The Experiment

Submitted by: Graf

At 11am I arrived at the front door of a large Victorian house surrounded by beech hedges in the middle of Dorset. I had been told to be punctual, enter, get undressed and put my clothes on a trunk in the hall. I opened the door with trepidation and saw the large trunk in the deserted hall. There was a letter on it instructing me, once naked to proceed along the long corridor to the lounge at the far end and wait facing the conservatory with my legs apart, ready for inspection. Under no circumstances was I to turn the page until I was naked, but I looked anyway and it instructed me to put an inch wide rubber-band round the base of my balls, once I was totally naked. Next to the trunk I noticed a bin containing a selection of riding-crops. I undressed nervously as I had never met the Mistress, I stretched thetick rubber-band and adjusted it to sit comfortably around the top of my ball-sack. I then went to the lounge , but was disappointed not to meet my Mistress who had promised me a day that I would never forget.

I stood in the doorway of the open French windows facing the open conservatory with my legs apart awaiting the inspection. I heard the clicking of heels coming towards me on the tiled floor of the hall and trembled with anticipation. She ordered me not to turn round and I felt her breath on my back and then her hand gently tug my sack to check the band was secure. I stood there quivering when she suddenly kicked my balls hard from behind with her bare foot and I yelled in pain. I staggered and she kicked me hard again. I dropped to the floor on my knees. She told me that she did not tolerate disobedience and used the letter as an example.

She told me to close my eyes, turn over on my back on the carpet and open my legs wide. I obeyed and she kicked my balls with her bare foot again. The pain was excruciating and I doubled up. She told me to keep my eyes closed and to lie on my back again with my legs close together - This pushed my balls up towards her and I feared that she was going to trample on them, but she told me to open my eyes. Stood right over me was a curvy statuesque 6' raven-haired lady with a full bust, wearing grey silk lingerie and lacy-topped grey stockings in black heels. My cock quivered instinctively, but my balls ached. I felt my cock growing fast with urgent desire as I looked slowly up her legs to her silk-encased pussy and beyond to her ample bosom towering over me.

She smiled at me and I feared further punishment for my rampant cock. However, she smiled and asked instinctively, if my cock felt full and my balls felt crushed. I nodded as my mouth had gone dry with nervousness and she told me that by the end of the day, it would feel the other way round. She ordered me to crawl on all fours into the large conservatory where the windows went down to the floor on all sides. I was told to stop in the middle of the room and she applied handcuffs to my wrists while I ogled at her full breasts visible in her lacy plunge bra as she bent over. She then attached a bar between my ankles. I looked around at the well-kept garden and heard a lawn-mower out of sight in the distance. She attached a blindfold to me and told me to relax and concentrate on the sensations only.

Suddenly I was aware that she was inserting a well-lubricated finger into my anus and it hurt like hell. She told me to relax and to give into it. It was difficult at first, but slowly her finger went deeper and deeper in an unusual but pleasant rhythm. Then I felt something bigger being inserted into my secret hole, again it was well-lubricated and eventually it slid in some way - I was panting uncontrollably and sweat was starting to form all over my body as I got hotter and hotter. She told me not to speak, just to relax and enjoy what was happening to me. She then switched it on and it vibrated lightly deep within me, so much so that I felt that my innards were melting. My cock did not feel hard, but I felt extremely excited as my breathing increased rapidly and I was again panting like mad. I had the sensation of slowly urinating when she said, " Here comes the first bead!" Her finger delicately brushed the end of my cock and scooped up some liquid, which she put to my lips and I licked them clean. "There will be a lot more of that before long", she said as I my body shook with the exquisite sensations deep within it. Again and again, I had the sensation of urinating slowly and each time she touched the very end of my limp cock and brought the liquid to my lips to lick.

She then turned up the speed on the dildo and it vibrated strongly deep within me. I suddenly was aware that a kind of orgasm was building up within me and sweat was running down my face as I panted like a dog. My cock felt small and the sensation of urinating was suddenly very intense as my body shook violently and perspiration ran down my arms onto the tiled floor. I was panting uncontrollably, my heart was racing beyond belief and my innards just seem to turn inside out in my dark world.

