Who Got The "Education" ?

Submitted by: Wendy

I was three months from my wedding; I had been engaged to Stanley for six months, though we had known each other since high school. My best girlfriend was Shannon, who was my age (26) and had already been married and divorced twice.

One day Shannon invited me to what she called an education session, adding that I might want to consider this in connection with my marriage. Not that I thought she was any good role model for that institution, but I said nothing and went along with her.

We arrived and there were a bunch of chairs set up in a large room, with about twenty women there, ages from maybe 20 to 40. No men allowed. After a few minutes, a tall woman in leather came to the front and spoke.

"Ladies, you are here today to be a jury. You will decide on the guilt and also the punishment. If any of you feel uncomfortable with this, you may leave now."

She motioned to the door at the side of the room and two women pushed in a cart which looked like one you find at a motel for luggage - -- wheels with metal arches on each side. Standing in the middle was a figure covered by a sheet. I looked at Shannon who said nothing. When the cart was in front of us, the sheet was removed and we saw a man who was totally naked, except for a cloth hood over his head. His wrists and neck were connected with an iron rod, like a yoke, and leather manacles and collar. His feet were spread out to the bottom of the arches and held there by leather cuffs and a chain. There was a bar across his midsection and a belt held him to it.

"You are accused of cheating on your wife. How do you plead?"

"Innocent. Who makes this charge?"

The interrogator made the charge again, and he denied it. They repeated this a few more times until there was an answer to his question.

"So you deny you knew me when you were in Seattle on that business trip?"

"Who is this? Don't make up lies about me."

"You've even forgotten my name, after those torrid nights we had in the Skyline Motel? Room 23. The fun went on the entire week you were at the convention."

She reached down and grabbed his crotch as she was talking and started to squeeze.

"Yes, I admit it. Dear, please forgive me. It was a moment of weakness. It won't happen again."

The moderator remarked that this was probably going to be the case, and that he had spoken enough for the afternoon. She took out a ballgag and reached under the hood and silenced him.

Then the accuser spoke up:

"I think I should get a request fulfilled for coming here to be the only witness."

She directed that the midsection bar be moved and then his wrists and neck be brought down so he was leaning over forwards. Then the bar was placed under his balls and she tied his crotch to the cross-piece rod. She then brought out a strap-on and put it on her body.

"You fucked me in the ass so now it is time for me to get a little reciprocity."

We heard a moan from his gagged mouth and then she mounted the base of the cart and slowly put the dildo into his ass. (The cart had been turned sideways for us to get a better view.) Now we could see the reason for the crotch being tied to the cross-piece - - he couldn't move to avoid the dildo. She grabbed onto the cross-piece rod and pulled with all her might to force the dildo in as deep as it could go; his moan got louder, which seemed to please her no end. In and out she went, until she finally stopped.

When he was put in the original upright position, it was obvious that he had enjoyed it. His cock was rock hard! The accuser went over to a woman who was masked, with head covered but hoes for the eyes and mouth.

"Since he may not be able to please you the usual way, I suggest you buy a strap-on. Make it a double-dong kind so that when you push into his ass, the other half is doing a nice job on your pussy."

With that, the accuser removed the strap-on, put it in a bag, and departed. We now could see that the masked woman we had not not noticed before, was the wife of the man.

The moderator came back to the front.

"You are now to decide his punishment now that he has confessed to his crime. We have the following choices - - castration, chastity for life, or chastity for a set period."

The wife stood up. "Castration is off the table. I want him to have something to look forward to when the period of regret is finished."

Of course the husband could say nothing about this except to emit muffled sounds.

"We have this metal chastity device which has an added bonus."

It was placed upon him and the moderator held out something that looked like a TV remote.

"This is for disobeying husbands. I'll try number two."

She pushed the button and his body thrashed around and he muffled a cry.

"No, I don't need anything like that."

"Then we have the acryllic version. You think about whether we use super-glue on this for it to be permanent or just lock it up."

They put a ring around his crotch and tightened the screws. Then the moderator pulled on it, put her fingers around it, and had more tightening. Then a half-ball was placed over the ring and rotated until the threads on both were snug. A half-inch rod stuck out and a small padlock went through a small hole on the outside of the nut.

Before the lock was snapped, the question was asked again - - did she want super-glue on the threads? No.

Next question: what to do with the key.

"If you take it, he will bug you no end and plead for mercy. And you may give in. Or he will look all over the house for it. If we keep it, you can give us a call and we will deliver it within one hour."

The wife said that she would let them keep it, and remarked that his imprisonment would be at least six months and, if he was not on good behavior, longer. With the business done, the cart was pushed out and the wife left.

Nobody else was allowed to leave, to keep their identities secret. There was a social hour and I finally got to ask Shannon if she knew what this was going to be.

"Not exactly but this group does deal with ways to keep a husband from cheating. I got interested in it when my second one strayed. So now you know what to look for if Stanley goes astray."

I was sure he was not going to cheat on me; after all, we had known each other for a long time. But I also couldn't get the sight of that husband getting his chastity device locked on. And it excited me to know that the wife had him completely in her control.


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