Long Time Coming

Submitted by: Intrigued Writer

Synopsis - After meeting her nearly 5 years before, when he tied, teased and tormented her during her first ever BDSM experience - she had fallen hard for him. Then he left....

Over the coming weeks, months and years, her fantasies went from him repeating the episode, to her having another dominate her (which simply didn't work, as she was totally into him alone). Then the fantasies progressed, seeing as she couldn't have him tie her, to the both of them being captured, enslaved, being made to do things to each other.

From there, she began her research, for by now she had resented his basic using of her. She had evolved, moved on, changed. Now she wanted to control him, so that he would be hers forever, just as it was supposed to be originally, when they were to be together. The only difference this time would be that in order to have him, she would do it by being the one who controlled him. For her, it now all seemed the same, as long as they were together, that was all that mattered.

She finally got her anger under control, slowly, she eased her way back into his good books, yet all the while, she was the spider, he was the fly, just as she had planned it.

The day had come, they were to finally meet once again, this time though, it was not going to be the way he thought it may. He was about to walk into a life of absolute slavery and he would learn to love her either the hard, or the easy way. Beginning with the hard way, of course, just to let him know who really was boss.

Chapter One

He stepped out of customs, on the other side of the world, into the opposite climate, looking for the girl whom he hadn't seen in almost 5 years. For he had, at first with laughter, then over time, consented to an agreement. An agreement which he had missed reading the subtleties of, one which would now cost him dearly.

When they had first met so many years ago, she had been a fun thing. For him, a rendezvous with an online acquaintance, for her, the first man she truly entrusted to tie her, tease her, please her. The one man who had understood her completely, saved her from the hordes who purely wanted to fuck her, yet then he had abandoned her.

True, she recalled, she had told him a number of lies, yet still, she had known that if she could just get him there, then he would see the real her and not be overly upset. That first time together, she had paid dearly for her lies. It hadn't turned out the way she had dreamed it would. Which would be with them meeting, him overcoming the fact that she wasn't exactly in the situation she had said she was, but him still falling for her anyway. It hadn't been like that at all and she only had herself to blame.

In truth, the lies weren't too bad, but still, they were lies and he could not easily forgive her for misleading him as she had. He told her that it was purely because of this deception, that he couldn't continue beyond their first couple of days of playtime, yet still, he had enjoyed their time together thoroughly.

But now, things were different. This time, they had a written agreement, signed sealed and delivered, as they say. It had taken her years to achieve, but in the end, she had won. He hadn't been able to masturbate, play with himself, or even gain an erection for the last 17 weeks, as he had walked right into her trap and now he would be hers.

It had taken her years of hard work to achieve, along the way she herself had been transformed from someone wanting to learn about bondage and discipline, to someone who now purely wanted to not simply be with, but yo truly own the one she loved. Her fantasies had originally been to have him love her, tie her, punish her for her wrong doings, be they real or imagined, however this was not to be. Soon she imagined that if he wouldn't willingly be with her, that the both of them would be the ones captured, with others controlling them, tying them together, forcing one upon the other, until their bonds of ropes became ones of love.

Yet this too was only imagined. So over time, her imaginations turned from them being together, to darker thoughts. She had evolved. In her mind, it was now she who was in control and somehow, he had come to adore her, need her, depend on her for everything and deep down inside, she finally realised how exciting this imagination could be.

She studied online, met with others involved in the scene, learned many, many things until at one gathering, the secret was there, right before her eyes, in the form of another Domme's man, restrained only in cuffs and a wicked chastity device, with the explanation being given, as then being confirmed by the Domme's servant as well.

She had learned that by controlling a man's ability to achieve orgasm, by being the sole one in charge of his manhood, he would be very attentive to her needs and desires. He would in the end associate any little pleasures he received with his keyholder - for no-one else could give him the one thing which men desired and thought about almost continuously.

It had taken her only a mere matter of weeks to trick him into the bet as males being what they are, cannot stand to be laughed at and told how weak willed they are compared to women, etc etc etc. She had taunted him about how easy it is to control a man, whereas women are far superior and all that sort of thing. He walked right on into her web and now it was going to cost him dearly.

She recalled the moment with absolute clarity. The moment when she had laughed, while online and on webcam, when she had said to him, "Men are so weak, I mean, all you need to do is put a lock on their little cocks and before you know it, they're whimpering at your feet like obedient little puppy dogs". It was as simple as that!

He took the bait and told her, "That may be the case for SOME men, but not this one", he'd said emphatically.

She had just laughed, covering her mouth in a coy way, sucking him in deeper and deeper with each feminine act.

He became almost enraged and told her that if she kept talking this foolishness, she would pay dearly.. "Promises promises, was all she needed to add". He walked right on in, like a bear to the honeypot.

"You want to bet, do you?", once more she laughed at his words...

"Bet what? That if I locked up your little weeny, that in only a matter days or weeks, you'd be whimpering at my feet begging me that you'd do anything, anything I wanted at all, in order to be able to play with yourself, is that what you mean? If so, then yes, that's the bet". Once again she laughed and he fell even deeper into her trap.

Enraged, he had almost yelled when he told her, "Woman, there's no way that you could do that to me and have me whimpering at your feet, begging you for anything. That just wouldn't happen, you hear me!!". She laughed even harder..... And deeper into her trap he fell.

When he read the agreement, the actual use of the word Contract didn't really reach his brain due to his anger.

The Contract

I, (his name here), agree to this challenge, in order to prove that not all men are whimps, so I hereby consent to wearing whatever chastity device (her name here) purchases for me to wear. I shall wear this device to prove that I am not a weak willed man driven by sexual arousal alone and while I can try anything I wish, in order to escape the device, breaking it or cutting it off means that I will willingly be her slave, 1 day for every $1 of the purchase price of the said device.

Additionally, I may not attempt to destroy the device, for an initial period of two weeks. Plus, for every occasion when I mention the desire to be released from the said device or commit another type of transgression, I agree to be confined both in the device and to be her slave, for an additional one week period, while confined any way she sees fit. The same extension occurs whenever I moan or whine about my predicament and failures to control my urges. A double time penalty is added, should I abuse or swear at (her name here) during the time in the device.

At all times during this agreement, I promise to always tell the truth, as lying too, is punishable by an additional week, in exactly the same manner as outlined above.

At no time shall I (his name), initiate contact by any means with my keyholder, (her name), (unless for a medical or health emergency), or the manufacturer of the said chastity device during this agreed upon period. Doing so shall incur one week of additional incarceration, and an additional week as her slave, still confined in the device as well as any other manner seen fit. Any uncalled for communications will also mean a one week blackout of contact between She and he.

Finally, should I beg for release, whimpering like a little puppy dog, then I agree to receiving an all expenses paid trip to visit (her name here), in order to become her slave for the remainder of the agreement period.

Signed _________________

While he read the agreement, she continued to laugh and to taunt him, meaning that he immediately printed it, signed it, faxed her a copy, then sealed it in an express envelope even as they were online and chatting. He excused himself to post it to her immediately, as she had told him that she would never believe he wasn't a total whimp like most weakling males, until she received his signed agreement in the post. At that point, she had said, she would have the device delivered to his doorstep and catch him online watching him as he did in fact put it on.

