Never Again

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Synopsis - Via a school reunion website, he discovers the ugly duckling has turned into the most gorgeous and gracious of Swans. However, this one has a real surprise in store for him. Male Chastity, Female Key Holder and Dominant, bondage and torments, tease and denial and shared with other Women to keep them all happy.

Never Again - Chapter One

Two simple words, yet what a profound two words they are. How much power can they hold? She told him exactly how much. Never again would he get an erection, let alone an orgasm, unless she permitted it. That was four months ago. He didn't believe her when she had said it at the time, but judging by what had taken place since then, she could well be telling the truth.

It began nine months ago, when they met via a school reunion website. It had been almost ten years since he'd last seen most of the people from school days and to be truthful, his memory of Lara had almost faded completely. For in school, she'd been rake thin, incredibly studious and very quiet. Twiggy, geekess and stick girl were a couple of the nick names she'd been called. Others weren't as flattering. So when he received an e-mail from her, it did come as a sort of surprise as she wasn't really part of the old gang as such, with whom he used to hang around. At the time he'd thought nothing much of it, but he decided to talk with her anyway, even though from memory she wasn't really his type.

The thing was, she hadn't been made to feel overly welcome in many circles in school, but she did try hard in one sport, swimming. Even there, whilst others had joked about her skinny, almost shapeless form, he recalled times when he'd helped her, seeing as she was a good swimmer and never let the team down. The team of which he was captain. So when he helped her it was with a real honestly albeit a possibly false motivation, for all he cared about was winning. He remembered her being very shy, blushing and such even with this slight type of personal attention. In the end, she worked up the courage to thank him by tutoring him in some of the subjects he wasn't so flash in. Their relationship seemed to be one of mutual respect and helping each other in the areas where they each needed assistance. But the truth was something all together different, as behind her back, he had actually ridiculed her. But with many years under the bridge, it couldn't hurt to be sociable and besides, she may well be in touch with some of the more beautiful girls from school which could well be worth pursuing.

That all changed one evening some months after they began emailing. She messaged him via one of the programmes they'd swapped contact details for. He almost ignored her and didn't respond, for up until then, her emails had been quite formal and although he'd sent her through a few updated images of himself, there'd been none come back in return. But with nothing else going on, the decision was easy, what harm could it do to chat to her, right?

The harm came about a minute into the conversation when the video request came through. Why not, he thought. He'd showered and looked fine, so there was no harm in her seeing him as he looked at the moment. He wasn't expecting was what happened next. For as her video came up, she would have obviously seen his reaction - for she was not the thin, mousy, teachers pet type of girl from school any longer. Now she was simply the most stunning woman he had every laid eyes upon.

The smile on her face told him she got the reaction he wanted, as he sat there unable to speak. His first words were, "What happened to you!", as he sat there staring almost incredulously. Again that smile, this time with a hint of wickedness glinting in her eyes. "I grew up, I guess", she'd said.

Grew up wasn't the word for it. A minute later she'd stood up, showing off the new Lara. She did a few turns for the camera, ending in a nice pirouette which left him speechless.

Why speechless? Lara had transformed from the thin, mousy little girl into a statuesque model of a woman. On top of that, she wore long silken pants, a white silk blouse with a belted mini-corset of silken lace over the top of her incredibly narrow waist. Long dark hair framed her absolutely alluring face. Her emerald eyes sparkled, where before they had been obscured by a pair of heavy framed glasses. She also possessed that little something extra. She had a radiance that transcended even the camera. She seemed to be ten feet tall and mesmerizing in a way which meant he couldn't take his eyes off her.

He was still speechless when her voice came through in his ears. "Now you know why he don't have any updated images on my profile", she was saying. "I like to use email and such first, to see if people are genuinely interested in me and not just my pictures. Which would be the case if I put my pics up on my profile. I need to know this for certain before he give all of my attentions to someone - like you, for example", she said.

"Me?", he'd managed to finally stammer.

"Yes. Don't think I forgot how you used to help me with swimming, even when you could have ignored me, or teased me, as others did", she continued. He felt a twinge of guilt, for he had only done that to get her to swim better while behind her back, he had teased her to others, telling them tales of her gratitude by way of tutoring him through other classes and such. She then spoke again, saying - "In fact, I don't think you realised it, but for a long while, I had a huge crush on you, but was too shy to tell you about it".

By now his mind was about to snap. He still couldn't get over how much she had changed. The ugly duckling into the swan, the sleeping beauty now a true princess and many other things were racing through his head.

All he could think of in response to that was a lame, "So, ahhh, do you still swim?"

She burst out laughing at that, then said she did, nearly every day, seeing as she lived right on the beach in a secluded bay, so mostly she went naked, adding that it meant no tanlines and such.

Now, there was even more of a wicked little glint in her eyes and her smile as she challenged him, saying she also bet that he didn't do as much swimming now and so she was certain she could beat the pants off him in a race - if he wore pants while swimming, she had added to make things even worse for the already stunned man she was talking with. Flippantly, he'd replied, telling her that she was no match for him and that he could beat her with one hand tied behind his back. Lara simply laughed a little at that suggestion, then let it drop - for now.

It took another few minutes for him to get comfortable so to speak, for he was still in a state of shock over the way she had transformed, plus that little revelation about having a crush on him in the past. During those minutes he managed to regain some of his composure to the extent he was now a man on a mission - a mission to get to know Lara better, much better.

His attempts were clumsy, almost childish, he realised. To the extent she was giggling a little, which made her even more attractive. Two things happened over the next few minutes, the first was his offer to take her up on the challenge of the swimming race, to which she burst out laughing. The second came when she said that it was a deal, but that he'd need a lot of luck, as he didn't even know where she lived.

Suitably humiliated, she then tossed him a life line, so to speak. She said that she would race him, naked as she usually did, but with a few conditions. The first was that he arrive at her place no later than 10:00AM the following day. The second being that he didn't race off to have a wank before he came to see her. "Deal", he'd said. Far too quickly, as again she laughed, saying that he still didn't know where she lived.

"Okay, so tell me", he'd replied. Lara did tell him, on the condition that he kept everything to himself. Their conversations, the visit and more. It was to be a secret between only the two of them. He quickly agreed again. Then she told him where she lived... He knew the area, it was also almost 600 miles south!

Weighing up the options and the offer at hand, he still said it would be no problem. It was a long weekend coming up and he still had 12 hours to cover the distance, if he left in an hour or so.

Her address in hand, phone numbers exchanged and more, he promised her he'd be there, coming down on his bike, adding that he'd bring a spare helmet, should she wish to hop on the back and come for a ride, once she'd recovered from her loss in the race, of course, as well as him grabbing an hour or two of sleep, which would be needed by then.

His heart almost stopped as she blew him a kiss, stood up, backing away from the camera as she told him to remember the promise not to wank, as she began to undo the corset about her waist, before the rest of her clothes tumbled off and she stood there in bra and panties, pirouetting before blowing another kiss and telling him she hoped he had some idea of what was in store for him this weekend.

As the chat and video closed, he quickly gathered his thoughts and smiled at what the immediate future held, based upon the events thus far.

Chapter Two - A Few Conditions

Over 900 Kilometres, or 550 Miles later, after riding through the night, he arrived at Lara's place almost exactly on time. Of course, he'd stopped at a roadhouse not far up the road first to freshen up a little. He knew the area in which she lived and it wasn't until he arrived that he realised once again how much about her there was that he didn't know. For the last time he had been through this way, the area was full of little sort of fishing shacks and such. Now, with real money moving into the area to take advantage of the seclusion and such, it was totally transformed.

Nestled on the edge of a private access beach, the area was basically a long, winding road with houses on one side, the other rising up an almost sheer cliff face with the road in between. Stunned, he stopped the bike at the entrance to an enclosed garage which sat higher than the house below. Just as he stopped, the garage door opened, allowing him to park the bike inside, next to a Porsche 911 and a Mercedes Sports. He'd done okay for himself since leaving school and starting his own business, then he came up with a nice, handy invention and with a good partner, he had excelled beyond belief. Suddenly he felt better than he did about 14 hours earlier, as often he would find that women would come after him because of his money and his lifestyle. Discovering that Lara seemed to be wealthy in her own right only added to the possibilities he had first thought about after seeing her on the video.

As he approached the door, Lara opened it, greeting him wearing a pearl white long pair of pants, a camisole and long sleeved matching top. The sort of bed clothes you see in magazines or in the movies. She was breath taking. Her long hair hung down each side of her neck, over her breasts and almost to her waist. Hardly able to speak, he followed her as she seductively turned, walked inside, a single finger beckoning him to follow.

