Captivated by Kaylie

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Prologue / Synopsis

The sunshine reflected off the cool waters of the still rippling pool. Kaylie lay back, knowing she looked stunning in her tiny luminescent yellow bikini which even now looked like losing the battle of covering much more than her nipples. Her long legs stretched out as she lay upon the sun bed, her long hair still dripping wet from the recent dip in the pool. At 23, she nearly had it all. A nice house not far from town, a high fence with a private area for the pool, the obligatory convertible BMW 3 Series in the garage, plus, lots of spare time to enjoy all these things. To top it off, she was very proud of her catwalk model looks (with slightly larger breasts of course), long silky fine blonde hair, legs which did much more than just get her from A to B, plus a slightly mischievous sparkle in her eye.

She looked over to her left as she heard Jim approaching, drinks on a silver tray, two for her (one chilled water with a dash of lemon, plus her usual Long Island Iced Tea), just an iced water for him. Her eyes took in his bronzed body, rippling with muscles from the regular physical labour which kept him in fine trim. Her lips curled into a small smile as she thought of the torments she would inflict upon him this weekend. Her eyes strayed to his captive cock and balls, already swollen and still semi-erect from the teasing she had given him a little while earlier.

Jim placed the tray on the low table beside her as he knelt still. Kaylie reached over and locked the final chain which signified his complete surrender. This one was a simple choker chain which went around his neck, down to the cuffs which would soon hold his wrists midway up his back. His arms went behind him for her to lock into the rugged cuffs. Once more he dreaded the coming hours through which he would have to suffer erotically at her mercy. He wondered how such a sweet looking young woman could be such a skilfully tormentress.

She thought back to the day when she had discovered his evil little secret - him sitting outside the main work depot in his truck, surfing the Internet late one Friday afternoon on the company's wireless laptop, not aware of her monitoring his every move via the Monitoring Software she had installed at the request of the company owners.

Kaylie was a more than just a bit of an IT whiz - specializing in monitoring the online habits of employees who did things which they shouldn't. She was damned good at her job and had won many contracts from business owners for catching out people either wasting time online (at the companies expense), or doing worse things, even criminal things, for which the companies had regularly rewarded her quite well. Now she had a dilemma on her hands. What to do about this ruggedly handsome man (to whom she had found herself becoming attracted to), who seemed to have a very kinky interest in male chastity devices. She could turn him in, which would probably cost him his job, his reputation and maybe even more, or, she could ...

Chapter One

Kaylie was having quite an internal struggle that weekend. Having discovered and monitored the kinky habits of Jim, the foreman from the construction company for which she was currently contracting. She knew she had a difficult decision to make. Would she ruin his career by informing his employers of his activities, or, would she do something she had never before done and let him go. Well, maybe not let him go, for it was worse than that.. Would she use that information for personal gain? Not blackmail, as in financial, but after reading more from the websites which he visited, would she maybe give him that something which the websites said most men needed, a keyholder, a Mistress maybe?.. Someone to take control, for him to surrender to, or maybe even to serve. The more she fought with her thoughts over these things, the more alive she felt.

Over the past year of part time and the recent two weeks full-time contracting, Kaylie had spent a fair deal of time observing Jim and had grown to like his good manners, his honesty and his respectfulness towards her - as well as the other unseen parts of him, she giggled. Consequently, she found herself visiting those kinky websites he frequented, reading about the experiences of other women, other men. She found the thoughts of holding the key to Jim's chastity device extremely erotic to the point where they often overwhelmed her in a very real, raw and sexual manner.

Her eyes would close and she would picture him kneeling before her, ready to do her bidding. She pictured him naked, his sun bleached hair slightly ruffled from where her hands had held his face between her legs while she lay there, her back arched in orgasmic bliss while she wore that certain look, almost a look of pain, the look which every man wants to see on his woman's face. As she experienced pure orgasmic bliss.

She made her mind up that very night. By monitoring his email account, she noticed he had ordered his very own chastity device. This one was basically inescapable once locked on - a really secure device. Jim had ordered it from some weeks ago and was checking on the status of his order. To her amazement, she also discovered he had been pierced in the Prince Albert manner. Which when used with the device absolutely prevented him from being able to escape, especially once she held the key - the thought of which made her smile...

Kaylie went to sleep dreaming of what the future may hold. She realised that for the first night in a long time, she wasn't dreading going to bed with thoughts of her ex in her mind. The awful ex boyfriend who had used her so badly. She had lavished care upon him, consenting to almost anything he wanted of her, only to fly home early from a contract job late Summer, to find him laying naked by the pool, with some big breasted bitch perched upon his cock.

From reading these websites, she realised finally the power she would have once she held the key to a man's sexual bits. But tonight, she cleansed herself of the demons of the past by dreaming of her ex, Gary, begging her to release him from his chastity. His poor tiny weeny having been locked away from him for, well, forever as long as she cared.

The next morning, Kaylie awoke for the first time in almost a year fully in love with life and comfortable with her decision to seduce Jim and keep him as her own.

The Monday morning meeting at head office went well, as usual, but much better than could be imagined for one of them, Jim. This was because Kaylie, the IT / Security contractor who had nearly all the men drooling, seemed to pay him an inordinate amount of attention both before, then after the meeting. Plus, gone were the conservative business suits, in their place was a nice tight pair of shiny black leather pants, highlighting her incredibly long set of pins, the likes of which he was used to seeing in magazines, not in person and not in his work environment that was for certain.