With A Turn Of The Key

Beginning that very night and continuing during the next two weeks, Lillian did all she could to taunt and tease him. When they had first met some 5 years ago, she had lied to him about a couple of things. She had neglected to tell him that she was well and truly of mixed racial descent, slightly overweight compared to the photos she had sent him, plus that she had two teenage daughters. This wouldn't have been a problem for him, if she had told him. However, for him it was a shock to discover this ONLY when they finally met and one which took some time to overcome.

Now, 5 years on, she had put her life in order, come into a rather large inheritance, toned and tightened her body so that she now made heads turn wherever she went. This was her secret weapon, as such, for now she would sit there in front of the webcam, turning herself around, putting her arms behind her back, wrists together, her elbows almost touching. She would taunt him, "Just imagine how much fun you could have with these now", she would say. Talking to him about all the things he could do, showing off her fully fit body, getting him so aroused that he would try to make an excuse to leave. Then she would drop the bombshell on him. "Off to wank already are you - see, I told you men are soooo easy", she would say, laughing almost hysterically.

For his part, of course he wanted to wank, but there was no way he was going to let her know that. "Of course not you crazy wench, it is just that I have many things to do", he would exclaim. Once more she would laugh and taunt him. It drove him crazy, but also, he stoically decided not to masturbate, just to prove her wrong.

All this meant was that when the parcel did arrive, he had already gone the longest time he could recall without some form of sexual release.

That night, she was once again online when he logged in, telling her that the parcel did in fact arrive. She sort of smiled and whooped with joy. Her plan was almost completely working out as she had thought it would.

The device itself was an item from Mistress Lori. She knew he already had a Prince Albert piercing, so she had ordered it with optional extras a damned long time before she began to entrap him in her web. This way it was ready and waiting to be sent over to him.

Dutifully, on webcam and still slightly enraged with her taunts and flaunts, he did as instructed and fitted the device in place. Lillian had ordered the device with three different ball trap ring sizes, just to be certain it would fit Tom ever so well. The device was one with extra bars over the head of his circumcised knob, plus the integrated locking system, as well as a few punishment spikes behind the crown of his cock.

She watched as he tried to get it secured, but in the end it took longer than she thought, as he kept getting erect, which required ice and other means to overcome.

Finally, he was locked away, his key turning for the last time in those locks.

"Okay, now it is time to fulfil your side of the bargain and destroy that key. Lift the vice grips and crush it, I don't want you cheating on me, like some whimpy little weakling you know".

With anger in his eyes, he lifted the grips and mangled the key in front of the webcam.

"Good, your time starts now, day one of your test", she said while smiling.

"What do you mean my time starts now you silly bitch? It's already been two weeks since I've had an orgasm!", he said angrily.

"Well, that's not my problem, our agreement is from when you put it on", she added.

"You fucking bitch, just wait until...." She had closed the webcam and the chat window off.

Soon after, he had received an email from her saying-

Dear chastity slave,

You should be very grateful that I closed off the chat, as if you cared to read the terms of our contract, you would realise that the initial period was for two weeks, but seeing as you have just sworn at Me and abused Me twice, you added another 2 times 2 weeks to your incarceration in the device, before you are allowed to attempt escape by any means you wish. If you decide to destroy the device, another shall be fitted for your time as My slave (another 2 x 2 weeks), while you will serve additional time as my LIVE IN slave - paying for the wrecked device at the $1 = one day - until you have paid off the device in full.

The One who owns your poor trapped little cock, Mistress Lillian.

He stared at the words incredulously.

Six weeks in the device and four more as her slave? She had to be crazy.. Then it hit him.. he'd already stupidly gone two weeks without, now another six? That was two whole damned months! Plus he was to wear the device and be treated any way she liked, while he was her real life, live in slave at her place, for another four weeks as well.. Even if he didn't destroy the device! Which would mean more than a year as her slave!

He hopped up, almost tripping over as his pants were still around his ankles. Quickly, he tried to regain his composure as he raced to the kitchen to pour himself a couple of long stiff drinks, which burned his throat as they went down. Pouring another, this time with a mixer, he went back to his computer room.

Sipping what was now his third almost triple strength drink, he thoughtfully composed an email in response to hers.

Dearest Lillian,

I sincerely apologise for my earlier behaviour. This is all new to me and so I said some words I do truthfully regret. This shall not happen again, that I can promise you. Please forgive me and come back online. I eagerly await your prompt return.

Yours Sincerely, Tom.

Tom finished that drink, then went back and awaited Lillian's return. He waited, and waited, checked his email numerous times, then finally decided to call her, as he could wait no more.

Lillian sat back, smiling. Everything was going to plan and if she knew him the way she thought she did, it wouldn't be long before he was phoning her.

Sure enough, the phone rang almost on cue. Lillian answered, then listened while he spoke. He apologised profusely, telling her that he had sent her an email saying the same, immediately upon receiving hers and that he wanted her to know that he would make certain he never behaved like that again. He continued on for a while, before she interrupted him.

"So what you are basically saying is that you are sorry, and you don't think you can handle the extra 4 weeks in the device, plus the extra 4 weeks as my slave, still in the device and you maybe want to be released, is that it?", she asked..

"Of course I want to be released you silly woman, plus, what extra 4 weeks as your slave, still in the device, are you fucking crazy?", he shouted!

"Tom sweety, you really should do two things and this you may also consider a special consideration, for which I shall instruct you how you can repay me soon, but for now, I want you to do these two things. Firstly, please read your signed contract very, very carefully. Next, please realise that seeing as you broke the contract again, by initiating contact with me not once, but twice, once in e-mail and once now, you should be aware that this had added another 2 weeks to your incarceration period. Plus, you once again abused me, adding another 2 weeks to your term as well. So by my calculations, you are already up to 10 weeks, before you added another week by saying that you wanted to be released. That makes it 11 weeks in chastity - not counting the 9 in addition to those which will be served here, in person, as my locked up and do anything I wish to, slave".

"So if I were you, I would say not another word, until I tell you to. Finally, read that contract as there is now a one week blackout period on all of our communications. So, during this time, as payment for my speaking with you now, which I didn't have to do, I would like to receive, once the week of silence is up, one of your fine stories, outlining the events of our newly structured relationship since the time you agreed to this contract, right through until the moment before you send it. Plus, it had better be up to your normal standards, or else it will be something I will punish you severely for. That is all I have to say to you for now, however I suggest you read and re-read that contract very carefully, if you want to avoid a lifetime without an erection, let alone an orgasm".

She signed off by asking him to acknowledge everything she had said, with a simple, "Whatever you wish, Mistress Lillian", which he dutifully did, before sitting back to contemplate his new existence.

Tom sat back, his head reeling at the thought of what he had gotten himself in for. He quickly printed out the agreement, then began to study the careful wording which meant he basically got punished twice, for any indiscretions. Once as extra time in the device, and equal time, in the device but in her presence, under her complete control, as her slave.

He sat back, dumbfounded at his stupidity, being blinded by some manly macho thing which now had him locked away, for at least 11 weeks straight, not counting the 2 he had gone without, before he locked the device on, in front of her, on webcam... Then it hit him. What if she had been recording things - all their things?...

Things like their agreement, his willingness, the messages, emails, everything.. He had done all of this willingly and with lots of evidence which could ruin him, embarrass him, wreck his life. At this thought, he simply couldn't think straight any longer and went to pour himself another drink, one hand down where his cock used to be, now only a tube of steel and a locking pin holding him via his PA piercing, securing him totally, inescapably, absolutely under Her control.

