The Chastisement of Richard Hornsby

Submitted by: Red Rogue

This is the story of a young man who had it all, who drifted into a life of crime and suffered painful correction before coming through to become a model citizen.

At the age of 25 Richard Hornsby was on top of the world. The young man, the son of a successful businessman had plenty of wealth, good looks that would attract the hot babes, and a playboy image that was well deserved. He liked to use the girls and discard them like street thrash, leaving many broken hearts in his wake. On that fateful Friday night, Richard was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or at least that was the story that was so successfully put forward by his legal team. The Honourable Mr. Justice Peter Ramsbottom was not in the mood to be looked down upon by the expensive legal eagles from the city and his humour was not improved by the reports of a pre-sentencing celebration party that was thrown by Richard's parents.

"All Rise" said the Court Clerk as the middle-aged Judge walked into the courtroom. After summarising the facts of the case, Mr. Justice Ramsbottom came to the verdict and the sentencing. He started of by recounting the young man's privileged background, the magnitude of his crimes and the need to pass a sentence that would act as a deterrent to others.

"I have considered a custodial sentence of three years but I am also aware of the need for attitude adjustment and reform. Therefore, I am going to send you to a place where your period of detention shall be used to educate you and to make you a better person. I am personally acquainted with the work of the recently opened New Reform School, an alternative to prison for juvenile delinquents. Although there is an age restriction of 19, I have spoken to the Head Mistress and since this is a pilot programme, she has agreed to take you into her custody. Therefore, I sentence you to six months detention at The New Reform School of Behaviour Correction. Following a period of three months detention, you may apply to this court for a review of your sentence."

Richard did not know what to expect as the gates closed behind the prison van and he was led into the old grey building, his hands handcuffed behind his back and his heart throbbing with fear. He was led into the reception area and that was where he first set eyes on Ms. Heather Jones, the School Head Mistress. Richard breathed a little easier as he studied her kind looking face. He let his eyes drift up and down as he ogled her long brown hair, her ample breasts and most of all, her long legs and shapely bum. She looked to be in her mid twenties and Richard was surprised that a woman of such tender years could be in such a position of authority.

"Uncuff him", Ms. Jones ordered as she turned to the male and female security guards.

Two weeks later, Richard Hornsby was a young man in great distress having now spent some time at the "Reform" as it was known among the inmates. He could not settle in among the late teenage boys and girls that he was forced to share the classroom and dormitory with. He was picked on because of his age and forced to carry out menial tasks such as making the beds and cleaning shoes. One young lady had just bought his services from his unofficial keeper and had placed him on menstruational cleaning duties. Much worse was threatened and he feared that within a very short time, the level of humiliation of the tasks that he would be required to carry out would make his present predicament look like a sunshine holiday.

Attitude adjustment and behaviour correction do not come without some pain and coercion and under the successful regime of Ms. Heather Jones; there would be no reward without sacrifice. Corporal punishment was both encouraged and expected, and most of the teachers agreed that it was a useful and important learning aid. Some were reluctant to make too much use of the strap and cane but others went way too far. Richard made the mistake of mildly insulting his English and History teacher, Ms. Sanderson on his first day and he had been paying a severe price for nearly two weeks now. His hands were almost raw from constant beating with the cane and strap from many of the teachers but Ms. Sanderson seemed to take particular delight in causing him pain and humiliation.

Ms. Jennifer Sanderson was a 23 year old, highly intelligent young woman and this was her second teaching job. After qualification, she had worked at a tough inner city school and had been reprimanded by the Schools Inspector for what he perceived to be her lack of control in the classroom. Ms. Sanderson was let go after her short-term contract had expired and she was disappointed that she had failed to fulfil the high standards that she had set for herself. She was also determined that it would never happen again. Soon afterwards, she got a call from her friend, Heather Jones and she found herself in her second teaching post.

"I am going to get that bitch", Richard Hornsby thought to himself as he drew up plans for a few schemes that would make him feel better and raise his standing among the other pupils. "Sanderson, you lousy bitch, you aint seen nothing yet", he mused.

Ms. Jennifer Sanderson entered the classroom to the sound of unconcealed sniggering and giggling and was eventually drawn to the artwork and writing on the blackboard. The young woman was unusually calm as she surveyed the vile words and pictures that had been attached to her good name. Without betraying a hint of emotion, she gestured to a boy from the front row. "Tell Ms. Jones that I want to see her".

Ms. Heather Jones was a strong-willed young woman in her early thirties. She had sown plenty of wild oats in her younger days but now she had found her dream job. She had radical views that got into trouble with the college authorities when she did her Masters in Social Services so she was as surprised as anyone when she was put in charge of the new reform school pilot project. The classroom was now completely silent and the only sound that could be heard was the tap tap tap of high heeled shoes on the corridor floor. There was an air of excitement among the young men and some of the young ladies as the door was opened and the object of many of their fears and fantasies entered the room. They surveyed her from head to toe, her well kept long brown hair, her white blouse and wow, those breasts. She wore a short brown skirt, several inches above the knees and black tights or stockings - there was some debate about that subject among the young men but most of them had her in stockings when she visited their thoughts in the quietness of the night. Ms Jones carried herself with an air of dignity, determination and authority. She was a kind and carefree person outside of the school walls and was the type of woman who could light up a whole room with her broad smile and infectious laugh. There was no smile now however as she surveyed the vile pornographic work that had contaminated her classroom blackboard.