Some minutes later he had regained his composure over a coffee on the deck, when she again threw him off guard. "Time to get you showered and two things. No jerking off, just as you agreed and in case you attempt to sneak a quickie in, I'll be watching", she said, pointing to a monitor on the wall with a view of the bathroom on it. "Plus, take this, then put it on", she said as she handed him a package while steering him to the bath room.

He showered quickly, then while drying off, looked at the parcel she had given him. Opening it, inside was a small bag. When he opened this up, he stood there, unable to speak. It looked like a miniature penis, made of plastic, with some rings and other bits included. There was also a hand written note - telling him that she was watching and that it shouldn't be too hard for a smart man like him to figure out what it was for and where it went. It turns out he was looking at his first ever male chastity device. A CB-6000 or something.

Almost ten frustrating minutes later, he figured he had it on correctly. The note had also given a couple of hints, including to wear the smallest ring possible. It took a little more time as he decided to remove a special piece of jewellery - the barbell ended stud he had through a Prince Albert piercing in the knob of his cock. His next problem came when he went to get changed. His clothes were gone and in their place was only a single pair of Speedo styled swimwear (what Aussie Life Saver's wear and otherwise known as Dick togs, for the way they basically show everything).

He found her on the deck once more. She smiled a winning smile which took the wind out his his sails, as he was just about to have a real go at her for this damned Chastity thing upon his dick. Instead, that damned long finger curled up again and he found himself following until he stood right in front of her. As her eyes, then her hand reached out and felt him through the thin material of his swimwear, he felt himself stirring inside the confines of the tube.

"Okay, okay, now tell me why I am wearing this damned thing will you please Lara".

"Because I want you to and because you also wanted to, of course", she replied. "Besides", she continued. "If you weren't wearing that, you'd be thinking about having sex with me. Most likely you'd be playing with your little willie too, so, it is in both our interests that I hold the key and that you stay locked up until I let little willie out to play. Don't you think", she'd coyly asked him, that grin now looking cheekier and sexier by the second.

Sitting down, he looked into her eyes and mumbled something about not being sure, but that he'd play along - for now.

"Oh, I think you'll play along for a lot longer. In fact, I think that you'll not only play along, but that you'll be begging me to lock you up again even if I DID set you free. In fact, I'd bet on it", she added.

"Now that's a bet I wouldn't make, if I were you", he said, now with a bit more confidence in his voice.

"You're on", she said way too quickly. Instead of waiting and thinking, he stuck out his hand and said, "Deal".

With that out of the way, she asked him if there was anything he'd like, a drink maybe, some food, or something else, while she went and changed into her swim suit. A minute later she had poured him a long, stiff drink of Bourbon and water, while she went to get changed.

Silently she returned to the deck, catching him unaware as his hands were all over the Chastity Device. Smiling, she stood in the doorway, before she let out a cheeky, "Having fun are we?", causing him to quickly stop what he was doing. "Play with it all you like, it's not coming off until I say so, remember?"

But he didn't really remember, he couldn't, all he could do was stare. Before him stood almost 6 ft of wonderful female flesh, wearing the skimpiest of bikinis and although it was the truest of true, come fuck me red colours, it was tiny enough to prove what she said was correct about no tanlines... Instantly the Chastity Device made it's presence felt as his cock tried to expand inside the small cavity which held it trapped.

Chapter Three - Taking Complete Control

He was seated on a bench type of seat which ran along one part of the balcony. Behind him was a solid wall with the hand railing atop it. She came to him, told him to stand. In seconds, still whilst in a state of shock she took his wrists, and while leaning around him, guided them behind him where she snapped a pair of single cuff about each wrist, locking them behind him and also about the post which went from the wall behind him, right up to the balcony above. He tried to move his wrists but found he couldn't, which confused him even more, as the cuffs were actually locked there already in place behind the pole he was affixed to.

Before he truly could respond, her hands were on his shoulders, pushing him back down onto the seating. As this happened, his wrists were stopped where they were by the railing atop the wall. Soon he was seated, but with his arms behind him and up high, forcing him to lean forwards - right into her barely covered crotch.

"Like what you see, smell and, dare I say, would like to taste", she said almost huskily. Her hand was now in his hair, holding him there as she spread her legs a little wider, letting him get a whiff of her musky arousal. "Yes", he croaked in reply.

Her hand still in his hair, she pulled backwards, causing him to look all the way up her fit, lean body until their eyes met. Smiling, she leaned in and kissed him, before biting playfully at his lip, then standing back, watching him hang his head, wondering what was in store for him next.

Noticing his drink was finished, she smiled as she went and fetched him another, stronger and much larger one. "You can stand up if you want, it will make it easier on your shoulders", she said as she approached. He did so, finding himself now backed up against the pole as she moved in on him. With his legs still in front of the seat, he fell back against the pole. She held the drink to his lips, her body ever so close to his. After he had drunk much of what she offered, the drink went to the table and her hands began to explore his body.

He went to speak, but her mouth closed upon his once more. She devoured him more passionately this time, as her hand went down the front of his very brief swimmers, searching out his locked and swollen cock. Her long, slender and very skilful fingers caressed his balls. She could tell he was aroused as the heat down below was intense as was the slippery clear liquid which he had leaked in anticipation of penetration. Something which wouldn't be happening until she permitted it - if ever.

Removing her hand, she wiped his own pre-cum over his lips, before telling him that she knew he liked it, being bound and in Chastity and that his own body confirmed it. He was about to speak when she lifted the glass to his lips once more, before taking a seat a couple of feet out of range of even his feet, just in case he should he get angry and lash out at her.

He said nothing as she told him not to go anywhere and that she'd be right back. As if he could move anyway, cuffed to the upright pole as he was. Lara returned just as he had gathered his wits enough to look about the place to see if any neighbours could see his predicament. They couldn't, he sighed, with relief. Being set free was what he thought he wanted, but not if it meant being set free by a stranger whilst he was found like this.

He became aware of her presence again. He couldn't help but stare, as well as get even more aroused as he watched her tall, lithe form saunter back outside, some ropes in one hand, some flat plastic like things and a bag in the other.

The flat plastic turned out to be squares of that nasty, pointed type of hard carpet protection used under office chairs. These ended up with the pointed sides up, under his bare feet. The ropes lashed his knees to the slatted seating he was previously upon.

From the bag, she removed a stocking. Smiling now, she moved back from him, reaching up behind her neck to untie the straps of her bikini top. Soon, this was seductively removed, exposing her twin perfectly formed and very firm breasts. Each topped with a quite large and quite aroused nipple. Her briefs came off next. Naked before him, she took the bikini top and balled it up, placing it inside the tiny bikini briefs. Together these went into the stocking, about half way down.

"Open wide", she said as she moved closer to him. Without thinking, he did. Soon the bikini went into his mouth. Being inside the stocking simply meant he could taste her arousal on it, yet it couldn't unravel and choke him. Wrapping it about his cheeks and behind his head, she tied it tightly into his mouth.

From the bag, she took some very sturdy, yet almost clear packaging tape. Layer after layer went about his face and behind his head, gagging him extremely well. Next she reached around beside him. Her body against his. His cock straining whilst still trapped in the tiny tube. She wrapped his fingers together with the tape, effectively taking away the use of his hands.

Naked, she bent down and reached into the bag once more, bringing out what is commonly known as a studded parachute, which once she pulled his speedo styled briefs aside, soon went about his now aching balls. A small length of rope soon had the ringlet from this tied off between his legs to the rear of the seat. As she tied it off, she pulled this tighter, causing him to follow it down slightly, putting strain on his now slightly bent kneed position, his back closer to the pole and the wall behind him. The final rope went about his chest, under his arms and up behind the pole he was leaning against. There must have been an anchor point there, because he was soon unable to lower himself more than an inch. It was then, that she went back to the short rope from the studded parachute to the seating and began to tighten it. The final ropes went about his elbows and wrists, securing him to the pole more stringently still.

Taking hold of the roll of tape once more, she taped his head to the pole behind him. Doing the same about his already gagged mouth had the final effect of immobilising him very, very well. She stood back, put the tape down and admired her handiwork, beaming a smile at him which as mad and confused as he was, simply made him hotter for her than ever.

Reaching forwards, she placed her long finger under his trapped cock, which was now dripping pre-cum almost continually. She lifted this to his face, wiping it under his nose. Her finger then went to her own moist, wet pussy. Repeating what she had just done, wiping her own juiciness atop his, she spoke. "I don't know who is enjoying this more, you, or I?". He closed his eyes and let out a low moan from underneath the gag.

Again she left him there, telling him not to go anywhere. When she returned, two things were different. One was she was clothed, well, kind of clothed. She wore a very, very short skirt made of leather, plus a lace up bustier again of leather. She also had on a pair of beautiful, very high-heeled ankle boots. She must have stood well over 6 ft tall in these, taller than even he was. She looked absolutely stunning.