From Beginning To Begging

That first night, Tom struggled with his thoughts and emotions as he had never done before. He read, then re-read his Contract seemingly hundreds of times over, all the while feeling more and more helpless about his current situation. For Tom, sleep did not come until daylight was upon him.

He awoke with a raging headache from too much alcohol, not enough water and a realization of his true situation and predicament. He had only two thoughts in his head. One was to overcome the headache, the other was to get started on the story, anything to appease Lillian, for his fitful night of sleep had proven to him just how many times his mind roamed and thought about sex. Each time, he awoke with a pained penis due to the punishment spikes which were pressing against the circumference of his cock, right behind the head of it.. Exactly upon the most sensitive areas of his glans.

He set his mind upon pleasing her, fulfilling his side of the bargain until the deal was done. From that point on, he could focus on revenge for what she had managed to do to him.

Completing his story of things thus far, he emailed it off to her, hoping to appease her wrath. He sat back, imagining the things he would do to her once the ordeal was over. Her long straight shining black hair, all tied up, intertwined with leather, pulled high above her, holding her erect. Her mouth filled with some form of inflatable gag, a hood, posture collar as well and his mind was only just getting started.

As he thought about these things, his cock began to swell, soon feeling the constrictions of the tube and the punishing reminders of the spikes surround his cock. His mind went from imagining how he would spread her legs far apart, to the present reality with him bending over, the pains in his cock sufficient to inhibit any form of sustained arousal. Along with the spikes, the curved shape of the tube meant he couldn't even get erect let alone obtain and orgasm. Things were not going the way he had imagined.

The next day, he once more wrote the tale of his predicament to her, as instructed. This he did on a daily basis over the course of the coming week, until that night arrived, when once more he could talk with her, see her via the webcam. He knew that given time, he would conquer her, overcome this foolishness and then he would strike.

He had been online, seen her log in to the messenger service, then he waited. Waited for her to initiate contact with him as per the instructions in the contract.

Finally, she messaged him. The window appeared, then the words which he longed to see, she wanted to initiate a voice and video session with him. He eagerly accepted, then waited for her image to appear before him on screen. Instead of her speaking to him, she sent a file through for him to accept, which he dutifully did, receiving the file-name ContractAdendum01.doc...

He received it, saved it to the folder he had set up for their previous exchanges, then opened it. He could not believe his eyes when he began reading. It began with the previous infractions of the rules of the original contract, with a new period of 11 weeks of chastity, followed by another 9 weeks in the device, while he was her full time slave, in real life, under her complete control.

He managed to hold his tongue, before consenting to the revised arrangement, printing it off, signing it then faxing it to her before sealing the original in an envelope for later posting to her.

With the faxing completed, another file came through, ContractAdendum02.doc..

He saved this one also, to the folder, then opened it. It began with the same wording as before, but now, the contract period was 17 weeks in Chastity, plus 15 more as her total, full time slave.

He was about to type, yell, demand something when he saw the words appear on his IM screen... It was some Pasted Text from their previous conversation online with some important words in bold.

Lillian: Finally, read that contract as there is now a one week blackout period on all of our communications. So, during this time, as payment for my speaking with you now, which I didn't have to do, I would like to receive, once the week of silence is up, one of your fine stories, outlining the events of our newly structured relationship since the time you agreed to this contract, right through until the moment before you send it.

Next came the realization... He had sent her his story updates daily, breaking the contact initiating rule. He had sent through a daily update, 6 days running, 6 more weeks in Chastity, 6 more weeks as her slave. His mind raced while his heart sunk to never before lows. How could he have been so damned stupid.

Knowing things were worse than hopeless, he duly signed this one too, before faxing it back to her, the original also going into an envelope to be posted to her as further proof and backup.

The next thing he noticed, was one simple instruction. Read your e-mail, slave. With that, communications with his Mistress ceased as she closed out her IM window and logged off.

He hurriedly checked his email, finding a series of images in a slideshow format. The presentation began, with his new Mistress, the way he recalled her previously, her arms behind her back, wrists tied together, her elbows tied, touching all the way up her forearms. She began being naked, tied, legs spread, a rope tied to a wide collar, which held her upright.

Instantly he became aroused inside his chastity device, not something new over this past week, but very exciting at the sight of her like this. He had hopes that she may see the error of her ways and soon release him, so he could extract his revenge, as such.

But the images progressed, soon she was still tied, legs apart, with a man kneeling before her, his face buried in her crotch. As the series continued, the ropes came off her and appeared on him instead. In the end, she began to be shown wearing clothes, with him still kneeling, his genitals covered with a similar device to what Tom was now wearing, only it seemed to be more fully encompassing, even more sinister. Until it showed him in a real, full styled complete Chastity Belt of incredible detail and construction.

The series ended there, but then came the next email, this one with a movie file attached. Saving this then opening it, Tom's jaw almost hit the floor. For in this final of what the images depicted, this same man was still kneeling on the floor, the camera zoomed in to show he was tied into that kneeling position, but something was poking up from underneath, obviously impaling him and nestling in his rear end.

If that wasn't enough, now he was hooded, with a huge ring gag in his mouth, keeping it open and lots of straps and a harness about his head. From in front of his forehead and from the back of his head, protruded two decent sized strapped on dildos. The zoom pulled back as a couple of benches were rolled into place, not far from his neck. As the one in front closed in, Tom noticed a fake cock at the man's mouth height. Soon, it entered him via the ring gag. Then the benches were locked in place.

As it continued, 2 ladies entered the frame, both in latex and corseted, very Fem Dommish looking. One was Lillian, the other he knew not who. They soon lay down after a long hugging session, atop each of the benches. Both had unzipped the coverings over their crotch regions and slid forwards, so the two dildos affixed by straps and such about the man's head, slid into place.

As if he knew what to do, suddenly the man began the classic cock sucking motion upon the huge intruder in his mouth. With his head horizontal and level, he began alternatively fucking first one pussy in one direction, then the other pussy in the other direction. The movie ended abruptly, with the large words on the screen, THIS IS YOUR DESTINY!

The e-mail closed with the words, story update in 1 week, at next contact. Mistress Lillian.

By the time the next week rolled around, Tom had been without an orgasm for an entire month, while having been locked away in a custom made Lori's Tube for a fortnight. By now he was in a state he had never before experienced. He was suffering almost continual arousal, which meant being punished by the spikes in the tube while at the same time becoming totally obedient and not wanting to endanger his now, quite far off anticipated release date.

Their next contact came around and he hurriedly sent off the story file to her as soon as she opened the message window. She accepted the file, then simply typed in an IRC chat site for him to log into - with a certain nic which she would know was always him. The nic was - teenytrappedweeny{ML} which in chat terms, meant he was the teeny trapped weeny and ML, Mistress Lillian was his Mistress, or Owner.

Logging into the chatsite, he tried to keep his composure, for he was not used to playing the role of the submissive one, let alone in any type of public forum. He awaited some ridicule, but received none, instead he received a warm welcome from the few people in there. He noticed that the discussion was mainly about Chastity, submissive men and Dominant Women.

One of the moderators, or operators of the room, Mistress Caroline, welcomed him and added that his Mistress said to let him know that she would be along soon, meanwhile, he was free to discuss his situation and learn more about how to cope with his period of chastity, plus what he may expect as a live in slave, when that part of his incarceration came around.

Wanting to yell, scream of flog his Mistress, for having his situation publicly announced like that, he instead held his tongue and typed a polite thank you to Mistress Caroline.

Mistress Caroline then asked him what type of belt he was confined in and for how long, thus far.