Ms Jones spoke in a low and controlled voice.

"I am most disappointed with you boys and girls. Now, I want the culprit to please stand up. You will receive a fair punishment but the rest of the class will not suffer because of your foolishness."

There was complete silence and a feeling of fear among the young men and women.

"Very well then, if that is the way that you want it. You will all be placed under the most severe restrictions until the coward who did this is unmasked. I do not have to explain what I mean to most of you."

The feeling of fear gave way to panic among many as they thought about what lay in store. One young man broke ranks and his words, almost inaudible at first were soon echoing loudly around the room.

"It was Dick Hornsby Miss" he blurted out.

"Speak up boy."

"It.It was Dick Hornsby Miss."

"Mr. Hornsby, would you please step forward to the front of the class."

"Please Miss, I didn't do it. I swear, I didn't do it."

"You are new here Mr. Hornsby so perhaps you are not aware of how I deal with cowards and liars. If you tell the truth now, you can expect severe chastisement. Continue to lie and you will experience pain and misery well beyond anything that you could ever imagine."

"Sorry Miss. I'm very sorry. I'm very sorry Miss.. I.I..won't do it again. I'm sorry Miss Sanderson."

Ms. Jones looked to her fellow teacher and asked her "Would you care to initiate the process Ms Sanderson?"

Richard Hornsby was soon holding out his hands and receiving six of the best on each of his already painful palms from the young woman that he had so shamefully wronged.

Ms Jones gestured to the door and spoke with a firm voice.

"Come with me Mr. Hornsby."

He followed her down the long corridor until they came to her office. Ms. Jones brought up the young man's file on her P.C. and studied the reports on his behaviour over the two weeks that he had been held under her care. She felt a little disappointed with herself. There was serious misbehaviour here that should have been spotted and corrected before now. Better late than never though, but she knew that there was work to be done here. She pressed the intercom button.

"Ms Moorhead, would you please come to the office." Ms. Jones's soft but assertive voice was carried over the P.A. system to all parts of the building. Alice Moorhead was a sixty year old retired nurse who had recently been hired to work part time as a school assistant, along with her helper, eighteen year old Ms. Anne Howard.

"You called me Ms J."

"Yes, I want you to prepare for a full HR and clamping procedure."

"Ms Howard is busy, so it will have to be a quick job" replied the elderly nurse.

"Tell Ms Howard to drop what she is doing and give her full priority to this procedure."

"Very well Ms. You said a full HR and..."

"I said a full HR and I mean FULL and COMPLETE. I also want you to enter all details on his report card daily and have Ms. Howard put it on my PC before the next morning. I am taking a personal interest in this one. There has been some slippage of standards around here that will not be allowed to continue"

"Very well Ms. Full and complete it will be."

Ms Moorhead caught the young man by the arm and as he was led out the office door he could hear Ms. Jones on the intercom.

"Ms Howard to the Saloon please. Ms Howard to the Saloon please. Prepare for a Code 3A."

Ms. Anne Howard came from a difficult background but the eighteen year old was a lady of strong character. After drifting through school and being expelled several times, she pulled herself away from the inner city drug culture and began to train as a hairdresser and beauty therapist. Ms Jones was a regular client and they became close. The older and wiser woman could see much of herself in this young teenage beauty and thought that, with a little help, she could go on to do very well for herself. Ms Jones decided to give the young woman a job as her secretary and to sponsor her university education after the summer recess. Before long, Ms Jones had found out that Anne Howard had qualities that would make her ideally suited to carry out certain other tasks at the school. She was a headstrong young woman and was sometimes liable to bend the rules if it suited her purpose but by teaming her with the older and more experienced Alice Moorhead, Ms Jones hoped that the young woman would learn to curb her excesses.

Anne Howard instantly dropped what she was doing and stood there in an excited state as she heard that magical phrase - Code 3A. She had done a couple of 3As before and had found the experience to be most enjoyable. She wondered who the "victim" would be this time, not that she really cared. It was Ms Howard who had given the name 'Saloon' to the old Preparatory Room No. 1 and the name caught on. The blond haired young woman was already well on top of her planning as she made her way towards the Saloon. However there was a horny feeling that would not go away as she thought about how she could use the situation to her advantage, totally against school rules of course.

25 year old Richard Hornsby had already been led to the Saloon by Ms Moorhead by the time that Ms Howard arrived. The Salon was a large open room in the basement of the old building. There was a laundry, a storage room and several washrooms alongside.

"Hi Anne. You heard then. It's a HR, plus Clamping."

Ms. Howard looked the young man up and down, almost as if she was purchasing a piece of meat at the butcher shop.

"No. I've been watching this one for a while Alice. I thing that we should recommend that it should be a HR, Clamping, a Rental Job and maybe more."

"Oh, you bad girl. You're right of course Anne. Definitely a rental candidate."

Richard was standing in the middle of the room, not knowing what to make of this conversation but fearing that he would soon have it all fully explained to him.

Ms Moorhead stepped forward.

"Take your clothes off", ordered the former nurse.