The other thing which had changed was that she now carried a mini video camera, on a tripod which went off to one side of them, ready to film whatever she had in mind next. Smiling, she told him it wouldn't be long now and then they'd have a chat, for the camera, of course, that way they would always have a record of their first date, as such. She pointed above her to the cameras which were for security and had already been recording everything since he had arrived, so this was only to record things in a little better quality, she told him.

His mind now reeling, his cock still throbbing inside the plastic cage and his balls feeling like they were in a vice every time he moved a muscle, he thought that questions would be good, because he could ask her to remove the damned thing about his balls and also to stop this crazy game she was playing. Alas, it wasn't going to happen that way.

Lara went to the wall beyond the camera and pressed a button. A panel slid up, revealing a large, flat screen monitor. Into this, she plugged a cable from the video camera. Coming back to the camera, on it went and he saw his own image on the screen. At least it wasn't a full view, as she zoomed the video in on his gagged mouth and his head, taped to the pole as it was. At least now he could see one thing, that being that until she let him loose, there was no way he was going to be able to do so, as well as seeing himself well and truly gagged - for the first time in his life.

"Okay loverboy, time for some questions and answers. Plus, you had better tell the truth, as this record of things will be there forever, so no lying, deal?", she asked.

He grunted something from behind the gag. "Blink ONCE for YES, TWICE for NO, got it?", she said. Suddenly it dawned on him that she wasn't going to untape his head and remove the gag. In the end, he Blinked once...

"When you came down here, it was with the intention of fucking me, correct?", she began.

He Blinked, twice, yet slowly. Lara walked away, leaving him there....

Chapter Four - Lesson One...

No matter how bad things are at the moment, they can always get worse...

Lara returned some minutes later with a pair of nasty, serrated tooth nipple clips. He could do nothing to stop her as she teased his nipple flesh, then skilfully attached one of the evil little clamps to each nipple. The only difference now was the small protestations and his breathing being more rapid, in and out his nostrils.

"Shall we start again?", she asked of him. He Blinked once.

"When you came down here, it was with the intention of fucking me, correct?". He Blinked once.

"Now that you are in the mood for honesty, is that any way to treat a beautiful woman?". Two Blinks this time.

"If I was your Sister and you found out that a man from my school days, came down, fucked me, then left, treating me like dirt, would you want to inflict pain and suffering on that man?", she asked, stepping closer. One Blink...

"Well, at least you seem to be telling the truth now", she said, stepping back, still facing him, her hands on her hips, striking a sort of Dominant pose, which dressed as she was, caused his cock to throb inside it's tiny prison.

"So now we both know that you turned out to be different than I had hoped. In that you are a typical man, following your little cock, which of course simply gets you into all sorts of trouble, doesn't it?", she asked. One Blink again.

"Which is why I had you put that tiny little Chastity Device on, which by the way, you seemed to enjoy a whole lot and I will now tell you why. Once you realise that I am in control of your penis, then you can stop thinking about fucking me and instead, you look for ways to please me. This in turn means we can have meaningful conversations and of course, the possibility of a real relationship. Would you like that?", she asked. Again, One Blink.

"The way I see it, I now have some choices to make. Such as, do I call my brother and have him come around now and beat the living daylights out of you. Do I set you free and send you back home, never to talk with you again. Or, do I give you a second chance, which is more than you deserve".

All the time she was talking, he was blinking his responses. No to the brother coming around. No to setting him free and sending him away, then Yes for the third option.

Steeping closer to him again, she raised her left hand to his face, palm up with something shiny on her palm. "Does this", she indicated by nodding at the thing in her palm. "Go in this", she asked, reaching down with her right hand and grasping the tube which held his cock prisoner.

The item in her hand was the barbell stud from the Prince Albert piercing which he had removed when putting on the Chastity Device earlier. One Blink from the shocked eyes of her prisoner.

Stepping back, she smiled. "Did I get it right when I watched you blinking No to being beaten up, No to being tossed out and Yes, for a second chance whilst in Chastity. Is that correct?". Again, One Blink.

"I will consider a Second Chance, on these conditions. Firstly, you need to be punished for treating me like a slut in your mind, wanting to come down here and simply fuck me. Next, you will always address me as Princess, Ma'am, or at times when you need to be punished, Mistress. Finally, should I decide to give you this last chance, you will wear a Chastity Device to which I will hold the key and which you have already stated that you enjoy and need. So, do you agree to those conditions?", she asked him. One Blink.

Lara turned and began to walk away. He heard her telling him that while he was waiting in his punishment, she would go and print out a copy of their agreement for him to read and agree to - on camera, otherwise it was out the door for him, never to see her again.

With Lara gone, he still couldn't rest and she was right, it was a punishment. For he was tied, taped and cuffed to the pole behind his back, his knees bent and tied to the seating, his feet being punished by the upturned carpet protector and then there was the rest of it. His head and face were encased in layer upon layer of tape, the juices from her moistened bikini with which he was gagged were driving him crazy and then there was his cock and balls.

The Chastity Device was frustrating, but it was his balls which truly pained him. Being roped under the arms and held up against the pole was bad enough, but the parachute thing, tied off below meant he couldn't shift his hips about at all. It had been some time since being placed here, knees bent and unable to sit down, due to his head, arms and body restraints. Neither could he stand up, or move back or forwards, for that would pull on the tied off parachute, crushing his balls even more. This was real torment. To make things even worse, after those quick drinks Lara had given him, he desperately needed to pee.

Chapter Five - Lesson Two - See Lesson One...

Lara returned after what seemed like an eternity. Pieces of paper in her hand. She held it up for him to read, telling him to blink once when he was done and in agreement with what was typed on the document. She added that once he was done, she would remove the Chastity Device and let him take a pee, as by now he must surely be bursting.

His eyes told the story, he was. The thought of being free from the damned Chastity belt and going for a pee clouded his mind. He read through it quickly, then blinked. She asked him to repeat the blink for the camera, as she was standing in the way and wanted the record to show that he did in fact agree.

He blinked once, again, for the camera but instead of letting him free, she walked with the pages still in hand to the camera, then faced the pages towards it. There she ensured the video recorded the words, just as they were. Meanwhile, he was almost ready to pee on the balcony.

He tried grunting and shouting but the gag, with all the many layers of tape was very, very effective. Although she did smile to herself, knowing he would be really troubled right about this time by the painfully embarrassing need to pee.

The papers went inside the house, Lara returned with the key to the lock on the plastic Chastity Device. It was only just off, when she got a bucket under him in time for him to finally take a pee. His legs trembled and the pain in his balls got worse, but right now, the only thing that mattered was being able to take that pee.

He sighed hugely as Lara began to undo the rest of the ring part of the Chastity Device, then as she loosened the rope tying the parachute tautly downwards. Removing that, then the rough handling of his balls he didn't really like. But instead of continuing to remove the rest of his restraints, she went and got a bucket of warm water and began rinsing his crotch area and cleaning him up.

With the rest of his restraints still in place, he could wriggle his hips about, but not much more than that. But in the end it wouldn't have mattered anyway, as he had already agreed to what happened next on the video. All solid evidence if she needed it. Plus, he recalled what she said about calling her brother...

So as she again went and retrieved a package, similar in size to the last one, he wondered what could be going on. Until he saw what she lifted out this time. It wasn't made of plastic either.

His protests and wriggling were soon stopped as she grasped his balls and gave them a decent squeeze, plus a tug or two for good measure. Suitably quietened, he watched as she began to fit a new device upon his cock and balls.

He would soon find out the true nature of his Chastity as she explained it all, once she was done. But for now, a locally made version - with extras, of the classic Lori's Tube Chastity Device, with extra punishment spikes for inflicting pain behind the crown of his cock. This would be the main part about this device that he would come to hate. Along with of course, the fact that this device took advantage of his Prince Albert piercing to further secure him into the confines of the tube.

Hearing Lara talk about how unexpected it was to discover the fact that he had the piercing and how it saved all the waiting time until a new piercing would be healed enough to place him into this super secure secure Chastity Device - made it sound as if he had just won the lottery and not that he'd just lost access to his own cock!

He soon noticed the difference himself though. Not just the security of it, which was explained to him in detail, but also the punishing spikes which now pained him right around the sensitive area just behind his circumcised knob. Not to mention the way the Prince Albert was used to ensure there would be no easy escape from this device.

Telling him that seeing as he'd been a good little boy during the fitting, she'd lessen his punishment. Which sounded great until she quickly reached up and removed the harsh nipple clamps which had been upon him for nearly an hour.