He answered her respectfully, informing the room that he was in a custom made, with punishment spikes, Lori's Tube and that he had been locked up for 2 weeks.

Hearing that, there were a few comments about ONLY two weeks, and things like that, before he noticed that Mistress Caroline had asked him another question, which was, how was he handling it so far.

He answered that it was terrible, as it was really, 4 weeks, seeing as he hadn't orgasmed in the 2 weeks prior. Plus, that he really needed to be set free, as he was almost going insane, not having the ability do do as he wished with that part of his body.

Her next words really shocked him, as She had typed, "I have found that it is best to have the new slave locked up for an initial period of at least 3 months, so they really do get used to who is now in charge of them and their ability to wank their useless lives away. After the initial 3 months, I find restricting them to one erection, no orgasm guaranteed, no more than 8 times a year, if they are good. If they misbehave, simply take away one or more of those erections and or orgasms and they usually get the message.

"Surely you cannot be serious about that, Mistress Caroline", he had replied.

"Of course I am serious. I never joke about these things. Take my current slave, for example, to get him used to his follow on role, I had him wear nothing but penis gags for 3 months as well. Now, in order to obtain his release, he must be the oral sex boy at the parties we regularly attend. He even has a special barstool, which he is strapped into, his face above a cutout area for his neck, so his mouth is available to whomever hops in the chair. Of course, if he spills a drop or any leaks out, he doesn't get to obtain his release. Amazing, it only took him 10 months of no releases, until he caved in and became one of the most eager cock suckers and pussy lickers around".

Indignant, he had replied, "Well one thing is for certain, there's no way in the world I'd ever let someone do that to me, ever, no matter what the circumstances - I'd kill the fuckers!"

"Maybe it would be easier for you if you were sissified, turned into a French Maid, before knob gobbling? Being dressed or fully converted into a gurl may make it easier for you to get into the cock sucking role". She had said to him.

Getting angrier now, he replied "No fucking way. If you or anyone tried to do that to me, I'd thrash them, Besides, once this silly chastity game is over, I'll be dishing something quite fucking nasty upon that bitch of mine, that is for certain. She'll regret the day she tricked me into this damned thing".

Meanwhile, he finally noticed that the rest of the people had stopped typing and were watching their exchanges.

"Temper Temper teenytrappedweeny{ML}", Mistress Caroline had typed.

At the instant, Mistress Lillian entered the channel, as ML{teenytrappedweeny}.

Mistress Caroline typed a laugh out loud (LOL), followed by the words, "You were ever so correct Darling, he couldn't restrain himself and typed things JUST like you said he would. I believe this adds another 6 weeks collectively to his term, if you wish me to send you his texts".

"So that makes it 23 weeks in chastity and another 21 in chastity as my slave, good goingteenytrappedweeny{ML}, you've almost hit the six months mark already, do you want out? Is that it?"

"Of course I want out, this whole thing is stupid", he replied.

"Add another week to each, for asking to be let out - that's 24 and 22 weeks respectfully", she had laughingly typed.

To show him the seriousness of his situation, she had typed a direct question to him, reminding him that he must, as a condition of their contract, ALWAYS tell the truth. Her question was, "Truthfully, do you really wish to be set free from your chastity"

"Yes", he had replied.

"Add another week to each", followed by, "Now do you see, my wonderful little Chastity Slave, exactly how serious your predicament is. You answer truthfully and get another week added to each period of subservience and slavery, you lie, same again. When the time comes and you honestly mean that you do not want to be set free, I then get to keep you locked up - maybe for ever. You really should have read your contract thoroughly before agreeing to it My silly little trapped weeny".

The realization of his true plight struck him and he thoughtfully said, "Yes Mistress, I do now see the true nature of my situation and I shall try to be a better Chastity Slave for you. You have truly won this engagement and I bow to the greater, smarter of the two".

Her next offer to him, sent shivers down his spine, for she asked him, "Given the chance, would you rather be alone in Chastity on the other side of the World, with no chance of relief or physical contact until it is time to come and be my total slave. Or, would you rather venture here and begin serving me, sooner. Being close to me, to be able to worship my breasts, pussy, legs and ass, while being wholly owned and mine to do with as I wish. Make your choice, now".

For him, it was a simple choice, he chose to go to her now, rather than to be left alone in sufferance. She informed and warned him his life with her would be one of total servitude, maybe as her ponyboy in training, to begin with. Plus, if he came over, he would also wear an even more restrictive and punishing Chastity Device. He still chose to go and to be with her.

Finally, she told him that he would have to sign a new contract, should he choose this option, which would be sent to him immediately and which, he would sign and return via fax, plus sending the originals via express post. In addition, it would be posted here, online and he would have to tell everyone that he was willingly accepting her terms.

This was soon all worked out and agreed upon, whereby she informed him that she would purchase a ticket for him, for travel in 10 weeks time, but if he should fail her in the meantime, that travel date would be moved out and extended. He considered this too, then agreed to ALL of her terms and conditions. Everyone in the channel witnessed his acceptance of her terms, as well.

She smiled to herself. Glad and amazed how subservient he had become in such a short period of time. She imagined how compliant he would be as she converted him into the man she had always wanted.

Her final request was that if indeed he wanted this, he was to beg her to make him Her slave.

Online, in the company of others, he begged. He begged her to accept him as her slave, to do with as she pleased, so that he may be granted the opportunity to worship her, as she deserved to be.

As it turned out, he transgressed a few more times, so by the time he arrived as her slave, he had been 17 weeks locked up and 19 weeks in total, without an orgasm, if you included the 2 weeks he refrained, prior to getting locked.

His Enslavement Begins

He stepped out of customs, on the other side of the world, into the opposite climate, looking for the girl whom he hadn't seen in almost 5 years.

He had, just before being driven to the airport, been made to visit a professional associate of his Mistress's. She had been sent the key to unlock him, which she did while he was very well restrained, before she affixed another, plastic type of device upon him for his flight to the other side of the world. This done, she accompanied him to the airport to ensure he didn't remove the device.

He approached his new owner with some apprehension. She appeared to have changed totally since their last time together almost 6 years ago. Now, she looked simply stunning, confident and totally poised as she told him to follow her to the carpark.

Lillian led him to the deepest, darkest recesses of the carpark, way back into a corner area where her vehicle, a huge Chevy suburban, which was reversed into a corner. "Strip", she had said. Soon he was naked before her. "Kneel", he did as instructed, as she told him she had dreamed of this moment for a few years now.

The hinged cuffs went on his wrists behind his back. She inserted the three bulbed hugely inflatable butterfly gag into his mouth, seating it in place, the front piece over his gums and under his lips, before telling him to close his lips and mouth around it. Next she began pulling the straps behind his head, tightening them until his face was kind of contorted. She then made sure the rest of the entire harness was very, very tightly secured under his chin, over the bridge of his nose, atop his head and seemingly in more areas than he could imagine. When she was done, padlocks appeared and she told him that she had dreamed of this moment, now it was a reality so she wasn't going to be letting him free anytime soon.

Over the top of this, she laced onto him a hood, which covered him totally apart from just above the eyebrows, to just under the nose. The rest was soon encased in laced up leather, right the way down his neck. As the very sturdy four inch wide posture collar with triple straps went about his neck, he stretched as far as possible to avoid being throttled. It too, was tightened, over and over until she was looking into a pair of very scared eyes. She felt her heart beating faster as she remembered ALL which she had been told and taught over her time as an evolving Femme-Domme and Key Holder.