Richard remained motionless, in a state of shock.

"I said take off your clothes. Get undressed."

"Please Ms, I ..I .don't want to."

"Come now. You have nothing that we haven't seen before love. Let's be having you then."

"Please Ms, can I keep my clothes on.please."

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way. The result will be the same. You will be standing here completely naked. You can strip now or I can have you held down and force-stripped. The choice is yours dear, but not for long."

"Please Ms.."

"Anne, we seem to have baited a lively one here. Better call in the squad."

Ms Howard was about to press the intercom button when Richard came to the conclusion that co-operation would be the best policy. He was soon standing naked before the two ladies, shivering with fear and with shame.

"Stand up straight and keep your hands down by your sides, snarled young Ms Howard" as she studied him from head to toe.

"Now turn around pet and let me see your bum."

"What do you think Alice, a nice bum ..? Petty about the little dick though."

"You keep your mind on your work Ms Anne Howard. Remember that Ms Jones wants to have every detail recorded on his report card."

"Very well, spoilsport. Let's get on with it then." Ms Howard turned to Richard and addressed him in a stern tone of voice. She pointed to the sturdy wooden chair that was bolted to the floor.

"Now you little wanker, I want you to sit down in the chair. Dooown boy."

Richard did as he was ordered and he sat down in the strange looking heavy wooden chair. His arms were placed on the armrests and the black leather straps that were attached to the timbers at the elbow and wrist positions were soon secured, leaving him almost defenceless. His ankles were similarly fastened down at floor level.

The two women continued to gossip about everyday events, interrupting their conversation only now and then to talk about the job in hand.

"Do you want the beard or the head", Ms Moorhead asked in a disinterested tone of voice.

"Think I'll take the head. Haven't had much practice lately", answered Ms Howard.

The women danced to the nearby table, almost like synchronised swimmers and each lifted a pair of scissors. Ms Howard immediately set to work on Richard's hair, cutting it off in a quiet and efficient manner, as she had been trained to do. Ms Moorhead, meanwhile focused her attention on the captive male's well trimmed beard.

Ms Moorhead caught Richard's beard between her fingers.

"Can't believe that he held on to this for so long. It should have been gone the first day", she remarked.

"I know.I know. and that long hair."

"I heard that Ms Jones wanted to cut him some slack because of who his daddy is.."

"Ha, ha.he won't be having much slack now, will he?"

Richard's whiskers were his pride and joy. He had them for seven years and he liked to keep them neat and well trimmed. They had never been as well trimmed as they were now. The hair on his head was clipped to a similarly short length. Ms Howard stood back and had a good look, before taking a sponge and soap from the basin of luke-warm water that she had placed on the nearby table. Richard's newly cropped hair and whiskers were thoroughly washed and soaped, before having ample quantities shaving foam applied.

"Anne, can you pass me the razor", inquired Ms Moorhead.

"Here you are dear. Did you say complete and total?"

"Yep. That's what Ms J ordered."

Before long, the only hair on Richard's head was on his well trimmed eyebrows. Gone was the thick dark mop that had made him so attractive to the ladies. Gone was the beard, his pride and joy, but he knew that protest would only add to his humiliation. His leather restraints were unfastened and he was ordered to stand up.

"I know you like the showering, Anne. Do you want to take him to the washroom?"

"Naw. You do it. I want to get things ready here. Look at his little you think that's as hard as it gets?"

"Not very big, is it.? You're well named, aren't you little Richard? Come with me you little wanker", Ms Moorhead snarled as she caught Richard Hornsby by the arm and led him out of the Saloon and towards the shower area.

The shower room was open planned and consisted of twelve units on two opposite walls, with no cubicles or curtains. The raised path between them was used for supervision, as all showering activities were closely monitored. Ms Moorhead kicked off her shoes and donned her blue waterproof overalls. She pushed Richard into one of the showering positions and turned on the water. He was soon well lathered, from the top of his shaved head to his big toes, with particular attention being paid to his genital and anal areas. Ms Moorhead held Richard's hard dick in her hand as she washed the area between his ass and balls.

"What have we got here then? We'll have to do something with this, won't we," she said with a teasing smile as she took a firm hold of Richard's throbing penis. He was not attracted to the woman who was old enough to be his mother but the thought of relief ...oooh. Ms Moorhead let go of Richard's hard and excited dick. She unscrewed the showering attachment from its hose and screwed on a simple nozzle. She turned the temperature setting to cold and adjusted the nozzle until she had a good strong flow of ice cold water. For the next three minutes, Richard was hosed down until his cock had shrunk to a shrivelling imitation of what had been held in Ms Moorhead's hand only a few minutes earlier. He was led back to the Saloon, shivering and afraid of what would come next.

"Get up on the bench and lie on your back with you hands stretched above your head love", ordered Ms Howard. Richard had spotted the long, wide wooden bench the minute that he had entered the Saloon. He could not figure out what it would be used for but the sight of two rows of steel rings that were secured along both sides made him feel extremely uncomfortable. His wrists were soon soundly secured to rings on either side of the bench, well above his head.

Ms Howard moved around to where Richard could see her sniggering face.

"Raise your knees and spread out your legs pet."