Jim sat down at his desk to finalise some things before heading out to the job site. After all, he had always been a hands-on sort of a guy, so now that he was a supervisor, he didn't see why that had to change. All he needed was to keep good men around him and that meant that he could still get his hands dirty, as they say, while the crew got on with the job. Plus, this way they respected him more too, seeing as he wasn't afraid to mix it with the guys. The fact that this helped him keep in tip top shape was another reason for his hands on attitude.

Just before lunch, Jim headed out to the construction site in the centre of town. This high-rise was his first major assignment so he was eager to ensure all the things they spoke of in the meeting were indeed being handled correctly. He was up on the 35th floor still organising the tasks for the crews when he spotted her. Miss Ward, the computer contractor from the office was being led out to him by one of the site supervisors. The first thing which came to his mind was not what she was doing here, but just how out of place the hard-hat looked, perched atop her long flowing soft blonde hair. Next he noticed her brilliant white blouse and how her bra, a dark emerald quarter-cup one at that, stood out against her skin. He looked closer, were those her nipples he could glimpse as she came towards him? The supervisor led her all the way over to him, then seemed to want to hang around while they talked. It took a minute but he managed to convince the supervisor that they would be fine. Kaylie gave the supervisor a beaming smile after which he turned and walked off, surely feeling much brighter after her smile which had sent him away, still weak at the knees.

Kaylie stood along side Jim, her hand resting on his arm as if she needed to hold onto him for stability while perched 35 floors up, on the open top floors of the building. She looked deep into his eyes and told him she hoped he didn't mind her coming out to the job site, but that she had overlooked one of her duties earlier that day. She told him she was supposed to have installed some software for extra security measures onto his computer, as they couldn't risk anyone intercepting information while he used the Internet in this WiFi environment. Kaylie added that maybe it was the effect he had on her this morning that made her forget, also that she hoped he wouldn't tell the bosses of her forgetfulness.

Jim stood there open mouthed as this 5' 10 angel held firmly onto his arm. He stammered something about never telling on her and that maybe they should go down to the office so she could complete her task. She looked into his eyes and dazzled him with that beaming smile which made him too, go weak at the knees. As they turned to go, she lost her balance and almost fell to the dirty concrete floor. His quick reactions and firm grip saved her from actually tumbling over. As she went to stand once again, her free hand went to his crotch, then stayed there momentarily as she grasped for something less personal to grasp a hold of. The wolf whistles told the story as she rose once more, now seemingly all red faced and lost for words, stammering something about being sorry and how embarrassed she was.

Jim managed to put his arms around her to comfort her, which he immediately knew was a mistake for as she leaned against him, he could feel her upper thigh rest against the now totally erect flag pole in his pants. She leaned even harder against him before looking into his eyes and whispering, "Thank you for taking such good care of me Jim".

Standing there, he could smell the gentle scent of green apple shampoo in her hair. Soon his senses were assaulted as the scent of her whole body seemed to rise into his nostrils. Lovely warm womanly odours flooded his senses as she pressed close against him. It was his turn to almost fall down as he mumbled something which he couldn't recall. On very weak knees he led her off to the external lifts which would take them down to the temporary site offices 35 floors below. In the background he could hear the cheers and whistles of the many men who had witnessed the exchange, yet all he could think of was a way to hide the erection which was certainly going to be very visible in his pants.

By the time she had installed the extra software on his laptop and said her goodbyes, Jim wished only for one thing... That damned chastity belt to arrive. He needed something less obvious than possibly a bag of ice down his shorts to conceal his absolute arousal. He sat there at the computer, hiding his erection by sitting almost fully under the desk, his eyes half closed as he drank in what remained of her presence. Little did he know that while he had fetched her a glass of water, she had strategically placed a few drops of her favourite perfume down onto the speakers of his laptop. She knew that with the heat radiating from inside the machine, her scent would be on his mind for at least the rest of the day!

Chapter Two

Jim was on his way home when his cell phone rang. As he answered he was very surprised to hear the sultry voice of Kaylie, asking him if he would help her out. It seemed she was in some sort of trouble, which appealed to his manly protective instincts. Kaylie apologised once again for her behaviour earlier that day (not that he could recall anything other than being bowled over by her mere presence), she then went on to tell him that just being in his presence had made her become forgetful. So much so, that she was certain she had left her very important security disk in the drive of his laptop. Kaylie went on to say that she could get into serious trouble if anyone found out and that if he would head home then shower, she would love to have him over for dinner. With her girlfriend there too, of course. She gave him her address, then added that he should dress casual and bring his swimmers, as they would most likely have a dip in the pool after dinner.

Jim tried to talk his way out of it, as his little-man had already reacted to her voice and was straining the insides of his pants. Alas, Kaylie would have no part of it and insisted that she make it up to him for driving over to her place to drop off the disk, besides, she said, she had already told her friend about how much of a gentleman he was, so he couldn't refuse.

Jim caved in (as she knew he would) and agreed to be there at 7-30pm. Instantly she set the rest of her plans into action. The disk she had left in his computer was there on purpose of course, many experienced IT people use this old trick when wanting a reason to touch base with someone again. Plus, her friend had already agreed to her plan, as girls do when other girls want their assistance. Jim was being set up and the only person who didn't know about it was Jim himself!

