Sara's Prison Program

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St Helena was a unique kind of prison. The inmates were entirely men, most of whom were convicted of non-violent drug crimes, and the staff was comprised entirely of females. The inmates had agreed to forteit ALL rights. And that meant all rights. The female guards were very sadistic and used all methods, including restraint and sexual subjugation to break the young ment sent there.

Sara was the oldest of the guards. 42 years old she was a stunningly attractive brunette, with a nice round ass and medium sized but firm tits. She carried an air of authority everywhere she went and the prisoners literally cowered down to her when she just walked by. She was noted for dishing out harsh punishments for even the slightest infractions. Everybody feared her and her whip.

Sara had her own program that she used to break the incoming prisoners. Several of her former charges were now in mental institutions due to the treatment received at her hands.

Sara would have the new inmates sent to a solitary cell, wearing only their prison jumpsuit. She would tell them that masturbating was against the rules and would leave. The inmates would receive their food through the slit in the door, but otherwise no body would open the door for anything. These solitary cells had video monitors in every wall, clearly showing what the prisoner was doing at all times.

It rarely took over a couple of weeks before every prisoner would become horny and his balls would fill with cum. All of them would eventually succumb to the temptation to touch themselves. And they were not aware of the hidden cameras watching their every move.

Sara watched them like a hawk for the inevitable wank. She would smile and her pussy would get wet as soon as she would catch one. She knew what was in store for them.

She always went running to the cell, screaming and cursing at the inmate for masturbating himself. She always acted quickly, so that the inmate might not finnish what he started. Sara would then escort the inmate to the punishment room, where he would be stripped naked in front of her and inspected for signs of ejaculation. Then she would tie him over the whipping horse and would use her razor strap on him until he begged and screamed for mercy! She would always whip her charges very very hard, with a steady quick rhythm that never speeded up or slowed down. Just a constant rain of blows. On and on thw whipping would go, until the inmate was crying like a small child. She never stopped until she was convinced that the tears were for real. Every time. She always whipped or paddled until the inmate cried.

When she was convinced he had had enough, she would take him back to the solitary cell, still naked. This time he was told that he was to remain in a position such that his genitals were in full view of the cameras (which he was now shown) 24/7. Failure to do so would result in further whipping. Then she would leave.

Back to the video screen she would go, just watching for the unauthorised genital touching. The inmate would become increasingly desperate to relieve his aching balls, but Sara was constantly watching. And he had to remain in full view of the cameras.

When Sara was not on duty, another controller was watching, and also Sara reviewed the tapes when she came to work, in case the other controller had missed an unauthorised wank.

Day after day the inmate would sit in his cell, butt naked wishing he could turn away from the cameras just long enough for a quick stroke. Most could not last longer than a further week or two. Eventually they all would pretent to be asleep and "inadvertantly" turn over in their sleep and try to stimulate themselves with their hand up under and out of sight.

Again Sara was an expert at all the tricks and she would come running again. Again the inmate would be stopped before finnishing, and would be prevented from ejaculating. And again the inmate would be whipped until he cried and begged.

This time when returned to their cells, still naked, they would be put into restraints, shackled such that his hands could not touch his dick. Again he was required to keep his genitals in plain view of the cameras. Sara and two other controllers would come into his cell at feeding time and unlock his shackles and watch him eat, with tasers and shock batons to protect themselves. Then they would re-shackle him and leave. They would put him in 4 point restraints at night, hands and feet to the corners of the bunk. He had no way to masturbate at all then.

At this point, Sara would give the inmate twice weekly strappings, even if he did nothing wrong, just for her amusement. She did this when they reached the restraint phase of her program. Each time she would never stop until he would sob and cry like a baby. He would learn when she came for him and he would dread hearing her come down the hallway to take him to the punishment room. He would beg and plead for her to spare him jus this once, but she would always follow through with the whipping no matter how much he begged. Sometimes he would cry even before she had gotten him to the punishmnent room.

Usually by the second week of this treatment, the inmate would have been without an orgasm for at least 6-8 weeks and would become involuntarily become erect, especially when laying there on the bunk, late at night, thinking about what it used to feel like to fuck his girlfriend. His dick would twitch and bob in the air, but there was nothing he could do about it. Pre-cum would stream down it's length and drip off of his balls, but in the end there was no relief. Sometimes he would cry himself to sleep, his balls aching for the elusive orgasm. But there was none.

Then Sara would step it up a notch. She would come into his cell and have him kneel in front of her while restrained. The she would slowly take off her clothes, doing a strip tease for him. Sometimes she would masturbate herself while taunting him about his inability to do likewise, flaunting how desperate he must be. She would never touch him, even when he begged and cried for relief, his needy cock desperately waving in the air at her. She did this every other day or so. Eventually it would become too much and the poor prisoner would simply come, having not been touched at all. Furious, Sara would get dressed and lead him to the punishment room by his ear and tie him to the horse. Orgasms without permission were punished by a severe caning. She would cane the same way she whipped. Hard and fast with no slowing down until he had tears running down his cheeks and he was begging for mercy!

Bound, weeping, and whip-marked, he would be led back to his cell. Once there, Sara would lock a chastity device on his penis, preventing him from even getting hard. He would still be kept in restraints, naked at all times. At night they still cuffed his hands and feet to the bunk. There was no way to get ANY relief.

Sara would become wet thinking about how horny her prisoners must be. Occasionally, she would sneak into the hallway to the cells and listen. Usually she could hear one of the inmates softly sobbing as he would think about being with a woman and his dick would try and get hard, but it could not. Sara would become so turned on by his plight that she would come into the cell and sit on his face, making him lick her to several orgasms, before leaving him still locked up with no relief. They usually cried pitiously when she refused to unlock them.

Usually she kept her inmates locked up for 1 month the first time they were chastised. After one month, she would unlock them and allow their dicks to become hard. But it was only to torture the inmate. She would make him eat her to many orgasms, but she would refuse to even touch the twitching cock, aching with need. Sometimes the inmate would cum during this treatment, and he would be caned again and locked back in chastity, this time for 3 months. And Sara still whipped him twice a week, and made him lick her at least every other day.

Other times the inmate would be able to keep from cumming, but the torture of no relief would be too much and he would desperately beg and beg for even the slightest touch. But there was none.

Eventually even the strongest inmates would cum under this treatment and would end up chastised for 3 months. After 3 months of pussy licking, cock locked in chastity, the inmates balls would be so filled with cum that he would go crazy with the desire to cum, but with the restaints, there was nothing he could do about it. That is when Sara would unlock his dick and allow it to be hard again. This time she would touch it, lightly stroking it until he was just about to cum, then she would stop. She would do this over and over and over again. Just to drive him further crazy. He would be at least crying again with the need to ejaculate. But she would always ice his dick down and lock it back up with no orgasm. And still he was naked and restrained 24/7. She was always careful not to touch him too much, just keeping him on edge. She was an expert at it!

By the time Sara was finished with an inmate, he was thouroughly broken and barely sane. Many inmates could not take it and did go insane from the treatment.

When an inmate did go insane, the controllers would always pierce his cock and place a permanent chastity device on him. He would never get out, even at the mental institution. They would desperately rub their chastity device against the wall trying to get off, but locked in a straightjacket they could do little to help themselves. Sara would laugh at them and be satisfied that yet another criminal was rendered harmless and unable to commit more crimes. She would go home and masturbate with her vibrator while she thought of all those young cocks, desperate with need, that would no longer find their way into a pussy. Needless to say, the return rate for prisoners at this institution was almost 0!

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