He didn't hear her calling out to him that she would be back soon, after she had posted the keys to his Chastity Belt off to a secure location. As by then he was busy screaming into the gag which did a great job of silencing his angry protests at the agony in his nipples.

Chapter Six - Lesson Three - Hung By The Tongue (be careful what you say)

Lara waltzed back onto the balcony overlooking the beach, where Tom was still restrained. Her demeanour had changed, she no longer seemed angry, in fact she was downright cheerful. He didn't understand why, but then again, he wasn't the one holding the key to another's Chastity and thus their devotion..

"Okay, time to get you free after your enjoyable little time in Bondage, wouldn't you say?", she casually asked him as she approached to begin removing his restraints.

As she went about the task of releasing him, she also outlined his current predicament in great detail. He was locked in a very, very secure Chastity Device. ALL of his confessions and such to date were filmed and instantly sent to a secure backup server, digitally encrypted and thus unable to be accessed by him, or anyone else for that matter. He had agreed to it all and was now part of a game with far greater things at stake than possible blackmail. If he thought he had true feelings beyond simply having sex with her, he would continue as before, with the ultimate prize being what he wanted, Sex, but lots more as well. Possibly even a life together. This should be his main concern. If he still wanted that, of course.


Strangely, he felt relaxed as they now talked, once again sitting on the balcony and talking about their lives since they had left school. She already knew much about him, so he focussed on what she had been up to in the years since schooling had finished.

She took him by surprise when she stopped their conversations midway, before telling him they had to settle business before pleasure. The business being their bet regarding the swimming race. Lara pointed out the course while they stood on her balcony. Adding that if he was game, he could possibly wager something of value to make the race more exciting. He'd replied that a race wasn't really a race without a wager being placed upon the outcome.

The next couple of minutes he would remember many times a day for a long time to come, as this was the moment when he made one of the largest bets of his life to that date. Not in monetary terms, but in terms of speaking his mind and being bold. He wagered that if he won the race, Lara would agree to spend a night making love with him. It was a very, very bold thing to ask, but he needed to get his manhood back, so to speak, seeing as she currently held it, via the keys to his Chastity Belt.

"What about me", she'd said. "What about when you lose, what then", she'd said.

"Good question", Tom had replied. "So tell me, what is it that you would want, in the unlikely event that I LET you win", he'd said, emphasising that he may let her win, if her option was more beneficial to him, than his.

Lara smiled, then faced him. "You will wear any Chastity Belt I say, for a period of not less than twelve months. I will of course let you out of it for special occasions, like when I want to play, etc. Twelve months is enough to begin with, due to two things. One, before then you'd be begging me to let you become my Chastity Slave for life and Two... Seeing as you're still bluffing, as you know I'm the better athlete, I need to let you save some face. So when I win, you can say that you let me win, just because you wanted to be my Chastity Slave and would do anything to be with me seeing as I'm so hot", she'd said.

This angered him greatly, yet confused him, as it was a very well thought out response and he read between the lines for the meaning. He also resented the implication that he'd be willing to spend some time as her slave just to get close to her, while keeping his options open after a certain period, being twelve months.

"Girl, there's no way in Hell that I'd be begging any damned woman for anything, let alone to lock up my cock. So let's clear the air of that right now. Secondly, I don't even have to worry about that as there's no way I am going to lose, is that clear?", he'd angrily replied.

Lara laughed, loudly and wildly. "If you're so sure, let's make the bet more interesting. So how about... For every second you finish behind me, you will wear the Chastity Belt for another day and owe me one session of oral sex, with an orgasm. If you ask to be set free, your days start all over again, as does the oral sex count. So if you lose by 30 seconds, that would mean one whole month be fore I would set you free from the belt, apart from health and hygiene reasons, or to alter your Chastity Belt, whilst servicing me orally to orgasm, 30 times". He was about to speak, but she continued on..

"Now, should you win, every second that I lose by, means one period freed from the belt and one time when I will give you head. So if you win by 30 seconds, you get another Thirty times out of the belt during which I will give you head. That way, we both stand to win the same amounts, fair?", she proposed.

As he was thinking, she spoke again telling him that once he lost the swimming race, she'd steal his heart and that within Six Months, he'd be begging her to keep him in some form of Chastity, for the rest of his life. She also told him that there'd be no way we they ever live together as a couple, unless he agreed to be her Chastity Slave.

His mind clouded by thoughts of her down there between his legs, working him over orally whilst he was free of the damned stupid Chastity Belt. "Deal you loser", he'd angrily replied, his hand out ready to shake on the deal. Which Lara surely did for the cameras which were recording every moment of their conversation.


Lara returned, naked but for a tiny, almost dental floss type of string bikini, and handed him a sheet of paper. It was a quickly typed agreement for Tom to sign once again. Her near nakedness distracted him from reading the papers properly. So he quickly signed of the agreement. It read much like their bet had been, as agreed to only minutes earlier on the digital recordings captured by the multitude of cameras about her place.

After he signed it she then dropped the bombshell.

Reaching down, she lifted a long coil of rope and asked him to turn around. He looked at her, perplexed at this request. Once again, that long, slender finger with the incredible nail atop it was raised, then bent, beckoning him to follow her to the laptop computer. There, Lara began the replay of a prior conversation they had been in, which she recorded..

The video began and he watched himself telling Lara that she was no match for him and that he could beat her with one hand tied behind his back. He watched as Lara simply laughed a little at that suggestion....

She held the coil of rope up once again, spinning him about as she began to loop the rope about his wrist, then she pulled him wrist way up behind his neck, the rope going about his throat many, many times, before again looping about his wrist, then the cinching of the entire tie, with the knots almost under his wrist, way up his back and almost impossible to get at, even with his free arm. The process of ensuring she would win the bet had begun as he stood there, finally realising how fully he had fallen for every trap which she had set for him.

Time Goes So Slow - When Each Second Becomes A Day

Lara was waiting for him as he struggled to his feet and out of the surf, one arm still tied securely up behind his back and tightly about his neck. This also meant every movement in the rolling surf made breathing harder, making him slow down and totally focus on the task at hand - survival and getting back to the beach. Thinking about how easily he had been fooled was one thing, admitting it was another. To protest that he was tricked would have shown that he wasn't very smart so he stoically soldiered on, finishing Six Minutes and Forty-Two seconds behind Lara.

6 minutes and 42 seconds - 402 days, in other words. Not forgetting the 402 Oral Sex sessions - to Orgasm.

He stood still as she went behind him and used another length of rope to secure his other wrist behind his back alongside and tied to the other. More ropes went about his waist, then about his chest, there to be cinched, pulling his arms close to his sides. His elbows too were tied, closer together and to the ropes about his waist. Still covered in the salt water, he went to his knees as she directed him that way, using gentle force upon his shoulders. Lara sat down on the bench styled, slatted seating and bent him forwards in her still salty tasting, slick and moist pussy.

The small gasps of pleasure from her were mixed with his groans of pain as his cock tried to become erect inside the confines of the tube, the spikes behind the crown of his cock punishing him for his arousal as he savoured something he would not often do, preferring to be on the receiving end of oral, rather than the giving.

When she was done, her legs went upon his back as a footrest as he knelt down lower, loving and hating what was going on in both his mind and his body. In one sense he was humiliated, in another he felt totally free. It was a heady mix and the only thing which kept him there was the gentle strokes of her fingers in his hair and her words telling him how great he had made her feel. He didn't know why, but his cock twitched inside it's tight prison when she spoke to him, telling him, "One down, only 401 orgasms to go - plus 767 days in Chastity, of course. And as per our bet, the first 402 without your little cock ever getting set free - should I choose".

The look she gave him caused him to remain silent, for fear that she really would do as she said, in relation to the bet.

Later that afternoon she had untied him, taken him to the large shower where they had washed away the salt water and the scent of love, before she took him to bed. It had been a fairly sleepless day and a half for him by that time, so it wasn't long before he way off into dreamland until he awoke, his hands at his crotch.

His moving around awoke the sleeping beauty beside him. Before he could say anything, her arms were about him and she quietly informed him that he awoke due to the inbuilt erection alarm in the Chastity Device.

"The spikes are alerting you that you have had an unauthorised erection. Don't worry, you will learn to control your arousal as the months and years go by", she casually informed him. "If you don't then I am afraid you won't be getting any sort of decent sleep, of that I can assure you", she added, as if getting erections was something he could control.


Less than an hour later, they were in her Mercedes, the top down, heading the hour or so into town. His questions about Chastity and why he had to wear the device had been partially answered, but she had silenced him by telling him it would all be made clear before the weekend was over and that tonight, they were going to meet up with some of her friends for a BBQ dinner, then maybe head out on the town for a while. First things first though, the clothes he had brought weren't suitable, so they were off to do a quick bit of shopping.