Kaylie answered the doorbell right on 7-30pm. Good, he is prompt, but then again, what man isn't on a first "date", she wondered... Jim had removed the disk, placed it in a new cover and also brought both a nice red and a white wine in a shoulder bag. Kaylie smiled as she noticed his eyes roam over her outfit - a sarong with bikini top. She twirled just fast enough that he caught a glimpse of all her leg, plus a little bit of cheek as she invited him in, asking him to close the door after himself.

Introductions were made as Kaylie introduced Jim to Donna, whom she said was her very best friend in the world. Jim stood there, mouth half open as he took in the almost tropical surrounds which made up the courtyard, just off the living room area. Kaylie invited Jim to sit while she poured him a drink, asking him if white Rum and coke would suit the tropical occasion. By the time he had his drink in hand, Jim had sort of regained his composure. This was going way to fast he had thought to himself, not even knowing what it was that was going!

Jim soon learned that dinner would be a simple affair, satay sticks on the BBQ plus a nice array of simple salads. Of course he did the gentlemanly thing and offered to do the cooking, which the girls readily agreed to.

After dinner, they relaxed while listening to some Robert Cray tunes on the stereo. The girls sat opposite Jim and frequently laughed, twirled their hair, crossed or uncrossed their legs which ensured Jim sat dead still, trying to hide his arousal. This was of course made all the more difficult as the girls consumed a few drinks, never finishing at the same time of course, which occasioned the good mannered Jim to handle giving them a refill. Although difficult, Jim managed to stand and at least imagine he could hide his erection which even now was disobeying him no matter what he tried to think about.

The one time they both finished a drink at the same time, Jim went to refill the drinks when the girls stood up also, dropping their sarongs to reveal the tiniest of tiny thong bikinis. Donna asked if he would mind bringing their drinks over to them on the edge of the pool, suggesting also that this time, it may be best to use the plastic glasses for safety. Not knowing where the plastic glasses were, Donna agreed to help. She took him by the arm, noticing how his head craned about to catch a glimpse of Kaylie's ass as she went to the pool. Once he had the glasses, Donna thanked him, then quickly retreated to be with Kaylie in the pool.

For Jim, the next hour went far too slowly. He tried everything he could to hide his enormous arousal, but he was certain the girls suspected something. Being the rugged gentleman he was, this troubled him greatly as he didn't want the girls, especially Kaylie to think of him as a horny toad. For their part, the girls pretended not to notice anything, yet did everything they could to drive him wild with desire. They laughed, joked, which caused their breasts to jiggle, they touched each other in semi erotic ways, then they made regular trips to the bathroom, saying that the drinks had gone right through them. All the time poor Jim was noticeably trying to hide his straining erection.

Finally the girls suggested it may be time to retreat from the pool before their skin shrivelled, Jim thought this was a fine idea, but said he would love to do a few laps, just for exercise... During his quick few laps, Jim thought of concrete mixers, bits of steel, power-tools, anything he could to take his mind off the raging cock in his pants. It was clear to him that he was incredibly attracted to Kaylie, there was just something about her, as if she could read his mind or something. He kind of hoped that she might like him too, as he always found it hard to meet the right sort of woman, especially as he had a secret, one which he was loathe to share for fear of freaking her out.

By the time Jim had completed his laps and hopped out of the pool, Donna was almost ready to leave. She thanked him for his company, hugged him briefly then scooted on her way, leaving him alone with Kaylie. Not knowing what to do next, Jim went for the remaining plates and glasses left over after dinner. Kaylie saw this, smiled and watched as he went to the sink, rinsed the dishes then looked under the sink for the detergents and things to complete the washing up. Kaylie smiled again, went to the stereo to put on some more relaxing music.

Jim walked from the kitchen, over to where Kaylie was sitting, outside near the pool. She stood to greet him, kissed him gently on his cheek and then stood back to look him over one more time. Jim could feel his passion rising and with it, something else as well. Kaylie came close again, then leaned up towards him and whispered, "Are you sure I am safe around you?, after all", she said as she gently grasped his cock through his pants, "one part of you is seemingly out of control".

Jim went beet red, then started to say something when suddenly her fingertips went to his mouth, she silenced him with a shhhhhhh..

Kaylie smiled and said, "Don't worry, if I ever feel threatened, I'll have to find a way to keep this monster all locked up or something, to make me feel safer".

Jim's breathing almost stopped, his cock almost lost control totally as he tried to find something to say, but alas, all he could manage was a weak, "Yes Ma'am".

Kaylie looked into his eyes and asked, "Jim, do you like me as much as you naughty little cock does, or are you simply just another horny man out to score a quick lay?"

Jim looked shocked and immediately replied, "No way Miss Ward, I am definitely not that sort of a man. My family brought me up to respect women and to treat them kindly and with great respect, Ma'am".

Kaylie sat back down, almost right in front of him and reached out once more, taking a firm hold on the now pulsing bulge in his pants. Jim stood totally still and gasped as she did so.

"Well, I can't have you walking around in public with me when you can't keep this part of you in check. So maybe we will have to see if there is some way to keep this naughty thing locked up tight and under my control". "What do you think Jim?"

