have just come over and said 'Hi' to me any time."

She looked down. "Yes, I guess so. I'm just, you know..."

"Yes, I know you're an attractive young girl that has nothing to be shy about." She smiled.

So these keys must be something important enough for her to force herself to talk to me. Whatever could that be?

I said, "So, about these keys then?"

"Oh, yes. Well, no, well, just, if you could give them back to me then I'll leave you alone and you won't have to talk to me again and it will all be over and done."

"I think you gave me the keys so you would have to talk to me, and you wanted to talk to me about whatever the keys are for."

She looked up at me, startled. "But I've never told anyone! I though that I'd like to, and with you being you, and it's just so... just so..."

I though of all the things she might do next, but I couldn't have imagined what actually happened. She stood up, took a deep breath and closed her eyes tight. Then she took hold of the bottom hem of her skirt with both hands, and pulled it up to show me what was underneath.

Shining steel. Perfectly polished steel underwear. And I could see some small round holes in it, that look just the same size as the keys I'd been given.

My jaw dropped. "Wow."

Still with eyes shut and skirt lifted, she said, "I'm fired, aren't I?"

"No, not at all. It's just so... unusual. Is it comfortable?"

She opened her eyes, and looked almost surprised at the question. "Yes, it's quite nice actually. Very... secure."

I wasn't quite sure what to do next. I said, "Do you wear it all the time?"

"No, just sometimes when I'm feeling adventurous."

I wasn't sure what 'adventurous' meant. I asked, "So is it to stop men touching you?"

She looked shocked. "No, not at all - it's to stop me touching me!"

I must have looked confused, because she added, "Sometimes it's nice to just not be able to, you know, pleasure yourself for a while, then it's all the better when you do get to do it after a while. So I use this to, ah, keep myself under control for a while."

Wow, so it's like some sort of bondage self-denial thing. I knew what she meant, sometimes when I felt horny I would deliberately just not do anything about it for a day, which would build up that horniness.

I asked, "So how long do you keep it on for?"

"Oh, only over night usually. I've worn it for a weekend sometimes."

"And do you usually give the keys away to strangers in the office?"

She looked embarassed, and not for the first time tonight. "No, I usually leave the keys in my drawer in the office overnight or over the weekend. Actually I've never given the keys to someone else."

So this attractive girl had given me the keys to her virtue. Did she really want me to give them back? I wouldn't keep them against her will, but if she didn't want me to have them she wouldn't have given them to me.

I thought about this. I said, "So as I understand it, you do things like leaving the keys to, what is that, a chastity belt?" She nodded. "You leave the keys in the office over the weekend because you like not having control over them. And you've given me the keys also because you like not having control, you like the idea of giving up control to someone else. To me."

She was suspecting where I was going with this. She said, "Um, yes."

"So when you ask me to return them, you don't 100% mean that, and a part of you would be disappointed if I did. But you ask because you're scared about what might happen."

"Um, yes."

"So if I were to tell you that I have a great respect for what you're doing, and I understand the trust you're putting in me, and that I would never abuse that trust, would you then want me to keep hold of your keys?"

She gulped. "Um, yes."

Now's the time to challenge her. "Say it."


"Say what you want."

She looked confused. She said, "Would you keep my keys?"

I laughed. "Say it like you mean it, or I'm going to give you the keys back right now."

Then she understood the game. She bowed her head, but still looking at me. "Please would you look after my chastity belt keys for me, Sir."

"Well done. You can keep calling me 'Sir'. So tell me why you need me to keep them from you."

She smiled. "Because I want you to stop me from masturbating, Sir. I want you to keep me as horny as I am right now, without release until you choose, Sir."

I too was getting very hot and horny, hearing her say that. I don't know if she'd seen the big bulge that had formed in my trousers.

I smiled. "Very good. You can consider yourself secured, and your masturbation habit under my control until... well, until I choose otherwise."

"Thankyou, Sir. Um, and I would like you to know that, when you do choose to release me from my bonds, and release the barrier to my pent up orgasm, you may if you wish... assist me to that orgasm by any means that you feel is approriate."

For a shy girl, she was quite forward. "My girl, are you asking me to fuck you?"

"Um, Yes, Sir, if it should please you."

I was getting hornier by the second, but didn't want to give too much away. "If I feel so inclined at the time, I may or may not do so. You will have to wait and see."

She put her hand out to touch the bulge that my hard cock was making in my trousers. She said, "I have a great need for some sexual release right now, and since I know I can't get it myself, I need to give it to someone else."

I sat down and spread my legs as she unzipped my fly and sucked my cock into her mouth, for the first time but not the last.

Saturday finally arrived. Kelly had been quite flirty with me in the office, perhaps hoping for a release. I tried to play it cool, but just said that she should meet me in a local bar at 8pm the following Saturday.

I had been horny all week, wanking like mad at the thought of her lying in bed trying to grope herself and failing, and that I would soon unlock her passion. The office party during which she had handed over keys was on a Tuesday, and the longest she'd worn the chastity belt for before was a weekend, so I thought the following Saturday would be a good time to get her hot and horny without overdoing it.

I had told her to dress to impress, and she had not disappointed me. She wore a black dress which from the front had a cleavage that was open down to the waist, showing off her great breasts, and the dress top was completely backless. The lower part was shorter than the skirt she wore before, in fact it was so short that I expect I could have seen the chastity belt if she were in a light breeze. She wore black 4 inch silettoes.

