Never Say Never

Submitted by: Mistress Karen's little "pet" slave

While I have never considered myself a "Macho Man" in the sense most men are, I did feel I was empowered with myself. What I mean by that is I did what I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted. I always respected women however; I never let women, or anyone else control me. Little did I realize the real meaning of the saying "Never say Never" but would find out sooner that I could have ever expected.

I had been around chatrooms for quite a few years. I would create havoc in them. Doing things to irritate chatters, pounding on chatters that deserved it, did the booting, whiteouts, etc., etc. After CBS closed all their chatrooms I floated around from room to room. Then a few years ago I happened upon a chatroom called Gibby's that had many CBS BB chatters in it.

This time I deciede to change and just go with the flow. I joked around, even sent my flower pics to some of the chatters and for the most part didn't create problems. It seems many of the chatters were older women and did do much sex talk which wasn't a big deal for me. But as happens many times one of the female chatters didn't appreciate something I posted which was a bit risque. For some reason I didn't take that too well. I quickly reverted back to my old tactics of creating havoc.

I did get to know many of the chatters so I did let some of them know it was me but not to say anything. One of the chatters went by the nick Karina. I did give her a few digs from time to time like calling her Katrina but never went after her. What I noticed about her was she was friendly, caring and a bit too sensitive in chat but she really seemed like a real wholesome woman.

Soon I quickly got my old reputation back and things got heated up and I just kept hammering away and made lots of chat "enemies" which I always got a kick out of. Nothing ever bothered me as far as if someone like me or not in chats. I just did/said whatever I wanted and to whoever I wanted. I got tagged with the nick of Letterboy lol, while I did create havoc I quickly became the person to blame everything on. Some of the chatters that knew who I was said that was wrong. I laughed and told them "hey, I could care less".

I did chat with some of the nice ones but soon those that did not care for me started to attack those that chatted with me to attempt to get them to dissociate with me. It worked on some and not on others. As I mentioned before, I noticed that Karina was a sensitive person. She was one that they attacked for chatting with me. To ward off her problem I PMed her and told her not to chat with me in open that I would PM her to say and chat a bit. I did this but never chatted much with her. At some point in time we exchanged Yahoo IM addys where we did chat some but not a lot. I had been chatting with a few from the old CBS in Yahoo and we were looking for some new chatters to stop on by. I invited Karina and she did stop a time or too but she seems shy about it.

After sometime she started to loosen up. As chatters are in different time zones her and I often ended up chatting alone. She was computer illiterate so I help her solve many issues and showed her how to do thing. We chatted about everything as most chatters do. Soon we seemed to be chatting more and more. She was interested in Paint Shop Pro but felt it was beyond her. I told no problem that I would help her learn it and that it wasn't really that hard once you go to know it. As I always do, I would throw out some sexual innuendos now and them and she would lol. But all we did was chat.

She did share some photos of her with me and I thought she was a very beautiful woman. However, for some reason I made no attempts to "hit" her. I just felt comfortable chatting with her and helping her. I did start helping her more and more and wanted to do anything I could for her. I started making her tags/sigs hoping she would be online. I kept thinking of ways to make her happy.

This went on for quite sometime. Then one night we somehow ended up taking sex but more in a casual sense. Then suddenly we were having sex. It was very exciting and I enjoyed it very much as she did. She seemed a bit unsure and asked if I thought she was bad, I told her no way we are adults. After that we did that more often and it was so enjoyable. At some point in time her shyness and uncertainty seems to fade. She started say that I was "hers" which other women have said to me but I never paid any mind to that. Little did I realize that this was the time I should have taken heed.

I have racked my brain over and over and can't figure out what happened to me next. If did happen ever so slowly. She kept up with the your mine and started with "no other woman can have you". This still didn't phase me since I have always been in control and never allowed anyone to tell me what to do. Then one day she wanted me to do something I didn't really care to do and I asked why? She came back with a profound "CAUSE I SAID SO". While I have heard this before from many women and men I just blew them off. Maybe it was the way she said it or I always figured her to be shy and reserved but I got mildly excited. So in a joking manner I said yes maam right away. She said "good boy" and damned if that didn't get me more excited. Again to my surprise, I went and did it as quickly as I could and got back to her. Her response was "its about time WTF took you so long, I hate waiting and it looks like crap". This got me excited once again. What ran through my mind next shocked me even more. I thought damn; if she ever does that again I will make damn sure is great. But then I shook my head and said to myself, you can't let this happen, no women is going to control you.

I quickly started to maneuver us back to chatting and having sex. However, from time to time thoughts of what she did aroused me somewhat but I shook them off. We often talked sex and different ways to do it etc. So one night she asked if I was open to trying something that might excite me. So I agreed. She told me to go in the bedroom, take off all my clothes, lay on the bed on my back and spread eagle myself after I put on the blindfold she had waiting me on the bed. Damned if I wasn't excited and who know what showed it.

I could hear her heels as she walked down the hallway and opened the bedroom door. She came over to the bed and placed what sounded like a bowl or something on the nightstand. She dropped something on the bed that sounded like metal. All of this really aroused me. Then she took, what I know were handcuffs, and cuffed my hands and feet to the bed. She told me "you are so going to enjoy what your future will become". My dick really stiffened up hearing that but was puzzled what she meant by my future. Once cuffed she sat on the bed next to me. She seemed to reach over to the nightstand. Suddenly, I felt something cold on my balls and squirmed. She gave my dick a hard wack and said, "STAY STILL". She took more of the ice and put it to my dick and balls. Soon the pleasure I was feeling faded and my dick went limp. She wiped me dry and leaned over to the nightstand again. She started to put something on my limp dick. It felt uncomfortable but didn't take her long to do it when she was done I heard a click. She giggled and asked if I wanted to be unblindfolded, I said yes. She smacked across the face hard and said, "Yes what?" I said yes I do. She smacked me even harder and said "It's YES MAAM do you understand?" I said yes I do maam. She took the blindfold off. I looked down and seen this think encasing my limp dick. She smiled and said that is your new chastity belt, do you like it. I told her no. She said you will get to love it since it's your new lifetime friend.

She said you are going to like your new life since it will be very simple. What I am going to do is relieve you of all the burdens of your life. I am now your Mistress and you will do what I want, when I want and how I want. You will serve all my needs. You will not disobey me, disrespect me or piss me off in anyway. If you do you will be punished. You will no longer think for yourself, want anything or be allowed to do whatever you want. I am going to take care of all of that. Now do you see how simple your life will be. For fear of being smacked I said yes maam. As for being able to pleasure yourself get the mind set that you will NEVER be able to do that again. That's the best way since if I allow it, it will be far and few in between and I will probably have to tell you how to do it lol. Another thought to dismiss is that your dick will ever enter my pussy or another women that will never be allowed.

The only time the CB will be removed will be when I feel its time you be allowed to cum and only after I have cuffed you to the bed or you are on the punishment bench. Knowing you, you will be on the punishment bench often but it won't be to do yourself.

It has now been 6 months since Mistress Karen put the CB on me and I have yet been allowed the privilege of doing myself but I am not giving up hope. Mistress Karen has aroused me on countless occasions and I must admit that being sexually pent up for that long has been pleasurable. The wanting of the pleasure of doing myself never goes away like it does after I do myself. It's almost better.

So to get back to never say never, I am here to tell everyone, take heed of that saying. While deep down I guess I want to be free. I have learned to accept and somewhat like my new life under the ownership of Mistress Karen.

I have since stopped using the word never, although I have to give full credit to Mistress Karen. She does not tolerate the use of that word, among countless others.

Mistress Karen's Devoted Pet Slave

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