"Yes Miss Ward Ma'am, whatever you think is best, I would never want to embarrass you".

"Good, then that is what I think I shall have to do, but until then, I want you to prove to me that you are the one who is in control and not this naughty little thing", she said as she gently shook his cock side to side, causing it to rub against his underwear. "Do you think you can do that for me Jim, do you?"

Jim looked quizzically at Kaylie as she finally let go of his pulsing and throbbing member. His only words were, "How should I do that Ma'am?"

"Well, you can promise me that you will not play with yourself or make yourself come without asking my permission", she said whilst still standing very, very close to him. "I would hate to think that you were thinking dirty thoughts about me, especially after telling me that story about respecting women so much".

Jim almost choked he gulped so hard. "Yes Miss Ward, anything you say".

The drive home for Jim was a difficult one. She had walked him to the door, stood on tippy toes to gently caress his lips with hers. Her hand caressed his face, as her finger traced down his chest, his well toned stomach, then ended with a tiny little flick on his once more pulsing cock. "Remember your promise now, won't you darling", she had said. He nodded, turned and stumbled to his car.

Driving down the road, his mind drifted as he thought about being bound at her feet while his cock throbbed and strained inside his new curved Steelworxx chastity device. He thought of the extras he had ordered which faced inwards from the cage along it's length, as well as the head of his cock, to pain him whenever he became aroused.

One side of him wanted to masturbate right now. Just to stop somewhere and make himself come, then feel the guilt of it all afterwards. But then he recalled his promise to her, his solemn word not to think those thoughts and make himself come. He drove on in silence with his inner turmoil, his cock straining free, seemingly begging him to lock it up so that it would behave.

Chapter Three

In the morning, Jim discovered he would have to spend the entire day away from the office on the major job site down town. He very much wanted to spend more time in the office to be near Kaylie, but this also caused him to have trouble thinking. Early that afternoon, a parcel arrived at the office from ... It didn't actually have that on it, just from a name and from overseas. But She already knew what was in that parcel. Kaylie smiled and handled things politely when the courier insisted having it signed for, she seductively handled things by explaining that Jim was in fact her boyfriend, so she would deliver it to him that evening. In the end, her ploy worked, now she had what she knew was his new chastity device in her hot little hands.

As for the matter of passing the package to Jim, well, she had already made the plans which would ensure that before the coming weekend was over, Jim would be wearing the device while she held the keys.

The next couple of days went by with Kaylie making tiny gestures and suggestive comments to Jim about something special this weekend. The week was pure torment for him as he endured being so close to Kaylie each day, while the nights he spent alone trying not to play with his cock so as to break his promise to her.

Friday evening finally came and once again Jim was having dinner at Kaylie's place. They spent time by her pool, this time causing him some form of discomfort by sitting facing him upon his lap, knees bent double, her bikini clad pussy cradling his now erect cock. She sat there, arms around his neck, her long hair forming a kind of shelter as she kissed his lips. She felt him squirm slightly as her own moist pussy now pressed down upon his member. He moaned slightly and lowered his large firm hands to her almost naked butt, pulling her slightly closer to him, until he nestled fully between her cheeks. She clenched her inner thigh muscles slightly, then sat up a little and smiled. She looked deeply into his eyes, then quietly told him to stay right where he was.

She returned only a minute later with a shoulder bag in hand. Curling her index finger, she beckoned him to follow her, leading him to a room which adjoined the garage. Kaylie had him sit in a solid looking wooden chair in the centre of the room. She told him to sit up straight, then place his arms behind the wooden chair. The heavy steel cuffs closed shut around his wrists, causing him to struggle only the slightest as his underlying submissive, serving streak told him everything would be okay. The addition of ropes around his ankles to the legs of the chair made his head swim with thoughts of things only before imagined in his wildest dreams. He sat there while she slowly secured him further, seemingly wrapping him to the chair in ropes, the playfully mischievous look in her eye convincing him that everything would be alright.

Kaylie stood in front of him as she explained the rules of this game. He was her prisoner, she wanted information from him. She was going to use all sorts of torturous methods to extract the information she wanted. There were two other rules though. Once he caved in and decided to talk, he had to tell her the 100% truth, would he agree?

"Yes", he had said.

The final rule was then explained to him. If during the course of the interrogations, Kaylie tormented his naughty little cock to the point where he spurted his semen all over the place, this instantly meant he was to be her slave for a whole month. Would he also agree to this condition?

Eagerly he agreed once again.

With the conditions set, she smiled and reached down into the bag she had placed on the ground beside her captive. She removed a blindfold which went over his eyes. Taking a wide roll of electrical tape, she then wrapped this five times about his blindfold, ensuring he was totally unaware of what moves she would make next. She noticed him squirm slightly as she did this, further reinforcing her beliefs that she may just have a keeper here with this man, one worthy of her attentions back towards him. Once finished, she placed a towel on the ground in front of him before kneeling upon it between his legs.

She reached out, taking the tip of his penis in between her thumb and forefinger, one on each side, then gently squeezing him until she heard him moan while he tried to escape her attentions. She knew that by doing this, his P.A. piercing would be rubbing on his shorts and driving his wild.

She quietly said to him, "Jim, I want you to think very carefully about your answers, as every single one of them will have long term consequences, okay?". "Yes Ma'am", he replied.

