Phone Domination and Orgasm Denial

Submitted by: Luuk

Yesterday I could feel the erotic power of my mistress as if she was in my room. But she was not. She was on a far away distance and ordered me by telephone. I could hear how horny she was and how she enjoyed possessing me. Since 10 days she owns me and it feels like it has never been else before. Since that day she has forbidden me any orgasm and I don't know why, but I obey her in every way. And it turns me on.

She enjoys knowing her slave obeys her in every detail.

At first she wrote she expected me to mail her first how I love to be hers. If my words shouldn't satisfy her, she would neglect me that day.

But I know how to satisfy her..

I had to lay down on the floor, bottom up, a slave waiting for his mistress' phonecall.

When she would phone me -without speaking one word- I had to whip myself "as long as you think you need it. When you think it's enough, you ask me to hold on.".

Of course she was not satisfied and ordered to give 25 more till my little ass was red and my cock hard.

She told me how she was laying on her bed, naked and relaxed like a lazy animal using her vibrator exactly as she wanted to. She told me though my good behaviour not to expect any orgasm that day. While it arouses her to know I was locked up in her will and I was only there to please her. Then she laughed and ordered me to drip hot wax on every part of my naked body, meanwhile telling her in every detail how I seduced and fucked my wife the last time I had the opportunity. "And I don't want to hear any thrill in your voice when the wax is dripping painfully at your skin and specially your hard cock, cause you know where I want them the most, my naughty boy".

It was difficult to obey her strict wishes, the wax was dripping everywhere, also at my hard cock and that was very painful.

So I could not control my voice and obey her high standard and she immediately ordered me to slap my hard cock with a leather cane. "Starting with 20 times", she said, "and be happy that I am not so cruel, because I could order you 100!" I did not know what was happening to me, because this slapping is the most painful punishment and every time I have to do it, she gets enormous orgasms because my pain turns her on. And so it does me! I begged her please to train and discipline me that I could slap my hard cock 100 times for her!! She laughed and said that she was not the person to decline my request. She ordered me to slap and.. now, she dictated my rhythm and forced me to listen to her fourth or fifth delicious orgasm.

Then my mistress ordered me by her horny voice to jerk myself. As if she was not so strict at once. But when she heard I was coming, she stopped me and laughed. And repeated this orgasm denial several times till I was so desperate that I begged her to stop torturing me this way. With her sweetest voice she said: "My little slave, you may come now but I want you to ruin your orgasm. When you feel you will come, I want only a poor little stream of sperm is coming out, but I don't want any exaltation for you. Do you understand? Jerk for me. Now!"

How can I describe the feelings of desire and disappointment of my tortured body and mind? It is impossible. Even for me... Only when you, men and boys, will have such a splendid perverse mistress as mine, you could imagine that feeling. Thank you, my perverse mistress for using me this way.


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