Anastasia and Darren were a couple of Lara's best friends and they had a place down near the harbour. This would be their first stop after the shops. Parking the car, Tom went around and did the gentlemanly thing, opening Lara's door and assisting her out. Introductions were made and once again Lara had managed to surprise him again.

The house was spectacular. Overlooking the Sydney Harbour, boat moored off the back of the house, the place was obviously worth millions and to top it off, he was made to feel totally at home, as if he had been part of their circle of friends for years.

Both Anastasia and Darren were older by almost a decade, yet both were in great shape. Anastasia was almost as tall as Lara, but with a much more womanly figure. Not overweight at all, just more about the hips and the bust. Her longish, wavy honey blonde hair and facial features which showed her European genes. Latvian by birth, she had done very well for herself and together with Darren they had made a very successful life together. They owned a number of shops specialising in high end apparel, one of which was where Tom's new clothes had just been purchased.

With drinks served and the cold foods being prepared, Darren was left to ready things for the grill, whilst Tom was beckoned over to join the ladies. The normal questions went on for the first few minutes, before the question was asked of Tom..

Would he please rub some tanning lotion onto both Anastasia and Lara, as they caught the last of the afternoon sun by the pool, while Darren continued to prepare dinner for them all.

What he didn't expect as he readied the lotion was for them both to stand, strip absolutely naked, then lay on their stomachs for him to apply the lotion, all over. His mouth went to say something, but before he could speak, Dean was instructed by Anastasia to grab Tom another drink, while he took care of their personal needs.

The drink arrived and gentle girl sounds were made as the lotion went on. Firstly Lara, then, almost hesitantly, he began to apply the lotion to the naked, stunning body of Anastasia.

Just as he was about to say that he was done, she rolled over onto her back, her legs slightly parted, her eyes closed as she told him he was only half done and that she wanted him to make certain he paid particular attention to her breasts and between her thighs, to ensure she wouldn't get sunburned there.

As he tried to avoid her full, gorgeous breasts as he worked, her hands took hold of his and pressed them forcefully upon her very large, chest covering mammoth tits. She opened her eyes, catching him staring before she spoke... "Tell me Tom, isn't it delicious to be feeling up my breasts whilst your cock is straining against the confines of your nice new Chastity Belt?".

He tried to pull his hands away, but she was incredibly strong, holding him by the wrists, her words continuing as his mind reeled.

"Darren darling, Tom just discovered today, that it isn't wise to bet when it comes to dealing with a superior woman. For example, in one simple bet, he added 402 days, plus 402 orgasms by oral sex to his first year in Chastity. The first 402 days being without release, unless Lara chooses to be kind to him. Not even you managed such an incredible loss like that, did you?", she asked.

"No Princess", he replied. Suddenly things became clearer for Tom. Everything here was a set-up and he was the sucker at the centre of it all.

Over time, Tom would get to know these new friends very, very well. But at that moment, everything was at the point of overload for him.

That night, he discovered that his situation was by now means unique, as the place they went to, was a Private Club, where most of the people that night were either married, or close to it, with a rare few who were new to the scene, as such. The one main thing they shared was their interest in Chastity and how it played a role in either improving their love lives and marriages, or in a rare few cases, how it was used to modify the behaviour of one person in the relationship. The other thing which stood out, was how the majority of Belt wearers were men.

By the time the night ended and they all went back to Anastasia's and Darren's place - Tom was already much wiser than when he first discovered his new Chastity Belt was not something which he could escape from.

Over protests from their friends, Lara and Tom headed back home, as she really did want to experience something of his life this Sunday. That being heading off for a ride on the back of his bike. Needless to say, he took things easy to begin with, working her up to a level of skill as a pillion where she was comfortable. Although, every time she hugged him tight, her body close to his, that damned Chastity Device made it's presence known.

As they lay in bed together that night, he had told her that he would have to leave in the morning, as there were a couple of very important meetings he simply could not avoid on the Tuesday, so the long weekend was great, but he needed the Monday to ride back home. When she looked at him, her fingers tracing gentle, loving circles upon his naked chest, he thought again and told her that he could possibly stay the day, then fly home for the meeting, then fly back down, if that was what she wanted.

The gentle circles stopped, as she whispered to him that maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea. "Why?", he asked.. "Don't you want to see me again soon?".

"It's not that, silly. It's just that with all that metal about your crotch, it may get kind of embarrassing as you go through the metal detectors at the airport. So I don't think you'll be flying anywhere for another 2 and a bit years, you see".

With everything that had happened, he hadn't even thought about that, thinking that any time he needed to, the Chastity Belt would come off, for practical reasons.

"Besides, while you are doing that, I have to go overseas for three weeks, so we won't be able to catch up again until almost Christmas My darling", she'd casually said.

His body tensed, the words came out, almost violently. "What do you mean, three weeks! What am I supposed to do in the meantime? I mean, I can't be wearing this damned thing for three whole weeks. I'll go insane", he cried out.

"You'll get used to it and besides, you shouldn't have bet as quickly or as foolishly as you did, so now you'll have to simply deal with it. Besides, it is only for another 766 days, with 401 days before your first release, plus all those Orgasms you owe me, before you finally get to be set free - unless you ask to get out, at which point everything starts all over again... Read your contract my dear little Chastity Slave".

"Anyway", she continued. "You are free to go out and pick up as many women as you want, as I have not yet decided if I want to make a life with you yet".

Again, he spent an incredibly restless night as he lay in bed with the increasingly erotic Lara, their bodies often entwined whilst he got to explore the entirety of her being as his cock swelled, only to be pained by the punishment spikes which never let up their torments whenever he became aroused.

Three Long Weeks

It was mid-morning when he left for the long ride home. Their discussions that morning had left him even more confused than ever. He had asked about emergencies and what would happen if he absolutely needed to be set free from the Chastity belt whilst she was away. Lara gave him a name and a number to call if that was the case. The thing which struck him about this was the name, Emily Watson. Emily was the quintessential Blonde Bombshell from school days. The girl that everyone wanted to score with, the beautiful, shapely, short skirted big breasted tease that every guy lusted after and had masturbatory dreams about. She was also the one woman who really had it in for Tom, seeing as he had made School Captain whilst they had dated, then made out, often, but she kept stopping just short of going all the way. Rumours abounded and Tom did noting to stop them, in fact, he kind of hinted that things had gone on, going all the way, when in fact they hadn't. If she was going to be the one he would have to talk with regarding his Chastity situation, he knew she would most likely make things very, very tough for him.

The ride home, trying to get comfortable with a sturdy, stainless steel device about his privates was frustrating enough. Getting home, stripping off, the memories of the weekend fresh in his mind caused another unwanted erection, which caused him to suffer due to the spikes and such which pained him right behind the head of his circumcised knob.

More than any time in living memory, he wanted to masturbate. The desire was incredibly powerful, yet there was nothing he could do to satisfy this desire. His first night alone he managed a little over three hours of broken sleep.

Tuesday morning, his part time secretary wore clothes similar to what she usually did, but this time it was as if her outfit seemed to cling to her in places it never usually did. It also seemed to enhance her average figure, making her all the more attractive. Something he had never before really noticed. Now however, with his cock being unable to become erect, it made every encounter with her both painful and distracting. By early afternoon, his mind was on one thing and one thing alone, full arousal with a stiff cock with either his hand, or in the pussy, or mouth of either his secretary, or any female who was available to perform this service.

An afternoon meeting with new clients ended up unresolved as far as an outcome was concerned. His prospective customer suggested the meeting continue later, with just his female attorney present, as time was of the essence. Thinking about dinner, the myriad possibilities for not only business, but sexual opportunities drenched his mind. He made it to the restaurant, discovering the corporate attorney wasn't just female, but an incredibly stunning one at that.

Her name was Jumana and she seemed to have the best genes of a number of cultures and races. Tall, lithe and dark skinned, her hair was incredibly short and super curly, as can be the case with some people of distinctly African descent. She would not have been out of place on any catwalk in the world and wore a deep emerald coloured dress. The soft, silken fabric caressing her body like mist on a pond. Her outfit had nothing in common with an attorney's business attire. The look in her eyes told the rest of the story. Her irresistible beauty would be the focal and pivotal point for these negotiations. Winning the client over due to her combination of incredible beauty with the obvious traces of African, Asian and European ancestry which put her into a class of woman rarely seen by most mortal men.