Lastly, the final adornments for his conversion into a pony headed ponyboy were affixed. His head now would look like the outlines of a real horse. The long snout face piece, the ears, all of it went over his already very well secured head. Soon she began to tighten all of the straps and accompanying bits and pieces to complete his head down transformation. She thought she could see a small tear in his eye as she snapped shut the numerous padlocks, ensuring there was no escape without her consent.

Pointing him towards the now open rear of the truck like Chevy Suburban vehicle, he noticed a coffin shaped wooden box, almost like a sarcophagus of olden times. His cuffs were removed as he looked inside it, noticing this one was designed for him to lay in, face up, with many internal modifications. Modifications to ensure he could be very well restrained while within it. It began with half moon shaped places for his neck, his lower legs plus many other straps and such.

He lay back in it, his pony head above a semi-circular recess, in which he lay his neck. His arms were into box like devices along each side. These were soon strapped down securely, before a lid type thing was closed over each of his arms, meaning his arms were isolated, strapped and trapped in their own little box like coffins. The other half of the enclosure about his neck slid down into place, just like a set of stocks, sealing his head off from the rest of his body. His lower legs received similar treatment, after one very important addition.

His feet were slipped into very, very heavy steel shoes, almost like ballet boots, but with the ponyboy horse hooves on the bottoms of them. Locked ankle straps went about him, sealing him into them, before he felt his feet and ankles being wrapped over and over. This was with heavy duty shrink wrap. Soon to be heated and which would conform his feet to the super high arches pony boots, made entirely of solid steel. The boots affixed to the bottom of his coffin like sarcophagus by two recessed bolts from the outside. This kept them perfectly aligned and affixed to the bottom of the sarcophagus. His lower legs were laying in half moon shaped recesses, soon to be strapped firmly in place, his feet about 16 inches apart. She had planned this meticulously and no detail was too small for her now very vivid, active and fertile imagination. He would soon discover that this was only the beginning of his restraint and submission.

Two additional shapes entered his now very limited field of vision. Lillian climbed atop his prone form, the shapes on either side. "Remember my two daughters - the Twins?", she said to his almost totally covered head.

His eyes went wide at the mentioning of the daughters. She continued, telling him, "They recalled me crying for months and months after our first encounter, when you tied me, toyed with me and then afterwards discarded me. They witnessed my pain and suffering, not from what you did to me, but what you neglected to do to me, which was to honour me and take care of me. Well, they are now grown up and have made their own choices in life, one of which was to ensure they never, ever, allowed themselves to used and abused by a man such as yourself. They have chosen to assist me in this healing process. Part of which is to teach you a lesson in what it feels like to be toyed with, to be nothing more than an amusement, as such. I hope to teach them well and you are their first real experiment. I think we all learn from our time together.

With that said, the two slender teenagers went about tightening the straps about his body and legs. Unlike when Lillian had restrained him, this time, the girls seemed to have no compassion, they simply tightened the straps and buckles about his torso with every bit of strength they could muster. Soon he was totally immobilized, the straps about his chest so tight they limited every breath. The ones about his legs held his ankles and feet elevated slightly, yet totally immobile. Then the figures were gone from his very limited field of vision.

Lillian was back, sitting beside his wooden prison, level with his head in the back of the huge Chevy suburban vehicle. She reached in, affixing straps to hold his head in place, while she spoke to him.

"Remember that fantasy story you wrote to me once, about what you imagined, in your earliest days when fantasizing about bondage and women? The one which involved Wonder Woman, where you were the one to finally capture her, subdue her and such", she had said. His eyes went wide. He then felt pressure down upon his ankles as the other halves of the guillotine type dividers closed upon his lower legs.

She continued to recite to him his fantasy of old wherein he had captured Wonder Woman, then had her immobile while he poured cement over her booted feet, trapping her in a way which meant she became little more than a statue as her lower legs were solidly cast into concrete, the rest of her then being easy to control.

He felt the concrete of his fantasies hitting his lower shins and ankles, as the twin daughters poured bucket after bucket of quick drynig concrete into the boxed off area where his arched, ballet booted, horse hooved feet now resided. Lillian looked into his eyes as he realized what was happening down below. He struggled for all he was worth, but with even his head now being immobile, all he could do was to protest. "Your feet are becoming two 16 inch cubes of concrete, coloured with black dye, enough to immobilise you and keep you upright at all times", she had told him.

This protesting was soon easily taken care of, as she reached down, into the mouth area of his ponyboy headpiece and methodically compressed the pump bulb attached to his butterfly gag. Soon his protestations were real, as the three bulbed gag expanded within his mouth. She counted to 12 pumps, telling him as he felt the incredible pressure as it expanded his face internally, that the manufacturers say it is good for 20 pumps, almost twice what he was now experiencing.

The final things he experienced, were to do with his lesson in conductivity. His nipples were each clamped with screw type devices, each with an associated wire. He felt something cold at his rectum. He was soon to have something there too, which entered from below, atop a pole, the top of which held the electrified working end of something which would shock his ass, internally, causing it to grip the device even harder, while providing enough pain to make his nostrils flare as he fought for breath. Lastly came the penile catheter, which was inserted, inflated, then sealed off.

This was, as he would soon discover, not to be a journey of pleasure, as he had hoped, but one into something much more sinister. Something worthy of the pains and heartaches he had left her with when he so casually tied, teased and deserted her all those years ago. What made it all the more frightening, was that her two daughters were now in on the act. Barely eighteen years old, they were only slightly experienced, but totally ruthless towards this evil man who had hurt their mother all those years ago when they were younger. He knew things were not looking very good for him.

Shaving bits of his chest hair away, they affixed the monitoring pads to him, as well as a dangling microphone to listen to his muted cried and pleas for some respite from his torments, before they reached in, folding the blinders on his pony head gear over his eyes, sealing him into darkness. The lid of his new prison like sarcophagus was slid into place, then locked. The buckets which had held the ready to mix, just add water fast drying concrete were placed into the back of the vehicle, as was his baggage. The daughters soon changed out of their coveralls and the 4 of them, only 3 smiling, left the deepest recesses of the parking garage for the hours long journey to their destination.

Acceptance of Submission and Subservience

Growing up, Emily and Sasha had known that their mother was unhappy. Their father had deserted them at an early age. For girls with a Native American component in their heritage, this was kind of shameful. Their mother did her best, Grandma also helped out, but life for them was tough. It wasn't until a fairly wealthy uncle left them a substantial inheritance, that they could really afford to escape the confines of their previous environment.

They vaguely recalled the episode where their mother had hoped for happiness with the man who was coming to visit, yet after he left, she seemed even more miserable than before. Now, as adults and having learned of their mother's love of fetishes, they too had decided that men were best when controlled and not permitted to do you any harm. It was just unfortunate for Tom, that they had yet to mature in the ways of life and the real experiences. All they really knew was that men were to be obedient, or suffer the consequences. Now, not only did they have one to practice with and upon, but he was one who had badly hurt their mother, so he deservedly required a whole lot of hurt in return. The thing was, that they were still novices as far as real life experiences go, so the things they could do to him were the things more akin to fantasy than reality, as he would soon discover once left alone with them.

