The English Dom

Submitted by: Frank

My wife of many years recently died, so I sold my home and moved to a Retirement Village. I have a Bedroom, Living Room, tiny Kitchen and receive 1 meal a day in a common Dinning Room, plus indoor parking for my car.

The first morning, I was about to make my coffee when there was a knock on my door. A very pretty lady asked if I would care to join her across the hall for coffee and doughnuts. I told her I could be there in two minutes. Mary's apartment was like mine and there was just barely room for the two of us in the kitchen. She told me that she had moved in with her husband, two years ago and that he had died four months ago. She was from England and they had met when he was working there many years ago. She had lost all of her relatives in the war, so it was very easy for her to move here with him when his time in England was up. They didn't have any children, so she has no one to look after her now. I told her about my family that lived in the area.

Mary and I soon became good friends and were spending a lot of time together. She was very popular with my children telling stories of her times during the war and how she survived the bombing. Of course it didn't take long before our closeness led to sex. We were great together.

One night after some great sex, she asked if I had ever tried bondage or other kinky sex. I told her no. She said the she and her husband had tried a lot of things that she thought that I might like. If I would try it and didn't want to continue, we could always stop. I agreed to try some bondage after dinner the next night.

The next night, I returned to my room and following her instructions, I wore only some shorts a t-shirt and slippers. Mary was waiting for me with a tiny thong, push-up bra and boots. She placed a blindfold over my eyes and removed my clothing. She told me that from now on I must call her Mistress and obey all of her commands without question. I answered, "Yes Mistress." I was led into the bedroom and told to get in the center of the bed. She tied my arms to the head board. She put a clip on my left tit that hurt like hell and when I complained she did the same to the right one. Then she spread my legs and tied them to the foot of the bed. She pulled my rock hard prick a few times and gave it a few licks and then left it alone. I was ready to beg her to make me cum.

She was gone for a short time and placed something on the bed. She rubbed something warm and wet on my cock balls and the space above. She told me to hold very still or I could get hurt. She started to scrape the area and I figured she was shaving me. I begged her to stop and she told me to be quiet or she would gag me. This went on for a while as she handled my cock balls and checked the area between my legs. She finally used a wet cloth to clean the entire area and seemed pleased with her work. Now that looks almost good enough to eat. It's too bad that no one will be able to eat it for a long time.

Now today slave is going to be your last chance to cum for a long time. So if you want to cum, the first thing you have to do is satisfy me. Do you think you can do that?

"Yes Mistress, but why do you say it will be my last chance to cum?"

You will find out in a little while, but first my turn. With that she moved on top of me and gave me her tit to suck, first one and the other. All the time my dick was bone hard and begging for attention. Then she moved her pussy over my mouth and told me to get to work. She tasted great and I almost drowned from all of the liquid. As she came her powerful legs almost crushed my head. She relaxed for a moment and then came back looking for more. After the second time she rested for a moment and then went looking for my prick. Her cunt swallowed the whole thing in one bite. She rested there too for a while before starting to squeeze and release me every few seconds and then started to pump up and down. As I started to cum she removed the clips that had been on my tits for hours. The pain and the sensation in my prick was something that I have never experienced before. She cleaned me up but still didn't release me.

She came back after a while and asked me how I enjoyed my bondage experiment. I told her that it was fun but can't she release me now and next time I would like to tie her to the bed. She said that won't happen because from now on I am her slave and she is my Mistress and there is one more thing to do today. With that, she worked with something hard under my balls and then above my prick and something slide over my prick. Finally there was a quiet click and she told me she was through. She released my feet, then my hands and told me I could remove my blindfold. I looked down and there was this plastic thing hanging between my legs clamped on my balls and covering my prick. It had a small pad lock hanging from it. She told me, that is a CB6000 chastity device. It keeps you from masturbating or having sex until your keyholder - that's me - releases you. So from now on, you are my slave. By the way, you must sit to pee or it will spray all over.

How long do you expect me to wear this? My husband wore it sometimes for 2 months or more, but we will start a bit slower. But we had such great sex, won't you miss it? You did a good job with your mouth today so I don't think I will miss a thing. You are the only one locked up and I have the key in case you are not good to me. I can control the amount of time until your next release and believe me, you will get very horny after a few weeks without sex, while I tease you.

Yes she did tease me, day and night. I thought the first few days were hell until I got to the second week. No matter how much I begged she would not release me. I swear that she told some her lady friends and got them to help with the teasing. On the morning of the 15th day she told me to report to her apartment. The straps were laid out on the bed and she told me to strip and get on the bed. After my hands and feet were locked she unlocked the CB and removed the tube. She removed the remaining parts and told me they were being washed. Then she washed and shaved my privates. Then she asked if I wanted to cum and how, masturbate blow job or intercourse. I told her in her pussy. She rode me to have my orgasm and then made me lick her clean. It was all over in a short time and she had me locked back in my prison.

The next time it was a month before my release. She had her orgasms almost everyday and sometimes twice or more. She also had me cleaning her apartment wearing just my tube. If the work was not done to her satisfaction, she would use a paddle or other instrument on my poor sore ass. The problem was that I enjoyed being her slave and would do anything that she demanded because of my devotion to her. Many evenings I would sit naked on the floor with her bare legs over my shoulders, rubbing her legs and feet until she tells me to turn around and lick her bare pussy to one or more orgasms. All the while my poor prick is locked in this tube where I can't even touch it with the tip of my finger. From now on the only time that I'm ever released from this tube is when my hands and feet are locked to the bed.

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