It was also obvious, before long, that she wasn't a corporate attorney, as she kept steering any conversations away from legal and contractual details, turning them only towards personal matters and such. Her duty that night was to seduce him, bed him and have him succumb to the contractual conditions the prospective purchasers of the latest Patented Products wanted. The only problem was this. As much as he would have loved to have bedded her and taken advantage of what was on offer, being locked up as he was, this was simply not an option.

A number of times, her hands, or even her feet began to wander, heading towards something not human, but made of steel. This would have been too damned embarrassing to explain, so instead of the businessman getting lucky and the seductress fulfilling her duties, in the end she went home without having to perform sexual favours.

The next day, the deal was done, with Jumana having gone home unmolested and not really smiling, whilst he went home knowing he cut a deal which luckily hadn't cost him dearly. Things got worse the next day. For Jumana had been told about his reputation for being a hard nosed businessman and although she wanted to climb the corporate ladder and reach better and better clientele, she couldn't figure out why he didn't avail himself of her charms. She was prepared not only to show a bit of flesh, but to do even more to get the things she wanted. He however, had been strictly business the whole evening, making things much more difficult for her to use her feminine charms upon him, as he strangely resisted every temptation she put out there for him to take advantage of.

For the poor locked cock Tom, who spent the evening wondering about what he could do to her should he have been free from his Chastity, it wasn't an entire disaster. He'd agreed to basic terms which worked out well, but there was no way he was going try to bed the bait dangled in front of him which would have cost him dearly in more ways than one. Firstly he couldn't, as to attempt to would let it be known that he was now, basically, impotent due to the Chastity Device. Secondly, if he wasn't locked up, he would have and then, he may have succumbed to her charms and agreed to terms which would have then cost him financially. So maybe there was one single upside to this damned Chastity Device after all.

Jumana's telephone call concerning a few minor details which needed sorting out came as a bit of a surprise to him and her request to come by her place that evening to sort things out did seem out of the ordinary. However, dutifully, he arrived at the exact time, to be greeted by the most stunning woman from the previous night, except for one thing... This time, she was dressed in an outlandishly kinky outfit.

It consisted of exactly three items. Ankle height 4 inch stiletto heeled boots, the briefest of brief Hot-Pants, plus a lace up, short Bustier which together exposed a lot more than they covered. To top it off, they were all in the most dazzling and decadent come fuck me red colour!

She didn't even take a minute before she went right into action. As he stood there at her door, bottle of wine in his hand, she leaned into him, kissed him and reached down between his legs, grabbing a handful of - steel..

The kiss broke off immediately and she almost screeched as she jumped back, the words escaping her lips being, "What the fuck is that!"

His secret was out. "Relax Jumana, relax, there's nothing to be worried about", he began.

"Nothing to worry about my ass", she countered. "What's wrong with you, you fucking pervert", she continued.

Thinking fast had always been one of his strong suits and it was right now, that he needed this skill more than any other time in his life. "Call it security", he'd replied.

"What do you mean security?".

"Well, what man could resist your incredible beauty and charms, without some form of guarantee that he won't be driven to cave in and follow where his, little head wants him to go", he'd said with logic and reason. "And if that happened, surely I'd have agreed to a deal which wasn't particularly good for me, right?".

At least by this time she'd settled down, now standing there, provocatively posed, weight on one leg, the other slightly bent, hands on her hips and looking incredibly fucking sexy.

"Look, even now, the outfit you are ALMOST wearing, your pose, everything about your makes a man go weak in the knees - and the head. Thus, this security and guarantee, being a special male Chastity Device, is my protection against falling for your incredible beauty, not to mention your feminine charms", he'd said.

"Fuck", was all she'd said, followed by her turning on her heels and walking towards her kitchen, telling him to close the door and follow, which he did.

She already had a glass of wine on the counter, so she went straight to her mini-bar and poured him the same as he had been drinking the night before, whilst talking at the same time. "That explains last night", she began. "You know you cost me dearly. I SHOULD have been able to get you to agree to better terms and in the end, I thought you were either not into women, or were the most hard ass businessman I've every had to deal with!", she'd said whilst handing him his drink.

"Well, truth be told, there aren't really any more details to go over, but I thought I'd give it one more shot, for free, because the bonuses would have been worth it, but I see that you're one step ahead of me already, anticipating my moves before I make then. Damn, I feel like a fool", she'd said, downing her glass of wine before topping it off again in a hurry.

He didn't say a word, instead, he sipped his drink and smiled.

"Okay, so how about we call it even and over, and just go out tonight and have fun. Just you and I, no business, just pleasure. After all, I am dressed to get wild and party and I give you my word, no business, so you can safely remove that lump of steel which stops me from maybe having a real bit of fun later on", she added.

"Sorry, no can do", he said, too quickly. "I can go out and have fun and trust me, I'd not be able to help myself, because you're just too damned gorgeous, alluring and sexy but, this, well, lump of steel stays on for now", he said, realising immediately that he'd said too much.

"What do you mean, it stays on? You've nothing to fear now, the business deal really is done.

"Yes, but for security, the key is with a very dear friend, just to ensure I didn't, well, get lured and enticed into, well, something which I may have regretted, financially", he added, as she poured him another drink, the look on her face now one of intrigue and almost puzzlement.

"So where's the key now?".

"Ahhhh, probably about to board a flight to London", he said with a laugh. "What!!", how come? Jumana asked incredulously.

"Well, there IS a back-up safety key, here in town with a friend, who doesn't know what it is for, just that if I DID ever need it, I could call her and get it.

"Well, call her! Get it", was the reply, almost accompanied by a stomping of a heeled boot, Jumana beginning to show some frustration.

"Jumana, listen, it's not that simple", he said, realising that he was about to share his secret with a near total stranger, albeit a most charming, gorgeous and delicious one. "Well, you'd better start talking, as even though we do have all night, I don't want to spend it dressed up with no place to go and no orgasm, I mean end in sight".

And so he began to tell the tale of the belt, leaving out a number of the most embarrassing details. Ten minutes later, Jumana wanted to talk with this Lara woman and talk with her - Urgently!

It wasn't until Jumana almost threatened Tom with exposure that he caved in. Soon, they were on the phone to Lara, who was readying herself for the 3 week trip overseas when the call came in. Minutes later, they were in front of computers, 600 miles apart from each other, which may as well have been in the same room, in this world of modern communications.

By the time Lara really had to close off the conversation, another couple of deals had been struck. The first being that Jumana was free to date Tom, to tease him, tie him, torment him and make his life basically impossibly erotic, without any chance for release. This was one condition, since Lara discovered that Tom had called Jumana Gorgeous, Alluring and Sexy and impossible to deny. The second being that Lara had told Jumana of ways to use Male Chastity to control men, to have them do, well, damn near anything and that she would look forward her when she finally returned from her overseas trip.

It was the last piece of information which Lara shared, which had Tom shivering in his boots. The trip overseas was being paid for by one of the men who was in the same class as Lara and Tom at school. He had been particularly cruel to her back in those days and as she grew into the beautiful woman she is today, Lara had managed to extract her revenge.

For today, Bill Shields, the smart, handsome, successful software engineer and company owner, was locked up in a belt which was much more extreme than the one Tom was wearing and was paying for Lara's trip over to Europe, where she would holiday at his expense. The reason being, if he took good enough care of her, she would chain him to a special bed in the dungeon of torments he had created at her direction, there to be teased and tormented and IF he was lucky, on this half yearly visit, he would get an orgasm. Then, back into his Chastity Belt he would go, after which he would continue to pay her every month, unless he wanted the world to know about his real situation as a Chastity Slave.

Lara had promised to meet with Jumana and IF things worked out, she would be invited into their secretive, yet very lucrative and exclusive club of women, who made men their play things and earned decent livings whilst punishing and gaining revenge on the men who tormented them when they were young.

There was a huge sigh of relief from one of the three, when Jumana simply asked if Tom was locked up for this same reason and Lara had told her that he wasn't. That he was locked up because she hoped they could have a life together, as he had been the only male to be kind to her in their school days. She added that keeping him locked up, simply focussed his attentions and love upon the only woman who could give him an orgasm. She added that having Jumana teasing him after he had admitted he would have slept with her, if not for the Chastity Device, only made it all a more fitting lesson for the man she may one day truly love.

Jumana then piped up, letting Lara know that she was more than just a pretty face, well, pretty everything as well. She told Lara that she was quite experienced in the art of bondage and tease and denial. She said that she had to be, seeing as it was part of that which earned her the decent living she had managed to make for herself, after also being teased mercilessly at school.

Jumana then told Lara that she could appreciate her decision to keep Tom locked and that having him be her kind of sex slave, simply demonstrated her hold over him, as well as having her male serving and servicing other beautiful women as well, with his tongue, at least. This earned a chuckle from Lara, who said she hoped Jumana would do her best to ensure that he was extremely horny, adding that she hoped Jumana would make him earn the reward to go down there between her thighs. Lara simply smiled as Jumana told her that she already had a grasp of how things worked and she hoped she would meet a whole new group of friends before long.