"Good". "Now I want you to tell me what it is that you want most in the world, right this minute", she said while continuing to tease the head of his cock through his shorts.

"To co...... To have you do to me whatever it is that you wish, is what I want most", he replied.

Kaylie smiled, noting he refrained from saying that he wanted to come more than anything.

"So, you would prefer to be my plaything, than to orgasm, correct?"

He nodded in consent.

In silence, she pulled apart his press stud, opened the Velcro fly of his shorts, before reaching into his pants to expose both his cock and balls for whatever she may choose to do next.

Kaylie looked at his manhood in wonderment. She had seen a few in her time, but none so perfect in size and form as this one, she thought. She looked at the circumcised head, the firm straight shaft of his cock, his full and swollen balls, which she now gently squeezed in her left hand, causing him to wince.

Jim went stiff in the chair at the realization that she would by now have seen the curved barbell and his PA piercing which were so very obviously not a normal part of the human anatomy...

Still staying silent about her discovery, she used her long fingernails to flick the barbell and watch him twitch with every touch. She then took the barbell between her long slender fingers and gently rotated, pushed and pulled it as if to fuck the head of his cock with his piercing.

Kaylie leant forwards, taking the head of his cock in her mouth, wetting it before running her tongue about the eye of his cock, flicking the barbell as she did so.. Next she gripped the shaft, then cupped her hand over the head of his cock before starting to rub him in firm circular motions. Jim almost cried as he begged her to stop, as he feared he may orgasm right then without her permission.

Sensing her victory, she changed tactics. From the bag of tricks she took a pack of condoms. Opening one, she removed it from the pack, then using her hand, lips and teeth she began applying it over the head of his cock. She could feel him shudder as her teeth slid down the shaft of his cock. Using her fingernails she rolled it on as far as she could before opening another to repeat the process again. Two more times she repeated this until he was covered in 4 layers of the rubber sheathing.

Over the top of this she applied a small ankle stocking which she also stretched to encapsulate his swollen balls. She next slid two gel covered pads in underneath the stocking, one on each side of his balls. Once she was certain they were in place, Kaylie took hold of a roll of electrical tape which she then used to wrap around the base of his cock, securing the stocking about his sack. Once this was done, she then applied two more condoms to his alien looking cock before once again beginning to wrap the electrical tape about his painfully captured ball sack. She began to wrap close to his cock, slowly working her way down to form an ever tightening cocoon which stretched his balls away from his cock, finally tightly wrapping the tape about his balls. Soon he was almost sobbing as she continued to encase them in the unforgiving black electrical tape.

Once she had completed her preparations, she once again took his cock into her mouth. This time she knew that although he knew what she was doing, the intense pleasure was no longer there, replaced by a need which she would ensure went unfulfilled. The throbbing and bobbing of his cock as her lips curled about it were accompanied once more by a long slow groan from his lips.

Kaylie attached the wires from the pads to the female socket of the nearby T.E.N.S. unit, leaving the device itself on the ground beside her captive. It was time for the interrogation to begin for real.

Jim tilted his head back as the first strange sensations of the TENS unit tingled through his painfully taped balls. As the tingling turned into slightly stronger pulses, his breath caught in his throat. Kaylie left the unit on this setting, watching as his trapped manhood shuddered slightly with each closely timed pulse of the unit.

Kaylie then went to one of the cupboards in the storeroom they were in and returned with an item which she thought would be a great addition to Jim's already mounting tension, a penis pump. She lubricated the base of his cock up just enough to maintain a seal, then slid the pump down over his erect cock until it hit fit against his tightly taped ball sack. Next she began to create the vacuum which over time would not only keep him erect, but would not allow him to orgasm as it denied the contact he so craved even now.

Once she was satisfied with his predicament, she informed him that she was going to fetch herself a nice cool drink while she left him to consider his fate, plus of course something she thought would be a good idea, his safe-words.

As she walked off, she turned back to see her captive tightly restrained, his balls all shiny in the black tape, his huge cock standing erect and being held that way by the negative atmospheres within the penis pump. She watched as he shuddered almost imperceptibly with each action of the TENS on his balls. She could feel herself getting ever so wet down below that she wondered if it was she who needed the chastity device!

Chapter Four

Kaylie turned the dials on the TENS unit from constant to the PULSE setting, which meant instead of things being constant, they escalated with each 15 second repetition, then nothing for 5 seconds. Jim moaned louder as she did this, then she asked him the first question since returning and sorting out his safe-words.

"When was the last time you played with your naughty little cock until you came?", she asked him.

He seemed to pause to consider this, then replied with a slightly guilty tone, "The night I first came to your place Ma'am, in the shower at home - before I left to come over".

Kaylie accepted this as the truth, she was certain she could feel the guilt in his voice, which meant that he was probably thinking something about her, while he did that deed.

"I see", she said. "Who was it that you thought about while you played with your naughty little cock?"

"You Ma'am", "You", he said.

Things were going perfectly, she thought to herself. Now it was time to press him a little further.

Her silence said more to him than anything else.

"Please forgive me, I prom..." "You promise what!", Kaylie almost yelled.

"I promise that I will never do that again"..

"What do you mean, "You won't do that again!"

"Do you mean you would stop having fantasies about me?" "Do you think I am ugly?, is that it?". Kaylie said..