My Mistress laughed and removed my blindfold. I was suddenly looking at myself in a large mirror: My hair was matted with sweat, my face was covered in perspiration and out of my very small limp cock was dripping my precious semen into a flat saucer on the floor between my legs - I could not believe the large amount collected had come out of me. One, my cock was limp and only 2" long and two, I had never produced that amount even when masturbating. She ordered me to close my eyes and to continue enjoying the sensations produced by the vibrating dildo within me. I did not understand why, I but obeyed her for fear of being kicked in the balls again for disobedience. I was conscious that the plateau of the orgasm had not gone away completely and something started to stir within me again with my body shaking like a leaf. It was a very long time coming, but I was transfixed with the ever increasing build-up within me. As I trembled all over, she told me to open my eyes and I watched in the mirror as my semen slowly oozed out of my limp penis and drip languidly into the saucer for two minutes. A huge amount had collected in the bottom of the saucer and drops continued to slip out as my cock dangled there uselessly between my legs. She told me to kneel and squeeze the last remnants out of my cock into the saucer and to put it in front of me on the floor. With me back on all fours, she squeezed my balls which felt very full and attached a sticky pad to each side of my protruding sack. "Drink it!", she said. When I hesitated above the saucer, I suddenly felt two massive electric jolts go through my balls in quick succession and I screamed. "I will not tolerate disobedience!" was followed by a third shock, but slightly longer. I quickly bent down and lapped my own juice up like a cat, but wanted to gag as the taste was horrible. She the suddenly kicked me in the balls from behind and it lifted me up in the air - I was gasping for air from the pain, but she just laughed at me.

She ordered me to stand up and re-attached the handcuffs behind my back. I was then aware that the lawnmower that I had heard earlier was getting louder and I was standing naked in the middle of the conservatory. Suddenly a tall attractive blonde with even bigger breasts than the Mistress came through an arch in the beech-hedge and started to mow the lawn next to the conservatory. She was naked except for a pair of gardening-gloves and trainers. She had an all-over tan and I was mesmerised by her swinging breasts as she walked up and down the lawn. She did not appear to notice me at all, but what was worrying me was that my balls were full to bursting with lust for this gorgeous creature and I felt my cock trying to stiffen, but not succeeding totally. Mistress called to her through a window, "Emma" - she stopped the lawnmower and bent down to remove the clippings-basket; her breasts hanging down provocatively which caused me to whimper. She removed her trainers on the steps and brushed some grass-clippings off her legs before coming in to the conservatory. She kissed Mistress passionately and said how stunning she looked in grey silk. Mistress returned the kiss with passion and I felt my cock twitch again involuntarily as they completely ignored my presence.

Mistress invited Emma to inspect me and as she stood before me, I noticed that her pussy was shaved except for a little blonde tuft above it and her crease was clearly visible. My cock twitched and twitched again, but failed to become fully erect - I couldn't understand it and yearned to show off my manhood to both of them, but felt pitiful instead. Emma reached out and held my balls in the palm of her hand - It was then that I noticed the wires attached to two electrodes on either side of my throbbing sack and gasped as she squeezed them tightly. "Jane. Look at these bloody balls - the biggest cause of wars, aggression towards women and selfish love by men with their ‘Wham. Bam thank you Ma'am' approach to making love". I whimpered at the combination of pleasure and pain as she continued her grip on my balls without even looking at me. Mistress replied that she had conducted an experiment with me and was confident that I posed no threat to either of them without my handcuffs or leg-bar, which she duly removed. Emma tugged my balls down suddenly and looked me in the eye. "Prove it then", she said.

Mistress told me to follow her upstairs, but to keep my eyes on her heels. Emma followed on behind. As Mistress got to the landing, she stopped and bent down to touch the floor. I could not help myself and looked up towards her pussy and breasts beyond. She smiled at me through her legs. I suddenly felt the crack of a riding-crop as Emma whipped my balls up between my legs and I yelped in pain. Mistress slid her silk panties down her legs before lying down on her back on the edge of the landing. I was transfixed by her gorgeous body and the fear of being whipped again. "Pleasure me!", she said. I licked every crease and fold in her pussy till my face was covered in her love-juice. I teased her clit and slurped out her love-canal, driving me wild., but with little effect on her. I had been so engrossed in pleasuring Mistress that I had forgotten about Emma behind me who said, "You're right. His penis is totally flaccid and dangling down between his legs like a worm, but I want to try this experiment myself".