Richard raised his knees until his legs were almost vertical. His ankles were shackled to two suitably placed rings. There was a strange looking piece of equipment on the table that Richard had never seen before and that was causing him some concern. It was a round wooden bar, about 24 inches long, with a leather strap and buckle attached to each end.

"Time for the spreader", laughed Ms Howard.

The wooden implement was placed between Richard's legs and the straps were securely fastened, just below the knees, forcing him to keep his legs wide apart.

"I'm taking the pubes, no arguments" said Ms Howard.

"Oh, you can have his pubes. I'm tired looking at his harmless little thing."

"Are you sure now Alice. We can share.."

"No, I'll do the chest and arms. We can share the rest."

Ms Howard took the scissors in her hand and took possession of a clump of Richard's pubic hair, just above his cock as she moved her head close to his face with an expression of mock sympathy.

"Do you want to have a little look down there pet? Ha, ha, you won't be seeing any of this for a while now, you poor little wanker." She thought about her hair dressing days and began to clip vigorously, as if there was a long queue of people waiting for a cut. When she had the area above neat and tidy, she moved down to his cock and balls. Ms Moorhead had stood back and watched as she smoked her cigarette, having already made short work of the light hair on Richard's chest. She bent down and blew the last of her cigarette smoke into the captive young man's face and reached for the sponge and soap. The retired nurse carefully washed the area that had been so neatly trimmed by her young colleague, along with Richard's almost bare chest.

"I like a man with a hairy chest", Ms Moorhead exclaimed. "Remember the first 3A we processed. He was only 18 but he had more hair on his chest than this wanker had on his whole head."

"Oh. Do I remember him? He had a dick too.and I know all about it. Look at the sorry little excuse for a penis that we have to work with now".

Richard could feel his prick being jerked upwards and casually held aloft as an object of ridicule.

"I'm going to tell Ms J not to send us any more of these little dickheads. I want to personally choose the next one."

Ms Howard took her time shaving Richard's prick and balls as she knew that Ms Jones would be unhappy with a damaged product. She then moved down to his perineum and continued with her task, stopping now and again to savour the look of embarrassment and humiliation of her male captive's face. Finally, Richard' restraints were released and he was hit him a couple of sharp slaps on the inside of his thighs.

"Now turn around and get on your hands and knees, doggie style..woof, woof."

Richard's was laid bare from the back of his neck down to his bum, with particular attention being paid to the anal area. Before long, there was not a single hair left on Richard Hornsby's body, except for his eyebrows. He was thoroughly examined by both women because they knew that when Ms Jones said total and complete, that was exactly what she meant.

"What's next on the checklist Alice - the measuring I guess?"

"Spot on Anne. You remember from the last time."

"Stand up straight with you legs apart and hands in the air", ordered Ms Moorhead as she went to fetch her measuring tape. Ms Howard prepared to enter the details on the report card that she would later transfer to Ms Jones's P.C.

"Neck -15 inch. Chest - 36 inch. Just a hint of breasts. Waist - 32 inch. Hips - 36 inch. Inside leg - 31 inches. Penis - not quite 6 inches, at a stretch. Penis Diameter - about 1 inch. Hair - brown, tee, he. Eyes - blue. Do we need the height and weight."?

"Ms Jones has not ticked those boxes but she did say complete."

"You're right Anne. Come with me dear. Now stand up against the wall. Height 5ft. 9in. Get on the scales pet. Weight - 11 stone, 5 pounds. Bum - quite shapely and smooth as a baby. That's not on the card Anne but put it in under comments."

Ms Howard set down her pen and paper and moved forward.

"Go to the washroom and fetch a basin of clean water pet. I want this bench and the floor to be spotless by the time that we finish our tea."

Richard worked away furiously to get the whole area clean, while the ladies relaxed over a cup of tea.

"Stand up straight" snapped Ms Moorhead. The cleaning work was inspected and found to be satisfactory.

"What do you think we should do with this Anne", said Ms Moorhead with a wry smile on her face as she once again took Richard's hard dick in her hand.

Ms Howard thought for a moment before turning to Richard.

"What are you then", she enquired? The young man knew that it would be useless to give anything other than the expected answer.

"A little wanker Ms".

"Speak up pet. What are you?"

"I'm a little wanker Ms."

"There you go Alice. He's a little wanker. Let's see you perform then. Take your wee thing in your hand and give us a demonstration of what you do best".

Embarrassment got the better of Richard and he hesitated for a moment. Four sharp slaps across the bum from Ms Howard's leather strap brought about a quick change of attitude and before long Richard was working himself to a climax. The two ladies watched, at first with a serious look, trying hard to control their giggles and laughter.

"Squirt it out on the table dear", ordered Ms Moorhead, between fits of laughter as she figured that Richard was about to come. By now, the two women were rolling about the place laughing. Richard climaxed in spectacular fashion, spurned on by emotions that had been both teased and suppressed since his incardination, almost two weeks ago. As soon as the two women got themselves almost under control, young Ms Howard stepped forward.

"I thought that I told you to clean this bench. What is this?"

"It's cum Ms."

"How dare you wank all over school equipment? It's time you learned to show some respect. How would you like to have the strap applied to your baby-smooth, fat ass?"