Arriving at their final destination, Tom would soon discover that some of the the inheritance had been used to create a totally secure environment for him to suffer within. Five years before, Lillian had been almost destitute. She had nothing but some lands and a run down shack which she called home and tried to raise her daughters in. Now, wealthy, she had moved out of town, purchased property, built the house of her dreams, plus she had the barn with a fully underground area which was outfitted much later by specialist contractors. It now housed a combination of a solitary confinement cell like in a jail, as well as an old fashioned chamber of horrors area, plus a more modern room, equipped with most of the things one would need to torment a person under their control. This area was where Tom, in his wooden sarcophagus was wheeled into, after being unloaded from the Chevy suburban truck and taken there via the secure, locked and well disguised elevator.

When they released him from the confines of his travelling sarcophagus, he was totally worn out both from the trip and the realization of his situation. He was to be the slave of not just one woman, but of her daughters too. This was not only humiliating, but it also meant he would be in a situation where one or more of them at any time could be ensuring his life was miserable.

By prior arrangement, it was the daughters who did the first deed this time, which was to remove the clips on his nipples, then tweak and pinch his nipple flesh with their wickedly long and strong fingernails. The sudden pain he felt was only heightened by the torments and he was soon evidently writhing about in his absolutely secure bonds. This brought forth a slight chuckle from the girls, before their mother stepped in to complete his release and the preparations for his introduction to his new existence.

Once released, his arms were cuffed in leather wrist and hand covering oval shaped mitts and drawn up high behind his back, where they affixed to the back of his collar. An open framed metal chair was placed behind him, his feet immobile in the solid concrete blocks, he was forced into a seating position and tied there. This he was to learn, would be the manner in which he would be able to go to the toilet whilst he was affixed in his concrete and steel shoes. He was administered three cleansing enemas, before the penile catheter was finally released, this too going into the mess below him. They had already decided that for every time they had to do this, whoever performed this ritual would get to inflict some form of punishments upon him.

When Lillian finally released his arms, they hung by his sides while she set about removing his pony like headgear and the leather hood. With only the locked on gag remaning, she told him to look around part of his new home and to listen very closely to what she had to tell him. He was not to speak unless asked a question directly. Otherwise he would be wearing that inflatable gag or something worse, for an entire week, except for feeding and drinking times. He was to nod once if he understood, which he did.

Before the locks came off, his wrists were once again affixed behind him, this time in hinged double locking cuffs. Finally, with the gag removed, he felt almost as if he was free compared to how he was trussed up earlier. He was freed from the restraints holding him to the chair and allowed to stand. He was near a corner of the room, which seemed quite sizeable, until you took into account the bars and cell type of door not far in front of him. Lillian wheeled in a trolley with cleaning products for himself upon it. He was in a slightly sloping area of the floor, which he would soon discover doubled as his shower area.

His cuffs were removed and he was told he had 5 minutes to wash and shampoo etc. Lillian turned walked a few steps and turned on the water, which fell upon him from a nozzle above, all of it cold. He reached out and cleaned himself as best as he could, all the way down to his concrete blocks which trapped his pained feet in the ballet boots made of steel, with their horse like hooves at the bottom. When the water stopped she returned, giving him a towel to dry off with.

The cuffs went back on and she wheeled a low, flatbed trolley into his recessed area. He was instructed to stand up on it. The concrete shoes made for a decent balancing platform, but being 16 inches square and almost as tall, they were very difficult to move in, if at all. Somehow, with her help he managed to get one foot, then then next onto the trolley, which she then wheeled out of this room, down a corridor, to a larger room, this one with some ominous looking restraint devices and instruments of torture, which he knew were awaiting his presence.

In the centre of the room, stood two tall upright posts, from floor to ceiling. She wheeled him so he could be helped to step down, carefully, in the centre of the two beams, which he could see now supported upright stocks. It seemed she'd already set it up for his height, as he did what he was told and stuck his neck into the awaiting recess. No sooner than his head was in, had she slid the other half snugly against the front of his neck, holding him in place, the top of the stocks right up under his chin and locked securely shut. Lillian returned soon after, with another trolley, this time from behind him, so he couldn't see what awaited him.

She was in fact, modifying his concrete boots, so they could be locked together, or hold other items in place. A steel guide plate was placed atop the blocks, in between his legs, in line with and above his ankles. It had 4 holes in it, two at each end which she marked, before removing the plate and drilling into the concrete tops of his cube like concrete boots. When she was done, she inserted 4 self locking dyna bolts, tightening them, then removing the nuts so that now, with the simple addition of the plate and some nuts, his pair of concrete boots could be locked together as one, either totally together, or some distance apart, depending on the length of the bar which was used.

This mounting system would also be used to hold other things, like the one she slid into place from behind and underneath him now. The pre-lubed tip of the pole mounted dildo touched his rectum and he flinched, almost speaking out but managing to hold his tongue. Soon it was slid all the way in place, with the base plate lined up over the four protruding bolts from within his concrete and steel shoes. The measurements from the adjustable one she had used for the trip here made it easy to fix this one at the correct height. She tightened the four nuts in place and instantly he was now held immobile at the feet, in his rear and by the neck Already he was well and truly stuck.

She released him from the steel cuffs as Emily and Sasha returned. She simply asked them to fit the suspension styled support cuffs on each wrist and to arrange his arms correctly, before gagging him with the gag of their choice. Smiling at his helplessness, they stood in front of him, told him to stick his arms out straight, before they both put a cuff on each of his wrists. They next went behind him, telling him to put his arms behind him in the reverse prayer style. With what seemed like as much force as they could muster, one pulled his arm way up his back, before the other locked it the the back of the stock, behind his head. His other arm was next and soon he was wincing in pain, wondering how much longer he would be kept like this.

The gag they chose turned out to be a full training harness type once again, but instead of the inflatable butterfly one, this had a life like cock which would fill his mouth. Emily held it in front of his face, after having climbed a small step ladder to be at his height. She told him to "Ask Lady M (As in EM, for Emily - she told him), if you can suck on your penis gag".

Nothing, his lips remained sealed and he turned his face off to the side. "Okay", she had said. "You will learn that we only ever ask you once around here".

Sasha had lifted something which was not in his line of sight, due to the heavy, wide set of stocks which held his head captive. He felt something touch his balls, before his world exploded and he opened his mouth, this time to scream out in pain. In front of his eyes, appeared Sasha's hand, holding a cattle or pig prod. She was smiling. As she lowered it once more, the words flew out of his mouth. "Please Lady M, may I have my penis gag".

"Not word for word, but that is a start, now open wide", she had said. The protrusion into his mouth of the shortish, but very girthy penis almost made him retch at the thought of it. Luckily, it wasn't more than 3 inches long, so he managed to control any reflex gagging action. Soon, the rectangular mouth plate was covering his lips, his jaws wide open and the straps being tightened to a level which was almost enough to cause a headache. Sasha appeared in front of him, Emily having gone around behind and began snapping the little padlocks into place, ensuring that he was not going to be able to remove this item, even if he did have the use of his hands.

He felt something touching his butt cheeks, right up close to the dildo and again his world erupted into instant and terrible pain. Coupled with that, his sphincter clamped shut on the dildo as the current arced from one cheek to the other via that region. From behind him, he heard, "That was for not asking to suck on your penis gag in the exact way you were requested".

His breath coming in and out his nostrils frantically, he closed his eyes for a second and once more felt ever so foolish to have been tricked into this predicament.

Lillian arrived next, attaching new heart monitoring pads to his chest, the wires going off to somewhere in the frame which held the upright stocks in place. She told the girls to go and get ready, as their guests would be arriving before too long. Guests, he had thought, don't tell me they're going to leave me here like this while they have guests over. Then he saw the smile on her face and he realized what she meant by guests coming over. She meant coming over and down here, with him as the star attraction.