We stood at the bar as I ordered drinks. She said, "There's something I have to do. These are for you, Sir," and she put another pair of round keys onto the bar.

I put them in my pocket and said, "What are these for?" I guessed it was something else locked onto her, but what she was wearing didn't hide very much.

She smiled and said, "You'll find out later."

I pulled up a high bar chair and sat on it. She pulled one up, sat but then said, "Oh!" and stood again. She tried to sit again, very gently lowering herself onto the chair, but winced and then said, "It's okay, I'll stand."

I stood too. I said, "I've been reading up on chastity belts. I see that some of them come with a lockable rear bar that can be used to hold something in the wearer's arse which then can't be removed. That wouldn't explain the new keys and the sitting problem, would it?"

"Yes, Sir. I've used the rear bar a few times before, but tonight I'm trying a bigger anal dildo than I usually use. And it is, as you say, fully secured in place until you decide otherwise, Sir."

This girl was quite a masochist, and was giving me a lot of power over her. And I loved it.

We had a few more drinks and talked about life and particularly our sex lives. She'd had a few boyfriends in the past, but not since she started playing with her chastity belt, as she never thought anyone would understand it.

I said to her, "Would you care to accompany me to my flat?"

Her eyes widened, as did her smile. "Yes, I think I can do that this evening."

I got her back to my flat. As soon as we got through the door, I took her in a long, slow kiss. I undid the knot holding the top part of her dress around her neck, and the entire dress fell to the ground, leaving her naked except her shoes and of course her gleaming chastity belt.

I said to her, "Undress me."

I stood as she slowly and lovingly removed everthing I was wearing, carefully folding up my shirt, my trousers and my boxer shorts. She knelt in front of me, staring at my hard cock, then staring up at me and said, "Sir, may I?"

"You may."

She kissed the tip of my cock, then slowly drew its length into her mouth. She pumped up and down, working her tongue around the tip and along the shaft. As I watched her, I saw her right hand was down where her clit should have been, it was frantically rubbing the front of her belt but getting her nowhere.

Before she took me too far, I told her to go lie on my bed.

Her eyes widened when she saw me walk in with a large hank of rope. "Oh yes, if you're going to get unlocked then don't go thinking you're going to be able to just do whatever you like. You're going into bondage if you want your freedom."

She smiled. "Where do you want me?"

Soon I had her secured down where I wanted her. She lay on her back, her hands were tied up to the top corners of my bed, and her knees were pulled up and tied to each elbow, which kept her legs apart and beautifully presented her chastity belt secured pussy and arse to me.

I got a close look at the belt. There was one lock around the waist, but another which was securing a mesh panel over her pussy. She explained it was a secondary shield, and prevented her from touching the pussy lips which were squeezed through a slit in the main belt. I found the key and unlocked the shield.

When I touched the parts of her pussy that were then exposed, she cried out as though it was a full orgasm. She said, "My God, I've been wanting to do that ever since I locked the belt on. It feels wonderful after so long."

I played with her lips for a while, enjoying her reaction. Then I said to her, "So are you ready for a good hard fucking?"

"Yes, Sir!" was all she could scream.

But I had something different in mind. I unlocked the rear bar of her belt, and pulled out a sizeable dildo from her arse. Then I put on a condom and pushed my cock into the waiting hole which had been stretched all evening.

As I pushed in I said to her, "Have you been fucked in the arse before?"

She said, "Yes a few times, but I've always been able to play with my clit while he's done it. Getting fucked this way while being tied up and locked up is just so frustrating!"

I was pumping in and out. "Well you said you wanted to get fucked, didn't you?"

She could say nothing, just moan with sensations received and sensations denied.

I only continued a few minutes, I wasn't going to be as cruel as to limit my penetration of her to only two holes.

I pulled out, replaced the condom, then unlocked her main belt. First I brushed her lips with my cock, then I blew gently over her engorged clit.

She cried out with ecstacy and frustration, getting new sensations she'd been longing for but still denied that final closure.

I leaned over to her head and said, "Thankyou for the gag gift you gave me. Now I have one for you," and I secured a rubber ball into her mouth with leather straps around her head.

After some more playing with her hightened nerve endings, I thrust my way into her pussy, but staying shallow and keeping away from her clit so limiting the sensations she was getting.

She yelled and screamed. I yelled and screamed. Finally I went full in, giving her all I had got, and flicking her clit some into the bargain. After so long having been denied, she was getting an intense full sex experience and so was I.

As I heard her reach her peak, I shot my load, cum pumping through my cock as she hit new decibels and octaves of orgasmic outpouring.

Soon it was all over, and we were both spent, and fell to sleep instantly in each others arms.

When she woke, she found that her ropes had been removed but her chastity belt was back on, secondary shield in place but no anal dildo this time.

As I was making breakfast, I said, "I went out this morning and dropped the keys to your chastity belt into the overnight box for my bank safety deposit box. I figured you seemed to enjoy last night and that was only after a few days of lockdown, so think about what it will be like after a few weeks. Or perhaps even a few months. What do you think of that?"

Her jaw dropped with shock, she was speechless. Then her hand moved down over her metal pussy, she smiled, and she said, "Thankyou, Sir."

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