"Please Ms. You ordered me to do it."

"Oh, so it's my fault that you're a useless little wanker. I'll tell you what. You can get down there and lick it all up - every last drop."

After Richard had licked up and swallowed his own cum, he was ordered to bend over and rest his arms on the bench. The young lady chose a flexible rattan cane and Richard Hornsby received six of the very best from 18 year old Ms Anne Howard. He was then showered and given a cooling down by Ms Moorhead before having strongly scented baby powder applied to all of the shaved areas. Ms Jones was informed that she could carry out her inspection in her own time. In the meantime, Richard had been caught by the arm and placed in a corner of the Saloon, facing the wall - sore, naked, hairless and most of all, ashamed..

"Hi girls. Is that tea fresh", enquired Ms Jones as she entered the large open room. The three women sat sipping tea and talking for the best part of an hour, totally ignoring the naked young man who had been placed in the corner awaiting his inspection.

Richard could now hear footsteps behind him and could soon feel his arm being tightly gripped. Ms Moorhead did not speak - she pointed towards the centre of the large room, raised her foot and hit the young man a good hard kick up his ass.

"Assume Inspection Position No. 1", ordered Ms Howard.

Richard parted his legs and raised his arms high above his head, with the palms of his hands held open, as he had been taught to do during the first days of his confinement. Ms Jones remained silent as she ran her hands over his smooth, shaved scalp, his face and chin. Without betraying a hint of emotion, she examined his under-arm area, his chest and around his belly button. She ran her hand down his back to his buttocks. She then bent down and frisked his legs with her soft white hands, before moving up his thighs to his pubic area. Ms Moorhead and Ms Howard watched in silence, wondering if their hard work would be met with approval.

"Gloves please" were the first words uttered by Ms Jones since she had commenced her inspection. Ms Moorhead handed over a pair of plastic surgical gloves and Richard watched as Ms Jones pulled them on.

"Bend over".

"You heard Ms Jones. Bend over", snapped Ms Howard as she hit Richard a couple of sharp slaps with her leather strap. Richard duly obeyed and bent over the bench. He could feel his anal area being slowly and carefully examined. Next, a finger was slipped inside and his internal passage was probed for what seemed like an eternity. The probing finger was withdrawn and Richard was handed a tissue and ordered to wipe his asshole. He was then once more ordered to assume Inspection Position No 1. Ms Jones took a miniature torch from her handbag and examined the area between Richard's balls and asshole. She then carefully examined his balls before taking his cock in her hand. The base was carefully checked for hair and then the foreskin was pulled back and he was inspected for cleanliness. Ms Jones was satisfied with the work that had been done. Almost as if it did not really matter, she ran her hand over the bare and smooth skin above Richard's prick, where he once sported an ample crop of dark pubic hair.

"You ladies have done a fine job and I am very thankful. As you know, this one is special for me and so you will be rewarded for your good work. Is the uniform ready."

Ms Howard stepped forward and whispered something in Ms Jones's ear.

"Very well Ms Howard. I like your idea - just for the first week mind you and then it's the regulation school issue. Have you chosen a suitable device?"

"We had a bit of a debate about that. Ms Howard favours the CB200 because she feels that a snug fit could make at times. I prefer the Curve on this occasion."

"Why is that Ms Moorhead."?

"Well, discomfort can be achieved in other ways. I think that it is important to emphasise the need for sitting down when doing you know what."

"Good point Ms Moorhead. Sitting down is going to be important. I have to agree with Ms Howard, however. He is far too small for the Curve. Has he been hosed lately or is that the full size?"

"He has been hosed twice and had a forced ejaculation a short time ago but that's about as big as it gets," replied Ms Moorhead.

"Still needs to be brought down a bit though. Bring me the mobile unit Ms Howard."

The small pressurised cold water container was handed to Ms Jones. She stood in front of the young man and directed the nozzle at his penis before releasing a copious volume of ice cold water. Richard Hornsby was soon 'brought down' more than a bit.

"Bring me the device."

Ms Howard produced a small box and took out a strange looking object that Richard had never seen before. There was a cage-like tube, less than four inches long, made from what looked like a hard transparent plastic, with slits along the length and a small vertical opening at the narrow end. There were several swivelled rings of different diameters and a number of small plastic padlocks along with a brass padlock. There were also three plastic spacer-like objects. Richard wondered what this contraption could be used for but he did not have to wonder for long.

"Ms Moorhead, lubrication please."

The old nurse took Richard's cock in her hand and massaged the head with baby oil.

Ms Jones took the strange looking plastic cage in her left hand and Richard's semi-hard cock in her right. His dick was forced into the plastic contraption and it hurt a little. One of the hinged rings was chosen and it was placed behind the young man's ball sack and up over the base of his penis, with the swivelled section underneath and then it was closed off at the top. There was some discussion about the fit but eventually, at Ms Howard's insistence, a smaller diameter ring was chosen. The smaller hinged cuff ring was then closed to a snug fit. Two plastic pins that were protruding from the ring were passed through holes in the cage. A locking pin was attached and the three women made a final inspection.

Ms Jones turned to her young employee.

"Would you like to do the honours Ms Howard?"