"No, of course not, I think you are gorgeous, a princess Ma'am", he replied..

"So you think I am a princess, yet you waste your cum by spurting it onto the floor of the shower, instead of saving it all up for me", she replied back to him in an accusing manner.

"I'm sorry... I promise not to, not to, ahhh, waste my cum and to save it only for you, I promise".

"How do you expect me to believe you, after you tell me that we hadn't even had our first dinner date and yet you had already defiled me by thinking those horrid little thoughts and then spurting all over the shower", she added.

He started to speak, but she Shhhhhh'd him, telling him to be silent while she pondered how he should pay for this terrible incident which cheapened her by making her nothing better than a dirty little fantasy whore of his.

Meanwhile, she reached down and further increased the vacuum on his penis pump. His head rolled back as he felt his entire cock being swollen by the vacuum, while still suffering the pulsing of the TENS unit on his tightly taped and painfully swollen balls.

She reached into her bag of tricks, brought out a modern marvel of technology, the turning, twisting writing vibrator which she acquired after separating from her ex. This she taped tightly to his already painfully encased balls. As she switched it on, his face contorted and a low moan escaped his throat. The vibrator twisted against his taped balls, its rocking and rotating action acting like someone was squeezing his already tormented testes. The vibrating action only heightened this sensation and once more Kaylie stood up, pleased with her inventiveness. It was time to ask some more questions as she knew that soon he couldn't take much more of this. She watched him writhe about in his bonds, the agony of the predicament evident on his face.

Kaylie removed her bikini so she now stood naked before him, though blindfolded tightly he was not to know this. After removing the penis pump, she lubricated his cock with the special jelly, the type she bought which made her slightly tingle, increasing her horniness ten-fold. Slowly she moved towards him, straddling the chair until she was able to hold his mightily erect cock and guide herself down onto him. Slowly she lowered herself, enraptured in the moment as he filled her completely. She squirmed slightly, causing him to moan as he guessed at what she was doing. He had some sensation of what she was doing, but due to the layers and layers of condoms, alas he could not feel the magical stimulations which arise whilst making love.

Kaylie sat there, clenching her muscles about his manhood with her arms draped about his neck. She leaned in close and once more began her interrogations. After a few minutes of simple questions about his ex girlfriends, experiences and more, she dropped the first bombshell on him. She wanted to know why such a well groomed handsome man like himself would want to go and get a big heavy Prince Albert piercing in the head of his cock.

She rose up and down slowly on his cock as she asked this question, while she felt his stiffen and take a sharp breath. When he didn't immediately answer, she reached down behind her with one hand and squeezed his tightly wrapped balls until he shuddered and let out an almost guttural groan. She reminded him about his promise to tell her the 100% truth, which he must now do, or else she would make things immeasurably worse for him.

His body began to wrack with sobs as he tried to find the words to tell this most beautiful of creatures about his obsession with Male Chastity, scared that she may be turned off by his perversions in this area. Once more she took a hold of his balls and tightened her grip. He gave in and began to spill it all. He spoke of his boyhood fantasies, of his discovery and love of bondage, his desire to serve a beautiful woman in whatever way she deemed him to. He spoke for minutes on end, telling her everything, the floodgates now fully open. Kaylie closed her eyes and drank in every word. She did this while resuming her magic ride upon his cock. She was fully experiencing the sensations, him feeling only that she was riding him, not enough stimulation making it through the condoms for him to orgasm.

As he told her of the his previous experiments with chastity, the failed devices and the money wasted, he came to the part about his piercing, the final decision to go ahead with it, plus to make sure that the next device was one which would be custom made, comfortable and with no possibility of escape without the key.

She rode him harder, bringing herself close to her very own moment of bliss. As her climax neared, she asked him quietly in his ear if he would wear this device for her, she would hold the key and be the mistress whom he could worship and obey. She asked if he desired her and if so, would he wear this Chastity Device he had ordered, with her being the one to hold the key?

His reply was a stiffening of his body, an intake of breath and then the words, "There is nothing I would love more in the world than to do that for you", he said.

Kaylie lifted herself off his cock, reached down and using her long strong nails, grabbed a few layers of the condoms and stocking, ripping them and tearing them off his totally erect cock. She quickly lowered herself back upon him and resumed making love to him. She whispered in his ear, "prove it to me, cum for me and make me orgasm with you", she literally demanded of him.

He strained at his bonds as she rode him, she felt him stiffen as his orgasm approached. She kept riding him until she heard his breathing stop momentarily, then she sat fully upon him, clenching and unclenching until she felt his cock throb in release, the remaining 2 layers of condoms catching his sperm as evidence of his orgasm to use against him later that night.

She sat there in the afterglow of her orgasmic bliss, his cock pulsing in time with the TENS unit which was still tormenting his balls. Her head resting upon his shoulder, hair all wet and sticky with their combined sweat from their first time together. She reached down to the bag of tricks, bringing out a large sponge like gag which she placed in his mouth. She soon wrapped his lower face with more tape as she told him it was necessary. Once he was gagged, she stood up slowly and unsteadily.

The gag would be needed she knew, as she slowly unravelled the tightly wound tape from his balls, which by now would be almost too painful to even touch. She told him how much she loved him for his strength and how he needed to try to stay quiet while she unwound the tape from his scrotum. He tried, but ended up groaning loudly and crying many tears from under his blindfold before the final tape, stocking and the TENS unit were all removed.

