Keyholding and Milking

Submitted by: reddragonflower

I own my mans cock. Point blank. He is locked in a CB3000 currently, but soon to be in a steel cage and eventually a belt. But for now, this will do. I release him only when I wish. If he begs, there will be punishment. This can be from being locked longer, to being milked less often. Now having control of this gives us both a great deal of pleasure and its fun.

While being locked up for a week or more at a time, I milk my husband on certain schedules. I alone chose when he is totally unlocked for milking or orgasm, otherwise we roll the dice to see when he just gets milked. I have now learned from experience that milking should not be done more than every 4 days or more. The best milking comes usually on a once a week basis. This gives more release on the prostate and therefore, more milk.

Recently this happened:

He was locked up for a week, and I milked him a little the first night he was locked back up, and again a little 2 days later. Just enough for a tease. Then during the week I noticed he was becoming more affectionate than before. Back rubs, neck kisses and so on. I would tease him with kisses and grabbing his locked cocked and push and pull in out to tease and frustrate him. The day of the week came to unlock, and I started with more teasing and playing then I gave him the time to be ready for his unlocking for the day. I like him to be nice and clean for his inspection and milking.

I made the room comfortable and a little pleasing for both of us. I always cover the bed with a clean sheet so if there are any small spills, clean up is easy.

He came to the room ready for inspection and prepared for a much needed orgasm I could see. I unlocked him from his cage and he sat in front of me. I say this because I too was getting a treat at the same time. I have a Sybian that I enjoy riding from time to time. This time I could please both of us.

I was on the Sybian kneeling in front of him. Exchanging deep wet kisses, licking and sucking on his hard nipples, (yes I love to do this), then making my way to his hard cock.

I began licking and deep throating his cock. Enjoying it every bit as much as ever. Taking my time sucking and licking, till he burst with a super orgasm. This was not the end for him my friends. I had a new surprise waiting for him.

While he lay there on his back, I continued to stroke and lick his cock, then I added a twist to the fun. I pulled out a g spot vibrator I had bought and used it to massage his perineum and his cock for a bit. Then with a little lube, I inserted this in his anus as he lay on his back. Turning the vibrator on slowly, I gently slid it in and almost out, and as I continued doing this I kept sucking and licking, and hand massaging his cock. I turned up the vibrator and began to suck his hot milk from his cock. It flowed like a creamy warm dessert. As I sucked and licked he got harder and I turned up the vibrator on him. He flowed more, then like a hot volcano, he came hard for me again. I turned the vibrator down and continued to massage his prostate till little seemed left.

I had him clean his body up and relocked him as soon as possible. After showering we both relaxed and enjoyed each other till we fell asleep.

Oh, and girls, that Sybian is great too. It works magic on our g spots and gives an awesome orgasm. It can be done alone, but take my word for it, use it when you milk your man, or have him come with you. Its magic.

This is a bit warning for those who have not used a g spot massager before. Like fingers, or regular g spot devices, be careful and take it slow. It all comes natural after awhile. Do not be to rough, as the prostate is delicate and can be damaged easily. When you do use your fingers, latex gloves and a little lube works great. The vibrators are a great idea for a nice treat every once in a while.

I have found that having him on his knees is great for milking, but having him on his back works even better. Try different positions and techniques till you find your favorite.

If your just milking, use a glass bowl or large cup to catch the milk. Waste not, want not.

Just remember to add a little something different every time and the pleasure will be all yours, and a little his.

Till next time,

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