"We thought that you would want that pleasure for yourself Ms J. Hell, give me that lock quickly before you change your mind. It'll be a pleasure to clamp this one." She held her head close to Richard's face and spoke almost as she was bestowing some sort of title or honour.

"Richard Andrew Hornsby, you have been scrubbed up for the occasion and fitted with a suitable restraining device. It now gives me great pleasure to fit this padlock to your little willie. Your wanking days are well and truly over. From now on, you will obey and serve, you will be humble and respectful and you will always remember that you belong to the inferior male sex. You will take this key and present it to your new owner, Ms Sanderson and I hope to fuck that she will she not find any reason to use it for a long time.

Arise, Sir Wanker".

The padlock was clicked into place, enslaving Richard's penis and what had been his only means of release since he had arrived at this horrible place.

"Very touching Ms Howard, but get a grip on yourself. There is still work to be done", chuckled Ms Jones, before turning to Richard.

"As you heard from Ms Howard, you are now the property of Ms Sanderson. She is the primary key holder and I hold the second key but only for emergencies. She and she alone will decide how long you will stay clamped."

"The person formally known as Richard Hornsby does not now exist. Ms Sanderson has chosen the name Violet for you so you will answer to that name and that name alone. You will soon be dressed in an appropriate uniform and hairpiece and brought back to Ms Sanderson's classroom. You are to use the ladies restrooms and washing facilities at all times. However, you will continue to sleep in your male dorm, dressed as a young lady. Instructions that are given by members of staff shall be followed to the letter and any deviation will result in appropriate punishment."

"Your behaviour since your arrival at this school is totally unacceptable, both to me your Head Mistress and to all of the school staff. You have made the mistake of insulting a member of staff in a most vile and disgusting manner and you are now going to bear the consequences. There will be no unsupervised or free time as you will be required to carry out activities outside of classroom hours that are designed to improve your character. Finally, I should now give you a good caning, but I have decided to delegate that task to Ms Sanderson. Do you have any questions?"

"No Ms Jones" Richard meekly replied, as he contemplated the gravity of what he had done and the pain and humiliation that he would have to endure as a results of his foolish actions.

"Make sure that her report card is kept up to date" Ms Jones shouted back as she walked out the door.

Ms Moorhead moved across the room to where a new school uniform had been laid out on a chair. She lifted a pair of dark brown knee length stockings and held them up to the young man's face.

"Now Violet, I want you to put these on."

Richard took the stockings from her and pulled them up over his legs until they reached to just below the knees.

"Good girl. Now try the bra. Hope it's the right size."

Richard struggled to fix the white padded brassiere in place but Ms Howard was more than happy to assist.

"Ms Howard, we seem to be missing one important item of uniform here. Have you been careless?"

"No, I haven't been careless Ms Moorhead. Continue to dress her and I'll soon supply the missing item."

Richard was next fitted with a bright yellow school issue blouse and a short dark brown skirt that barely covered his bottom. Ms Howard took several hairpieces from a large box and examined them carefully, finally choosing a blond, shoulder length piece.

"What do you reckon Alice? Do you think she would look nice in this?"

"I'm sure the boys will go crazy for her" replied Ms Moorhead.

The wig was carefully fitted to Richard's shaven head and he was given instructions about future removal and fitting.

"There you go dear" exclaimed Ms Moorhead. "Gentlemen prefer blondes, don't they, so you should have busy nights.

"We are still missing an important item of uniform Ms Howard. This girl is not wearing any knickers."

"Relax Ms H. I had a whisper in Ms Jones's ear and she has approved a slight alteration to the school uniform, for this week at least."

Eighteen year old Ms Anne Howard hoisted up her skirt and pulled down her lacy pink knickers. She stood in front of Richard with a mocking smile on her face.

"We can't have you wearing those horrible white school issue knickers on your first week. I'm sure you will want to attract new boyfriends when you get back to the dorm so I'm letting you wear mine for a week. They'll smell a bit after a day or two but I'm sure you'll manage."

"Oh you naughty girl. You're so kind to these young ladies and they don't even appreciate it. Come on now Violet. You should thank Ms Howard for allowing you to use her underwear."

"Thank you Ms Howard for letting me wear your knickers."

"It's a pleasure Violet. We'll be meeting a lot during some of your supervised after class sessions and I am going to give you plenty of make-up tips. You'll soon be one of the best looking girls in this school. Who knows, we might even become close friends. Now pull on those knickers."

The man who was formerly known as Richard Hornsby was no more. A shy young lady called Violet was led into Ms Sanderson's classroom by Ms Howard and Ms Moorhead.

Ms Howard walked across the room and addressed her close friend Ms Sanderson.

"This is our new girl, Violet, Ms Sanderson."

"Welcome to our classroom Ms Violet. I believe that you have an important little key for me. Good girl - hand it over. Now, before we proceed with today's lesson, I must carry out the mandatory uniform inspection. Please remove your blouse and skirt."

Violet removed her yellow blouse and pulled down her short brown skirt and stood at the front of the class in her knee length brown stockings, her white bra and Ms Howard's pink knickers. Ms Sanderson inspected Violet's stockings and bra and then caught hold of her knickers.

"Please explain to me why you are not wearing school issue underwear Ms Violet."

"I...I..was ordered to wear Ms Howard's knickers Ms."