Kaylie told him to sit still and relax as she would be back momentarily. She went for some ice water and also to quickly freshen up. Returning, now wearing a sarong, she brought a bowl of warm water which she used to rinse and clean his now well used scrotum area.

After completing this task, she set about removing the tape and sponge gag which had kept her man silent. She wiped his face with a warm wet towel from a fresh bowl of water, lifted a glass of chilled water for him to drink from. Now it was time for the clincher, she thought.

Reaching out with one hand, she gently fondled his balls, the other slowly and skilfully handling his now semi erect cock. She knew that in this state, even the gentlest of touches to his balls would be very painful, yet he held his tongue silent. She told him that she had to apologise for something, but that at the same time she was extremely happy with the outcome.

She told him how much she had come to appreciate his quiet strength, his loving and gentle demeanour, even his problematic but teenager like continual erections. She then admitted that tonight she wanted to punish him for cheating on her, for lying to her. His body stiffened as he heard this and he began to protest, but she gripped his balls tighter and SHHHHH'D him once more. He sat still as she continued.

She told him how she had been at the office when he was out and a parcel came for him. As if on cue, his body betrayed him and went rigid. She continued - telling him at first she was extremely hurt, as it came from a person overseas... Now she said, she realised that this may be that chastity device of which he had spoken and that if this was true, then she wanted to apologise for thinking that he was cheating on her, lying to her about not being involved.. Was this true, she asked?

Jim was in a state of shock about this time and did what she expected. He apologised for ever making her imagine there could be another, other than her. He then admitted that yes, he had been expecting a delivery and was wondering why it hadn't arrived..

It was then that she delivered the final stroke, the bold move of her plan.. Kaylie said, "Well, seeing as you lost the bet and did in fact orgasm, the proof of which is in the condoms, I guess you are now my slave for the next month".. "What I want for my slave", she continued, "Is for him to be wearing his brand new chastity device with the woman he claims to love, holding the keys".

Even though his breath caught in his throat, the reaction elsewhere proved that this too was what he wanted, as his cock once more sprang to life in her hand.

Chapter Five

By the time Kaylie removed all his restraints except for the blindfold and the solid cuffs, Jim was once again writhing in his chair. The reason this time was not the torment of pain so much as the torment of frustration. His easily excited penis was straining inside his custom made Steelworxx chastity device. Kaylie frustrated him further by telling him it was time to get him cleaned up after his time of torment. He really wanted to be able to touch and see what the device looked like while on him, but he did his best to simply obey and not to ask to be able to see and feel the device for himself. Kaylie led him to a large shower area where she removed their both their remaining clothes and then spent the next 20 minutes washing him, rubbing up against him and basically tormenting his trapped cock and very sore balls in every pleasurable way she could think of.

She led him back to the pool area where she finally sat him down and removed the tape covered blindfold from his eyes. She watched as his eyes spent about equal time looking at his now captured cock and her breasts, which stood firmly out from her chest only inches from his eyes. The sarong was once more being worn, but this did little to hide the perkiness of her fine breasts. He moaned at the sight of her breasts, the same breasts which he had been stealing sideways glances at ever since they had met. She realised her actions had the desired effect as he forced himself to look away while shifting around on the seat trying to gain some form of relief while his cock strained inside its new painfully inescapable stainless steel prison.

As if on cue, Kaylie dropped to her knees and pushed him back in the chair. Leaning forward and holding his balls in one hand, she slipped her velvety lips over the top of the steel tube holding Jim's cock in its semi aroused state. He watched her lips and tongue while imagining they managed to make contact with the head of his cock. He groaned and tried to shuffle out of the way. Kaylie simply gave his super sensitive balls a brief squeeze which brought forth a wince of pain as he realised the true depth of both his captivity and despair.

Kaylie arose and put her lips to his, drinking of him deeply in a way which took his breath away. She then stood and turned her back to him, then in a single graceful move undid the sarong and let it drop to the poolside paving. Her long legs ended at what she knew was a very fine ass which even now was only inches from Jim's face. Looking back over her shoulder she smiled at him and dived into the pool. She beckoned for him to join her and with as much grace as he could manage on his wobbly legs, he went to the shallow end and walked down into the pool, his wrists still locked so very firmly behind him.

As he walked towards her she met him at the point where the water was about chest high. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs about his waist and pulled herself close to him. Her long blonde hair floated atop the water behind her in the shape of a lovely sea shell, he thought. Her gorgeous breasts floated with her nipples just above the surface. He felt her legs wrap tighter around him and as he moved his arms behind him, she took that opportunity to wriggle them in between his arms and then she gripped herself close to him, bodies closely entwined.

While he may have hoped his torment was nearly over, in her mind it had hardly begun. She loved this feeling of power which she now wielded over him. It seemed to come so naturally to her that she wondered where it had been all those other years, other relationships. She once more placed her lips to his, their teeth touching on occasions as they learned the way each other liked to kiss. She slowly lowered herself a couple of inches until she felt the hardness of the stainless steel tube nestling right at that spot she so loved to be touched. Jim for his part could feel the heat of her sex as once more his cock strained against its confines. He swore he could feel her through the steel tube, yet he knew this was only his imagination as once again his arousal became painful inside the device.