She noticed her words sink in as his eyes went wide and he tried to shake his head side to side. She just smiled at him, then lifted a solid piece of timber, which had two round dowel types of things from one edge. She placed it right beside his head, then lowered it. The pegs of dowel slipped into pre-drilled holes in line with the side of his head. When one went on the other side of his head, he couldn't move it side to side, or turn it left or right. It was almost like his head was between the jaws of a vice. She reached down and lifted a wooden box, open only on one side {which turned out to be the bottom of it) and slipped it over his head, before latching it into place with locks. There were breathing holes, but nothing in any line of his vision, so he was now effectively a statue who was boxed, blinded and vice gripped in place, to suffer in silence.

Let The Celebrations Begin

The click of stiletto styled heels pulled him from his nightmarish dream state. Things had gone so very much differently than how he had thought they would. He did admit though, that he was aroused somewhere deep inside at the thought of being trapped, almost like Wonder Woman was, in his earlier fantasies.

His two "care takers" were back. They approached him and began talking to him, telling him how they really looked forward to training him to be as obedient as a farm dog one day soon. To kneel, bow, lick, kiss anything, anywhere, anytime they told him to. He was also informed that if they had their way, they would make sure that he was never set free, never given the chance to even get an erection, let alone an orgasm. He was also told that although it wasn't permitted now, sometime soon, their slaveboy could be instructed to serve them orally as well. They told him that they were looking forward to those days, when he could be licking pussy as often as a dozen times a day, yet that was only to service their desires. Until then, they told him they would have to live with having him only kiss and lick their asses, to learn to worship their tasty lil rear ends, they had said while giggling.

Before they left him alone once more, they told him that he should imagine them naked, as they were now, getting ready to put on their clothes for the evening. They tormented him with stories of their young pert breasts, their wet, slick pussies which they had just played with until they orgasmed. Before they departed, they asked him if he could clearly remember the last orgasm he may ever have experienced. They told him that they hoped he did take note of it, as it would be a terrible thing to live the rest of his life knowing that his last one, was probably into a sock or a tissue or something. They laughed at him as they left, telling him they looked forward to experimenting with him soon.

Things went from silent, to constant sounds as the guests arrived en masse. While the slaves of those gathered were instructed to assist in bring in tables, chairs and other items from another room, their owners began talking amongst themselves, some coming close enough he could sense their presence.

Soon he heard them being called to attention, letting them know that the fun part of the evening was about to begin. Lillian told them that they should gather around, as it was time to demonstrate her newest invention, which she was testing before it may be available in limited numbers, to any customer who wished to to have one - by referral only, though.

First things first, she began to release him from his temporary plastic travelling chastity device. With this task completed, she gave his now erect and stiffened cock a very quick dousing with a very, very cold rag which had been soaking in a tub of ice and water. His erection quickly subsided as the cold rag wrapped about his private bits. Next she quickly gave him a cleansing wash, which once again had him becoming erect after all this time without any contact upon his merry little member.

Lillian suggested that while they mingle and catch up with dear friends, they should also take the time to ensure her new chastity slave didn't have too much fun. Bringing him to orgasm, or even close to it was strictly forbidden, as his poor little pecker may react and spurt all over the place, seeing as it was so desperate for attention. However, what they should do, was when passing by, if he was erect, they should take active measures to see that he didn't stay this way. With those words said, she demonstrated what she meant, by lifting the riding crop which was hanging from one of the vertical poles, before lining it up with the head of his cock, then flicking it quickly up and down in small movements, before moving her arm forwards so that suddenly, the crop began flicking up and down over the head of his cock.

He immediately let loose with a howl from behind his gagged mouth which they could hear quite fine, even with his head also boxed in the way it was. His body shuddered and his thrashed about in his rigid bonds. Which of course did him no good, but it looked good to the onlookers, who smiled, laughed or simply stood there, thinking of how they may use that crop in a slightly different manner.

His cock had been throbbing and bobbing about before the onslaught, but now it began to go limp and shrink away from the pain. Soon it was half erect and Lillian had already hung the crop back, telling people that in 60 minutes, the fitting of the new device would begin, but meanwhile, they should take the time to ensure the slave didn't stay aroused for any length of time.

Before she watched them go for finger foods, drinks and mingling, she added that once they had succeeded in fixing his erection problems, they shouldn't leave him limp for too long. So that if he was limp, which was often, she joked, they should use either these long feathers, which she demonstrated on him, or simply a nice firm grip, which she also actively did, gripping his cock and tugging it slightly, till it once again stood up, ready for the punishments to make it limp again. Her words and actions complete, she smiled as one of her friends came forwards, taking the crop in hand as the rest watched on, before going to mingle, while her friend demonstrated her skills with the crop upon Tom's once again, painfully tormented cock...

The next 30 minutes were extreme hell for Tom, who had his cock and balls groped, gripped, tugged, squeezed, flicked, pinched and swatted harshly on more than one occasion. Plus, having his head inside a box meant that he couldn't see who was doing what to him, nor when they were going to do it. He simply stood there, unable to do anything but be teased to arousal, then cropped into submission as he experienced the wickedness of more than a dozen well practised tormentors.

It was about this time when his head was finally 'done in', so to speak. He had just been brought to arousal again, his cock so eager for any sort of decent attention after being locked away for the longest period of his life, that he almost longed for the punishment, as he now knew that once punished, he would lose the erection, then once more he would be fondled until rock hard again. It was after being brought to full arousal, that he felt the crop fall once again, painfully flicking the very tip of his cock head. It felt like a nail had been driven into it and the pain lingered for what seemed like an eternity. It was then that he heard a distinctly male voice telling him that if he was fortunate not to be in a different dungeon, as this would be considered pleasure compared to what he could expect elsewhere. He was told it would be something a chastity slave would not soon forget. After which, the crop fell again.

For Tom, it wasn't so much the pain which had tears streaming down his cheeks, but the thought that maybe, just maybe, the Male who spoke with him, had also been the one to touch his cock only a minute ago which had brought him to an incredible erection. It was this thought which haunted Tom for the rest of the hour, as he knew he couldn't tell who was fondling him and the thought of becoming aroused at the touch of a male filled him with dread.

Lillian's daughters meanwhile, were permitted to look, but not touch the slave's cock as yet, while Lillian herself attended to the readying of a new, custom made Chastity Device, much more diabolical than anything to be found online. She had watched with a smile on her face as her new slave went through session after session of arousal, then painful erection dissipation over the course of the hour. She smiled as she watched his reaction to the male voice, knowing it would really do his head in. Something she had come to understand very well and intended to use to keep him always on edge, willing to do anything she demanded of him, else he suffer something which filled him with fear and dread.

But now, the time had come. Once more his arousal was ended, once more the iced cloth went about his nether regions, readying him for the time which she had been dreaming of for years now. Time for him to be fitted into the ultimate chastity device of her own invention.

With everyone smiling and gathered around, it was time for the show to really begin.

His new device was in essence, basically an inner and an outer chastity tube. It still had an A-ring, with the addition if a heavy polished steel cylindrical ball stretching type of device. The two halves screwed together, locking the stretching weights so his balls were always being stretched and weighted, crushed and punished. The main components though, were custom made and not for comfort. The inner tube required that his cock be under ice for a fair while to shrink it down. Then, later some super slippery liquid was applied, and his cock was fed into, then pulled through a very narrow short tube. After this, came another larger diameter tube section, this one like a Kali's Teeth Bracelet, which was placed over his cock and screwed to the small diameter tube. The punishing spikes meant that any attempted erection would be very, very painful. This left the head of his cock exposed.