Lara then addressed Tom, telling him that he should now also consider Jumana as his kind of controller. That he should do all he could to please her, for if he failed in that, he would have to answer for his crimes upon her return from the trip overseas - added to the punishments in store for already admitting that without the Chastity Device, he would have slept with Jumana.

Tom was then told to go outside, so the two ladies could talk privately for a few minutes. This he did. Whilst he was out of earshot, Lara told Jumana about Emily, as well as the history they all shared. This may come in handy later, she had told the newly dominant Jumana.

Lara then e-mailed a document for Jumana to print, sign and return, being a simple contract with the conditions being that should she manage to keep her man Tom tied, teased and tormented whilst she was away, Lara would then promise to do all she could to bring her into the fold of the secretive women's group.

The deal was done and Lara then signed off, ready to go overseas for her all expenses paid trip to torment ONE of the men she had locked up in Chastity - whilst her newly locked one was now instructed to obey everything the most gorgeous Jumana instructed him to.

Jumana then smiled and her attitude and demeanour changed, as she easily slid into the role of the Dominant Female, with a Chaste, newly subservient male with upon whom she would practice and hone her skills over the coming weeks.

New Agendas

No sooner had the chat been closed down, Jumana then took over in her new role, calling Tom back inside. "Strip, show me this cock lock now", she demanded. As Tom began to strip, she left him and went to fetch something. When she returned, he was naked and soon, he wore a hinged collar and a sturdy pair of cuffs, locking his wrists behind him, palms facing outwards. He instantly realised she was not inexperienced in these matters.

Her ability was real, not just acting, for seconds later, her hot pants were off and he was kneeling between her thighs, ordered to lick her well, lest she become displeased with him. Meanwhile, she spoke on the phone as if his dedicated attentions were of no consequence.

Their plans for the evening rapidly changed. The one concession, which both pleased and peeved him, was his anonymity. Before they departed, he once again dressed, but he also sported an almost full hood of leather. The ONLY part of his face visible was his mouth. Over the tightly laced hood was a wide collar, locked in place. She drove his car, as they headed off to destinations unknown.

That night, he ended up naked and her slave. He was made to worship her booted feet, her legs, her ass, her entire body throughout the night. He was even loaned to their female hostess, who was permitted to tie him into the most stringent tie she could, which would still leave his mouth free to suck, lick and worship Jumana's pussy.

All this was captured on film and Tom could do nothing but comply, especially without his vision, nor most times, the use of his hands and feet.

When they finally arrived back at Jumana's place he was finally set free of the hood whilst his wrists remained cuffed. His cock was being painfully spiked and he truly was in quite a deal of not just frustration, but pain. He managed not to beg throughout a shower together and even when he was chained to Jumana's bed. Her naked body soon snuggled up against him and the lights went out. Then the torments continued, both verbally as she spoke to him about all the wonderful things she would do to his cock if it were free, and even worse things happened as she used all her physical skills to tease and please those parts of his body not locked in steel.

In the morning, once set free from the bonds which held him to the bed and caused him to have a night of restless sleep, his arousal remained high as Jumana walked about her house in only a bikini bottom. "Please, please Miss Jumana", he begged. "I really, really need to have this thing off my cock. It feels like nails are being driven into it. Plus, I can't even think straight. There's simply no way I can make it through today, especially if I'm going to get any work done whilst this thing is causing me such grief. You've got to let me call my Emergency contact so I can get out of this thing", he'd pleaded.

Tom thought all his Christmases had come at once when she agreed, but said it would be she who would be calling Emily, who after a brief chat agreed to come over and help out, tomorrow night.

Tom nearly screamed upon being told this. He was now not only in pain, but also becoming enraged. He really begged this time, finally, Emily consented, with certain conditions. Tom was to be ring gagged, be wearing the open mouthed hood, be collared and transported in the boot of a car, hogtied in steel chains and cuffs, over to her address, to spend the day in whatever way they wanted. Only if he agreed to this, would she put off her other commitments, to free him from the torments of the Chastity Device. It would ALSO cost him $500. He quickly agreed without hesitation...

Re-united Once More

The drive was a lengthy one and when they finally arrived, he was helped out of the locked back of the car, only to have a huge penis gag locked about his head, filling his mouth and shutting him up. Taken away, one lady on each arm, he felt totally exposed and embarrassed. He needn't have worried as there was no-one much around to witness this, as he was out of the city on a farm.

Minutes later, Emily and her new friend Jumana had him tied to a stout upright pole. He was bound almost continually from the ankles to his neck, which was strapped about the pole as well. His right arm was behind his back, stretched up between his shoulders and tied there very securely. Only his left arm was free. This soon lost all freedom as the cuff came off, a special mitten went over his right hand, the wristband of it tightened and lock in place. A heavier leather cuff then locked over the top of this and a steel cable was then locked to this. An electrically powered winch soon had his left arm up high between his shoulder, then tied to his right and unable to move more than an inch. Things were JUST about ready.

The gag, collar and hood were soon removed. This was done from behind him before a new type of gag soon went into his mouth. This was a truly nasty butterfly gag. Three inflatable bulbs which would fill his mouth and outwards expanding his cheeks - against the numerous straps and buckles which were soon being tightened ferociously about his head. Another leather strap then went about his forehead, securing his head to the pole as well. Only then did the girls walk back into his field of vision letting him see not just his surroundings, but also the even more stunning than in school days, Emily, with Jumana standing beside her, now smiling broadly as well.

Without saying a word, Emily then came forward and using her emergency key, began the process of removing the PA fixing, then the Chastity Device itself. Tom's cock was already throbbing after being in the curved, spike lined steel tube so as soon as it was free, it sprang out, standing above the horizontal, bobbing about in urgent need. This caused the women to laugh, humiliating him, but it didn't really matter, for at the moment his cock was free!

"I see nothing has changed since school days, has it", Emily began. "Still so easy to get erect, but no staying power, was all I remember", she said, mocking him. Turning to Jumana, she continued her tale. "I mean, in school, he hinted that we had gone all the way, often, I might add, but you see, that wasn't at all possible, for you only needed to reach down and touch him there and two or three pumps later, he'd spurt inside his pants, even before they were off. No wonder Lara wants to keep it locked up, as it really isn't good for anything else, other than creating more laundry", she said, laughing all the time.

This wasn't at all true, but gagged as he was, his protests simply made him sound foolish, not to mention causing him to drool about the inflatable gag filling his mouth. This was soon remedied as Emily stepped forwards and began to inflate the gag, causing his eyes to bulge in shock as the gag began to fill his mouth in ways he couldn't even describe.

"I bet he'd immediately begin to play with his erect little penis if we let him", Emily continued. "I mean, he IS allowed to play with it, so are we, just as long as he doesn't orgasm, if memory serves me correctly", she added, addressing Jumana directly.

Jumana smiled, before replying. "Well, why waste a great opportunity. I mean, we really should test him out and see, don't you agree? Besides, I could do with a change of clothes, plus some time alone with you, to, well, let's say, explore our possibilities further", she said with more than a hint of something sexual being the getting to know Emily better part of the deal.

"Let's", was the reply. Tom could feel his cock, throbbing and eager for attention, especially now with the thought of those two beautiful women getting something on together, yet tied impossibly secure as he was, nothing could be done except imagine how hard his cock was and how it must look, bouncing and bobbing away, in desperate need of even the slightest bit of attention.

When they returned a few minutes later, both were down to their lingerie and both looked absolutely stunning. The tall, lithe Jumana with her dark skin and catwalk model figure standing beside the Pamela Anderson like vision called Emily.

Emily approached and asked him if he still liked what he saw, caressing her body as she did so. Tom couldn't do more than make the barest of grunts in reply, but it was obvious by the renewed throbbing and bobbing of his cock that he did. Emily turned to Jumana, "I don't think it is fair that only we get to have all the fun. Would you like to see how easy it is to include little dickie here in our games too?", she said while reaching down and taking hold of Tom's throbbing cock. Jumana nodded and Emily turned and went to get something from a cabinet behind the pole where Tom stood immobile.

She returned with two items. With his head bound to the pole the way it was, Tom could only feel what was happening, not see it. What happened was Emily putting a padlock into the PA Piercing in Tom's cock. Before she snapped the lock closed, a wire lead was looped about the lock and tied off, before the lock snapped shut. The wire, now tied off quite well, seeing as she had done this many times before, had an item attached to each end of it. One end had the on-off switch, the other held a powerful little egg-shaped vibrator.