As she ground her pussy against the device, he winced and broke their magical kiss. She looked into his teary eyes and asked if he was okay.

He told her that every time he really tried to get an erection, the customised extras in the tube part of the device inflicted a great amount of pain.

She looked into his eyes and gently told him that he would have to be very careful and try not to get aroused. She added that it wasn't her who ordered the device with the painful erection prevention options, he did that all on his own, she reminded him.

He closed his eyes and moaned as he thought back to the time of ordering, when he had asked that the area at the end of the tube section of his device have a ring of small pointed spikes added to it, much like the screw in threads yet these ones were smaller, plus sharper. These made it hard to get into and certainly they should prevent him from sustaining any attempted erection for very long. There were additional spikes along the inside of the tube as well. Three down each side of the tube section. As a final touch, the ring which encircled his scrotum, the A-ring, as it was called was also ringed about the inside with six more of these pointed and adjustable spikes. At the time he had reasoned that as it was a device for his own use, with himself as the keyholder, he could realistically set himself free anytime things became a bit too unbearable. This was not the case now, as he had no idea where Kaylie had placed or hidden the keys...

For her part, Kaylie too was drifting in her mind. Thinking of the time only an hour or so ago when she opened the parcel and inspected the device. She had queried him about it, the design, the customisation of it and all the implications and ramifications which would result in extra pain and suffering if he became aroused while wearing the device. He also helped her with some extra hints and tips for fitting the device, from the ice beforehand, to the hand cream to help get him fully inside the tight ‘neck' of the device. He had told her he wanted it to be very tight about the first part of his penis, yet to open up, to step up a size towards the rest of his cock. In this way, although he couldn't become fully erect, the bloodflow would be sufficient to allow part of the shaft, plus the head of his cock swell against the spikes, causing enormous pain in his cock. Coupled with the curved contour of the device, this would prohibit full erections, the resulting pain sufficient to make his erection subside in minutes, prohibiting extended erections.

For all this planning though, he had overlooked one vital thing, the added effect of having a gorgeous princess teasing and tormenting him to the point of bursting. Thus keeping him aroused in spite of the excruciating torments the spikes were now causing.

As Kaylie unravelled herself from about his body, she told him to come to the end of the pool. While he did this, she hopped out of the pool and wrapped the semi see-through sarong about her long legged body. She returned with the keys to his rigid cuffs, removing them for the first time in hours. He sighed at the freedom as he felt his arms once more, rubbing them and trying to get them used to being back in their normal positions. Once his strength had returned, she looked into his eyes and asked him if he meant what he said earlier, when he called her a princess.

He said that of course he did and that he thought she was not just a princess, but the most gorgeous princess who ever lived. She smiled and then made a request. She wanted him to call her by that name from this day forth, both in public and in private. The radiant glowing smile he gave her assured her that not only was this fine with him, but that he was truly thinking of her as his princess. A princess to love, protect, obey and even to give his life for if needed.

Kaylie told him to come forth from the pool and to carry her in his arms to the shower, where they would wash the pool water away, do their hair, then he could dry her off, before brushing her long, silky hair, before taking her to bed.

Luckily by now, his erection had slightly subsided so carrying her would not see his knees collapse from the pains he was feeling elsewhere. His radiant smile told her everything, he was hers to command, not so much a slave, but a servant. That is what how she would think of him. Like a policeman, but much more intimate. To protect her and serve her. To cater to her every whim and desire. Nothing too small could she ask of him, nothing too large. It was because of this devotion to her, his unwavering obedience to her, that she felt herself falling for him, falling quite hard in fact. He lifted her gently and effortlessly into his arms. Her head resting on his shoulder, her arms about his neck as he carried his princess to first to the shower, then to her bed chamber.

After the wonderful shower, him drying her off, ever so lovingly, she sat while he dried her hair, then brushed all it till it shone. She let him carry her to her bed, the covers of which had already been turned down. She climbed into bed and patted the other side, indicating that she wished for him to sit on the bed beside her.

She reminded him that he had lost the No Orgasm bet and that therefore he was her slave for the next month. He nodded and almost smiled, but then recalled how much torment she had put him through and he wondered if she would always be this harsh on him or not.

Kaylie next gave him some instructions. He was to massage her back for at least 30 minutes, then he was to lock the rest of her house up before going home. He was to return to her at 9-00 am in the morning as she had a party planned and he would of course be there as her guest and servant. Next she turned over on her stomach, her pulled her long silky hair away from her neck and pointed to the massage oil on the bedside table. In the soft lighting of the bedroom, Jim knelt atop her slightly parted thighs, then began the soon to become common ritual of massaging and worshipping the body of his Princess.

As he massaged, his mind started to wander, taking in her model like, slight form under his hands, his eyes and thoughts looked down past his locked cock to see that his princess was slightly moist and glistening between her gorgeous thighs. Immediately his cock tried to become erect and the punishment devices built into his chastity tube began their own assault upon his straining member. He suppressed a groan and tried to think of something else as he lovingly massaged the most beautiful Princess in the world, who had said that she wanted him. Life was looking very good as far as his wildest, most erotic dreams seemed to be coming true - yet could he handle the rigours of true chastity and domination. He guessed that for at least the next month, he would have no choice - and that was fine with him.

To be Cont'd.

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