Ms Sanderson's English class of senior teenage boys and girls burst out into an uncontrolled burst of laughter.

"You are wearing Ms Howard's pink knickers instead of the school issue. As you know Violet, there is a strict uniform code in this school and any violations are severely punished. Would you please remove your pink panties?"

"Please Ms Sanderson. I had no choice.."

"You have no choice now either Violet. Now take off your panties and stand up straight so that we can have a good look at you. In fact, you better take everything off so we can be sure that you are not hiding anything else."

Violet was soon standing naked in front of Ms Sanderson's English class. Well, almost naked of course. An enslaved penis was painfully prevented from becoming fully erect.

"What is this then" Ms Sanderson enquired as she clasped Violet's chastity cage in her hand.

"That's my clamping device Ms".

"Better turn around and show the class what happens to naughty girls. Walk slowly around the room three times and return to here."

Violet's journey was met with interested stares and gasps of astonishment from the boys and girls of the senior class. Having returned to the front of the class, Violet had her hairpiece removed by Ms Howard, who then instructed her to face the class. Ms Howard had already chosen a suitable implement of correction, a thin flexible cane that she now handed to Ms Sanderson.

23 year old Jennifer Sanderson did not harbour a grudge or feelings of revenge towards Robert Hornsby, despite the gravity of his misbehaviour and the personal nature of the vile attack that he had made on her character. She was however totally committed to the school's policy of attitude adjustment and character building. Ms Sanderson stood alongside the young man, facing the class.

"I have come to the conclusion that your situation could serve as an example to others Ms Violet. We all have decisions to make in this life. You have consistently chosen the wrong path but now, with firm guidance, you are going to be enlightened and liberated. Make no mistake about that."

"You have been feminised and clamped in order to concentrate your mind and to improve your behaviour. Although you belong to the weak male sex, I believe that with proper training and guidance, we can make you a better person. To bring you to that higher level, you will have to learn a good many things. You will learn to respect yourself and others. You will be taught good manners, something that you are sadly lacking at present. Most of all, you will learn the value of obedience. Our democratic society is based on the concept of obedience and it is a trait that is highly valued at this school. Over the coming months, you will have to earn your freedom and privileges. I am not going bore you with a lot of words but there are some things that I want you to ingrain upon your memory. First of all, there is this little shiny object, the key to your freedom. Restoration of that freedom will only be considered when I have decided that you are totally obedient.

Don't worry though - you will receive plenty of assistance from my cane and strap. Your first lesson is about to commence."

"I am going to give you my 'little eighteen' as your introduction and you will count out each stroke. Any that you fail to count will be retaken."

Violet was ordered to bend over and rest her hands on Ms Sanderson's desk.

"Thank you Ms Howard. Perhaps Ms Moorhead and yourself would care to restrain."

Violet's arms were firmly grabbed and she was held down by two strong women as Ms Sanderson swished her cane through the air. Violet could feel a couple of light taps of the rod on her buttocks before the cane was brought down with unyielding force and the pain exploded through her body. She tightened her muscles and held firm, but forgot about her count.

"I did not hear a count Ms Violet. We shall have to start again." Three more blows followed quickly as Ms Sanderson's class looked on with interest and fear.

".ahhhh One Ms. ..ahhh Two Ms" and so forth. After number six, Violet had lost much of her composure and her soft sobbing could be heard at the back of the classroom.

".ahhhhh Nine Ms. ..Please Ms.. Please Ms. Ten Ms"

Ms Howard and Ms Moorhead had to tighten their grip on Violet's arms as she struggled to free herself from her painful torment.

"Do you want me to take a hold down below" enquired Ms Howard.

"No, I want you to release her. She is going to stay in position of her own free will."

"..ahhhhhhh Eleven Ms. Twelve Ms.." Violet's sobbing had now given way to loud crying. Numbers sixteen, seventeen and eighteen brought pitiful begging and uncontrolled tears.

"Now, Ms Violet. You may stand up. I want you to walk around the classroom please. Now, stop at the blackboard and read out what you see."

Violet tried to control herself and between sobs she read out the writing on the blackboard.

"My name is Violet and I have been a bad girl. I am going to be good in future."

"Now Ms Violet, I want five hundred lines by tomorrow's English class. Take her to the corner Ms Howard."

Violet was led to the corner of the room, where she had to stand facing the wall for the duration of the next two classes.

Three weeks had passed since Violet's first chastisement. Ms Jones welcomed her old friend, The Honourable Mr Justice Peter Ramsbottom to her office.

"We have not seen you for a while Peter. Let me guess, you have guests coming and you can not find a new maid."

"You read me like an open book Heather - like an open book. Got anything for me."

"Well, actually I have. One of your own in fact. Do you remember Richard Hornsby?"

"Oh, young Hornsby. An arrogant little bugger. How is he behaving?"

"He was troublesome, no doubt about that Peter. We have things well under control now though. Had to put him on a Code 3A and Ms Howard has kindly marked him out as an ideal rental candidate? There has been a big improvement though. Quiet as a little mouse now, so he is."

"Who's the owner?"

"Ms Sanderson holds the key. I jumped ahead a bit after you telephone call as I had an idea about the purpose of your visit. I have spoken to Jenny and she has no problem with you being the second key holder for the weekend, if you're interested."