Emily had another of these wonderfully powerful little vibrators and soon had the other, slid up inside Jumana's panties, the control switch slid up and dangling from the front of her bra, in between her perfect, yet small breasts.

Jumana almost went weak at the knees as the vibrator was switched on, instantly making very happy girl noises as Emily smiled at Tom, blowing him a kiss before reaching over and doing the same with the other vibrating egg, hanging, tied to the lock through the end of his cock.

Instantly he felt it, the strong vibrations travelling up the wire and into the lock. He grunted and stiffened in his bonds as the girls then went to the huge bed which sat directly in Tom's field of view. As Emily began to caress, kiss, nibble and tease Jumana's long, lithe form, the vibrations going into Tom's cock were already beginning to drive him crazy.

There would only be one problem though and already he began to realise it. The vibrations, although intensified by the localised area he was receiving them, would never be enough to get him off, just stimulate one tiny part of his cock.

For a full hour or more, he stood there, immobile, watching two beautiful women taking full pleasure in each other's company while he remained incredibly aroused yet unable to get over that last part needed to orgasm.

Tears could be seen down his cheeks and about the leather harness which held the butterfly gag in his mouth. Being careful not to touch him, Emily turned the vibrator off and asked him if it was as good for him as it had been for them. The sounds which the gag stopped could only have been abuse and for that, he soon wore a pair of weighted, vibrating, serrated toothed nipple clamps while both women prepared to go off for a shower, one at a time.

Emily went first, leaving Jumana alone with Tom. Well, almost alone, as for just like all the other occasions, this too was being caught on full High Definition video. Naked, she approached, her long nails slowly raking parts of his body, until they lingered on his cock. Stroking it, then stopping, driving him wild with an urgent need.

"I bet you'd like to feel my well practiced pussy gripping this nice little dick, or maybe somewhere tighter, due to it's tiny size", she added with a laugh, turning about, her gorgeous rear inly inches from his cock as he strained hopelessly against the bindings holding him absolutely still against the sturdy pole. She inched back, reaching between her legs, taking his cock in hand and rubbing it along her moist slit, hearing him crying out in frustration as she stood and turned to face him, leaving him in desperate need.

By the time Emily returned Tom was in tears for real. The frustration and desire evident throughout his entire being. As Jumana went to shower, Emily was also fully naked and smelled of desire. She caressed her own body, before telling Tom she was going to give him what he had wanted since High School days, with one difference. She would include Jumana in their Sexcapade as well. Emily told him that she had spoken with Lara, who was soon to leave from her overnight stay in Singapore, en route to the UK. The video of their threesome would be seen live by her over the Internet. His eye's went wide at the prospect of this as Emily once more fiddled about with the padlock through his PA piercing.

When Jumana returned, Emily took Jumana aside and whispered something in her ear. Jumana smiled and soon, both of them stood in front of him. They were both naked - and spectacular.

A minute later, a large screen over the bed showed the image of Tom and the two women whilst a laptop had been placed upon a table nearby. Soon it changed to a chat window and Lara too appeared on screen. She too was naked, laying back on her hotel room bed.

"Ready when you are", she said.

Momentarily, Tom moaned in delight as he felt two pairs of hands about his genitals. It was impossibly good. He knew he wouldn't last long at this rate. Then the hands left him alone, instead, lifting the pair of vibrating eggs, one going into the moist, slippery and ready pussies of both Jumana and Emily. Then they switched them on and turned to face each other. The passionate embrace began with a kiss, before their hands explored other parts of their bodies, the vibrating eggs in each pussy already doing what they were designed to do.

As they moved, the occasional tugging would send the vibrations to his cock, while he watched both live and on-screen the action unfolding as all three women worked themselves towards their orgasms. Two right in front of him, the third, thousands of miles away in a Singapore hotel suite.

When it was over, then let the vibrating eggs free from their pussies, before leaving them to dangle once more, sending incredibly frustrating vibrations which still weren't enough to get him off.

Emily Gives Tom His Chance

While the three women regained their composure, Emily talked quietly with Lara. She soon returned, informing him that seeing as he had been such a great partner in their threesome, he would be rewarded. It was a special treat she had worked out with Lara, who once again on screen, confirmed this. The only condition was, that he think back over the times Emily and himself had made out in school, whilst he was permitted to masturbate. Would he accept the opportunity, or prefer to either be left tied and have the vibrating eggs switched back on? The choice was easy as he desperately wanted to get off. The only disturbing thing being told to do so, whilst thinking about Emily. But with that thought soon went from his mind as her fingers and hands fondled his cock whilst removing the padlock and the dangling vibrating eggs. YES - was his obvious reply, once again, by way of blinking.

His restrained left wrist (he was right handed, so this would only make it more fun for the women to watch), was soon untied and the steel cable restraining it high up behind his back was given some slack.

What he didn't realise was that as Jumana was undoing his wrist, the coarse styled mitten he had over his hand, the same type some people use for dish washing and such, had been squirted with a mix of chilli and other nice, odourless hot liquids.

Emily and Jumana both now stood in front of him, with Jumana behind, her dark, long fingered hands wrapped around Emily's chest, holding her breasts up for better display. Emily meanwhile, slid her hands down between her thighs, toying with her moist slick, hairless mound.

Jumana then went to the remote control, while Emily began to talk hotly to Tom, reminding him of their times together, how they would make out in the back seat of the car, going almost all the way, but not quite. Her now slick fingers reached out and touched his cock, her hand sliding up and down it's length, once, twice, a third time before she stepped back.

His mind racing, his cock bobbing about, he felt the tension in the electrical winch letting go, his hand now gaining more movement. He hardly gave any thought at all to the roughness of the mitten as it neared his cock. The only thing that mattered now was to stroke himself to orgasm.

It was only about four or five strokes into it, that his cock, already now abraded by his hurried, harsh grip on it felt the full irritation and burning effect of the chilli and other hot juices which coated the rough, course glove type of mitten.

His hand quickly let go of his cock and his eyes went wide. A stifled scream emerged from his gagged lips as Emily now stood there, her pussy opening like a blossom as she stroked her clit whilst smiling at his extreme agonies.

"What's the matter baby", she cooed at him. "Don't want me bad enough? Remember, this is your one chance to tug your tiny cock, because after this, it goes away, locked up again, for just about a full 400 more days, before it gets out again. So, are you going to waste this opportunity, or what?", she asked, the implications painfully obvious. Wank now and suffer, or leave his pained cock alone.. As he would not get this chance for another 13 months.

His hand went back to his cock, his eyes streaming with tears as he tried to stroke his cock with the coarse mitten, still soaked with the burning liquids. He lasted about another dozen, tentative strokes before he gave up, taking his hand away, leaving a scratched up, reddened and burning hot cock which gave nothing but torture, not the orgasmic bliss he had thought he would get.

Victory and Defeat

The electrical winch again went into action as his hand was again drawn up behind his back. Jumana snapped a cuff on it, securing it to the ropes already holding him immobile. Not only had Emily gotten off on the torture of Tom, so to had Jumana and Lara, who congratulated them both and told them she would soon be in touch, from the UK.

After it was all over, the strap came off from about his forehead and a heavy canvas hood was pulled over his head, the chain about the neck tightened and locked, making breathing difficult and escape impossible. Once freed from the pole and again cuffed, he was taken over to another part of the farm, this time a decent workshop in a shed.

He was simply strung up spread-eagle style and chained in place. There were measurements and a basic fitting to take place. Jumana watched on in lustful amazement as Emily began the fitting, marking and note taking for what would be Tom's next Chastity Belt. This time, a full styled one, inescapable and with more punishment spikes and devices, as well as the Prince Albert locking feature built in. It would take some time for Emily's part time slave to finish it, after which it would be placed onto Tom, further ensuring his complete Chastity and total enslavement to the beautiful Lara.

Meanwhile, he would go back into the hands over the rapidly learning and very beautiful Jumana, who would ensure he was teased and kept horny every chance she got.

Lara was not due back for three weeks and Jumana couldn't wait to demonstrate how totally she had managed to break down Tom's resistance in that time. Turning him into a Chastity Slave wishing to anything his female betters instructed him to was the beginning. But most of all, to ensure he was to be 100 percent aware that he was to love, cherish, obey and worship his Princess Lara.

When they left the farm that evening, Tom was again hooded and gagged, as well as wearing an even more punishing Chastity Tube than when he arrived. He would definitely think twice before calling for emergency help next time - but of course, with the level of punishment inflicted by the new device, there would always be a next time, thought Emily as she embraced her new friend Jumana before she drove off with Tom hogtied and in chains in the trunk of the car.

To Be Cont'd

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