Emma then went into the large cubicle-shower to clean herself and I was ordered to join her to wash and soap every inch of her voluptuous body while Mistress looked on. I was warned that I would be punished severely, if my cock came into any contact with Emma's body. Again, I couldn't believe my good fortune as I soaped her huge breasts and between her legs with a sponge. She kept turning to check on my cock that seemed to hang like a gargoyle with water running off its drooping end. I was mortified - my balls were blue and ached to have her, but my cock hung limply between my legs. She ordered me to wash her thighs, but she was facing away from me. I tried to reach from behind to soap her thighs with the sponge and my cock touched her bottom. She flew in a rage and removed the shower-head which she directed up at my balls. At first it felt pleasurable, but she kept increasing the temperature and it was unbearable. I was panting and feeling faint as she boiled my balls alive. She told me that she would count to 50 and then stop, but I was still hopping with the pain when she passed eighty and suddenly stopped the shower. Suddenly a blast of ice cold water hit my boiling nuts and I screamed in the contrasting pain, as my balls shrunk into a tight ball. I was told to dry her down and she went in to a bedroom and lay down on a bed. "Dry yourself and see, if you can take me but only with a rampant cock", she said, "No tricks". I wanted to have her and was panting with lust as I knelt between her legs and studied her pussy and her full breasts in detail for the first time. She was clearly excited by something; her nipples were erect and love-juice bubbled between the lips of her pussy. My cock tried to rise and my balls were urging it to do so, but although not a full erection, it remained too soft for penetration in my hands. I was bewildered and was panicking, as I had never been impotent in my life. Now faced with two very attractive women egging me on, I was desperate for relief but could not get an erection.

Mistress seemed satisfied with this, but tied me to a chair in the bedroom with a small bowl of ice-cubes on it. She pulled my balls down between my thighs and I felt them push the ice-cubes apart as they nestled in the bottom and the ice-cubes mounted up around my sack. She then got a fresh chilli and rubbed its flesh over the head of my cock. At first, I did not understand this, but as the two women made love to one another on the bed with me looking on helpless, my cock started to stir aided by my frozen bursting sack. As my cock got bigger and bigger, a hot burning sensation enveloped the top of my cock which made it strain to bursting point. The bigger it got, the tighter the skin on the head of my cock got, which provoked the chilli to burn me even more. If only I could have an orgasm to make my cock go soft and reduce the pain, but the two women continued to make love to one another with their breasts hanging down above each other and their pussies almost in my face as they went down on one another. My cock was burning unbearably now and I moaned loudly. Mistress was angry and got up from the bed and stuffed her silk panties tightly in my mouth to silence me. I looked down on my cock that looked angry too, but I knew that I was empty anyway and my cock ached with that knowing emptiness. I could not reach my throbbing aching cock and had to watch them until they finally collapsed on to their backs and dozed off in each other's arms. I sat there frustrated with their wet pussies and their heaving breasts only feet away from me on the bed.

When they finally stirred, my cock was limp again but burning away under the foreskin which had re-covered it. My balls were frozen but still full to bursting, as I had continued to try to squeeze my thighs together to pump up my balls in the hope of relief, but to no avail. Mistress released me laughing and told me to shower before coming down, as I was covered in perspiration. However, Emma suggested that she could perhaps relieve me by rubbing me off on the bed until she had counted to eighty again in compensation for the time I had endured the pain in the shower. I readily agreed and she vigorously applied herself to the task, but at the count of seventy (as my back arched in anticipation of this freight-train orgasm that was long in coming) she let go, my cock twitched spasmodically in the air for a minute and then my ruined orgasm dribbled slowly out on to my stomach, as I moaned and screamed into the panties in frustration.

I was told to clean myself up, shower, collect my clothes on the way out and leave within 30 minutes. They did not intend to repeat the experiment on me as the best effect is always the first.

If I returned to the house or tried to contact them again, they would send copies of digital photographs they had taken of me to my employer (they had seen my company-pass in my jacket) and to my home-address. That was five years ago, but the memory is as if it was only yesterday.

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