"A bit old.twenty five is he not."

"Not up to the challenge, are we Peter? He's 25 all right but I am sure that you can break him in. Ms Sanderson has him under a strict regime. He is on orgasm control and has not been released for three weeks. She has however agreed to leave the matter entirely in your hands, so to speak. You can have this one for free - just bring him back any time on Monday or even on Tuesday. The new name is Violet by the way."

"Oh, I don't know.. a bit too old", questioned the judge."

"I see from his file here that he is due his twice weekly inspection" retorted Ms Jones. "Do you want me to bring him in so you can have a good look. You can play with him for as long as you like before you decide?"

"Why not? Bring him in."

"Ms Howard, would you please fetch Ms Violet for her inspection."

Violet was brought to The Headmistress's Office and was shocked to come face to face with the man who had sent her to this place of pain and humiliation.

"Justice, I would like you to meet Ms Violet, one of our new girls."

Peter Ramsbottom remained speechless but he made a note in his mind that he would have to buy a nice gift for his friend, Heather Jones.

"Take your clothes off and prepare for inspection" snapped Ms Howard.

Violet was naked within a minute, except of course for a little transparent plastic tube that covered one part of the anatomy. Ms Jones stepped forward and unlocked the brass padlock. Ms Howard removed the device and for the first time in weeks, Richard Hornsby's unrestrained prick was allowed to stand to attention, without painful consequences. He parted his legs and raised his arms above his head, as he had been taught to do, to await inspection.

"Another cup of tea Justice."

"Why not Ms Jones. Would you care to join us Ms Howard. I am impressed with your work here and in particular with your input into this case. You have a talent that should not be ignored" said Mr Ramsbottom.

"Thank you Justice. It is an honour and a privilege for me to be involved with this type of project. When I look at the scum that comes through these doors and compare them with the fine young men and women that we send out into society, well it makes me feel very proud of our institution."

"You are a woman of young age but of great wisdom Ms Howard. As you know, this is a pilot project but the reports are good. We may soon be looking for suitable leaders for other locations. Once you have completed your college education, your name will be near the top of the list."

"Well, thank you again Justice. I am reluctant to ask but I would like. "

"You only have to ask Ms Howard. Now what is it?"

"Would you oblige me by doing the inspection, Your Honour?"

"If you insist, Ms Howard."

Violet was still standing in the Inspection Position. Mr Justice Ramsbottom sipped the last of his tea and rose to his feet. He motioned Violet to him and hit her a light slap on the bottom.

"Turn around young lady and let us have a look at you."

Violet could soon feel a pair of hands running over her shaved scalp, scrutinising her for any hint of stubble. The cheeks and chin came under similarly close examination. The invasive hands moved down the chest but stopped just short of the pubic area. The middle aged judge got down on his honkers and slowly ran his hands up Violet's legs and thighs.

He took his time with the anal and pubic areas and had a smile of satisfaction on his face as he addressed Ms Howard.

"She is as smooth as a baby's bottom Ms Howard."

"I know that she is Justice. You know, this is the best rental that I have come across in a while. She would make an excellent sissy maid. Almost trained already."

"Let the Judge decide for himself Ms Howard. Besides, you won't be getting any commission on this one. I am giving her for free the first time."

"I'm willing to bet that he will be glad to pay, Ms Jones. You will see from the file that she has not been caned for two days and is well overdue. Shall I get you a suitable implement Sir?"

"Oh, very well. You have twisted my arm Ms Howard. I rather think that I would like to work her with the strap though, if it is all the same to you."

"The strap it will be Sir. I have a nice three-pronged number that I think you will enjoy."

"Come with me Ms Violet", said Ms Howard in a low, almost gentle voice as she moved across the room. She chose one of the leather straps that were hanging from a timber frame in the corner and handed it to Violet.

"Bring this to Mr Ramsbottom."

"Thank you Violet. Now bend over and present your bottom please."

Richard Hornsby did as he was ordered and before long, could hear the thwack of leather on the skin of his already painful buttocks. Mr Ramsbottom had decided that he would like to see a change of colour from the back of the knees, up along the thighs and along all parts of the exposed bottom. After a while though and much to Ms Howard's disappointment, Mr Justice Ramsbottom was happy enough with a few tears and a little begging. There would be plenty more to come once the formalities had been sorted out, he thought.

"Well Justice. Have you found yourself a sissy maid", inquired Ms Howard.

"Young woman, you have an uncanny knack of coming up with the correct product. I am sorry Ms Jones but you have lost the bet - I am more than happy to pay for this one. There is not much time before my guests arrive though and there is a good deal of training to be done. I must also stop off at the ladies wearshop as I do not have a uniform of that size. My friends Marti and Kevin at the ladies wear department will fit her out, I am sure."

"Well Peter, Ms Howard seems to have sold you a good bargain. You have my blessing to do with her as you see fit. Enjoy your evening's entertainment and the rest of your weekend."

Richard Hornsby was led out of the room to Mr Ramsbottom's car, with the evening breeze that blew up under his short skirt pleasantly cooling his glowing thighs and buttocks. The young man was about to be introduced to a life of servitude.

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