From the front of his cock, into his uretera, went the part which was also to become his PA fixing. This ended up under the KTB part of his device, where it too was screwed into place. This meant the only way to be released from the PA fixing, was via this soon to be covered internal component. The front half of this PA fixing was hollow and protruded from the eye of his cock. Over this entire arrangement, went an outer tube, which affixed to the main first part of the tube and the A-ring, behind his balls at the base of his cock. At the front end of this outer tube were many thin needle like spikes which would deliver absolute agony, should he ever manage to become even slightly erect in his cock head. The entire outer tube was not overly large, but hid underneath it the terrible truth of his chastity, which was invisible to the casual viewer.

With a very good idea of his measurements, Lillian had a selection of waist belts to choose from. Two would be chosen in the end. One a belt which went about his waist, the other, a hip styled, low cut one. Very sturdy mounts from these would then go down to his ball trap styled Chastity Device, ensuring extra security as well as mounting and locking points for his wrists. Later, a complete, truly diabolical full styled belt may be constructed for him, but that was something for future torments. Tonight, there was simply the present to deal with and for now, she found a hipster styled one which did the job perfectly. This was soon locked about his hips and the right length extras went down to lock about the A-Ring part of his current Chastity Device, further ensuring his Chastity.

With the front half of his PA fixing being hollow, this meant that urination would be easy and not messy. Once everything was screwed and locked in place, Lillian did one final thing before they left him alone to continue his sufferance in silence. She inserted a catheter into the hollow end of his PA fixing, ensuring it went well down his peehole. This was inflated to ensure a decent seal, before she clipped the open end closed, knowing that when the time came to pee, he would be painfully denied. To emphasize his plight, she gently tugged on the catheter, making him wince at the very strange sensation which tormented the insides of his cock.

For Tom, all he could do was experience the now incredibly strict confinement of his cock and balls. His movements were of course severely limited and all they really did was give the gathered crowd something to smile about.

One of the Women asked Lillian, while she was unlocking the wooden box about his head, how long she intended on keeping him sealed away and locked up in his chastity device.

As she lifted the box from his head, revealing his pair of blinking eyes which still adjusting the the sudden lightedness of the room, she smiled and replied, "I've been thinking about that, as you know, the contract makes things very simple for me. If he says YES, he wants to be released when I ask him, he gets another couple of weeks. If he says NO, then he can stay locked up. But as for an initial period, I think he deserves about the same amount of time as he took to visit me again, which is about five and a half years.

The eyes went suddenly wide and he writhed about what little he could in his rigidly restrained position. "Or maybe forever, after all, I can simply slip a specially made dildo cock to the front part of his device should I ever decide to have sex with him. Anyway, if I don't have any need for that tiny little restrained cock, why should he".

Some of the others laughed, others smiled wicked smiles, knowing that no matter what, he wasn't going to be using that cock for at least a decent amount of time to come.

As he slowly settled down from this shocking revelation, he took stock of the people and things surrounding him. Men and women, each chatting away to each other, with a number of submissive or slave types bringing drinks to and fro, placing or refreshing the finger food snacks which abounded, while he himself stood naked, restrained, the focus of much conversation for sure, this evening.

With this part of the evening completed, she nodded to her daughters, one of who dimmed the lights, while the other turned on a computer projector, which began with an introduction from Lillian. It was to run for some time, allowing people to watch what was the progression of Tom into his role of chastity slave, from their very first typed and spoken talks about the subject.

Being nothing much more than the entertainment for the night was more than he thought he could deal with, but to also have to watch this proved to be a very, very humiliating time for him. He stood bolt upright, penetrated in the rear, cock locked well and truly in front as the gathered peoples watched the movie files of him falling right into her trap.

As the movie played on, Lillian came over to him, smiled into his eyes while she reached down, squeezing his trapped balls, causing him to close his eyes as her grip slowly tightened, until his breath rushed in and out of his nostrils.

Her daughters arrived next, pushing something upon a trolley. A few people looked on as Lillian removed a small plug type of device from the front of his penis gag, before sliding a tube into the hole until it seated itself home, the end just protruding from the very rear of the gag, almost at his tonsils. The tube was attached to something like an enema bag, which was filled with water and some additional electrolytes and other things to keep him fresh throughout his upcoming ordeal. It would also soon go through him, increasing his urge to pee, which of course was not an option with the inflated catheter still up inside his pee hole. The half full bag was lifted above him and hooked to the side of one of the upright posts which held the stocks about his neck. The tap was turned and the liquid began to trickle in slowly, causing him to gag slightly as it trickled down the back of his throat.


For the next hour and a half, he stood there in ever increasing torment, both mentally and physically, until the video file caught up to the point where the guests were just beginning to settle down and watch the fitting of his chastity device.

At this point, most of the eyes were on him as he watched in horror at the true nature of what held his cock and balls so effectively. He realised there would be absolutely no chance for him to ever escape without his Mistress unlocking him from his chastity.

The video file ended as he watched the box covering his head being removed and saw his own blinking eyes as they adjusted to his new surrounds. The lights went on brighter and those gathered there clapped and smiled upon the completion of the video.

Lillian smiled, hushed the gathered crowd as she announced it was time for part two of the evening to begin - the fun times, where the gathered guests were free to roam and explore the newest additions to the underground dungeons and to make use of any and all toys, punishment devices and other items which were laid out in plain view in each of the areas.

She added that of course, restraint was encouraged, both in reality and in the use of the equipment. Of course there would be people on hand to assist if they wanted to try something new out, as well as overseeing things so that the evening went without a hitch, as far as over zealousness was concerned.

Lillian added that should anyone wish to obtain their own custom made chastity device like the one fitted to her new slave, she would be glad to talk with them and to ensure measurements were taken that very evening, so that the manufacturing of their device could begin without delay.

Her final request was that the attending guests gathered around for a few minutes, while she helped torment her new chastity slave in one last way, while the numerous servants and slaves would get to work as they cleaned up the trays and drinks, putting everything away so the fun could begin in earnest.

With the clean-up being attended to, they watched as Lillian began to clip the tension loaded clips to her slaves nipples. The chain linking them hung below, from which she added another chain and clip. This went to the handle of a domestic bucket, which now hung down in front of his thighs. Just in case the clips somehow came free from his nipples, Lillian tied a safety rope from the handle of the bucket, up around his waist belt. Now there was no way the bucket could fall to the ground, spilling the contents. Lillian next added a couple of inches of water to the bucket, causing the clips to tension even tighter on his nipples, which elicited a groan of discontent, while he stood there, trying to shake his head in protest.

Lillian looked into his eyes, smiled and said, "Oh, not enough hey?, okay, I'll just add some more until you let me know when it is enough". His eyes went wide as she lifted another container, tipping in more water. His head stopped moving but he groaned briefly this time, before shutting up and enduring, which made her smile.

She patted his cheek, saying, "There there.. Now that's a good little dickless pony slave". "Isn't it better when you begin to understand me better?", she laughingly said to him.

With everyone around, she told them that this was his chance to discover his how long it would be before he had a chance to not only be free of his chastity device, but to also wank his little dicky, IF he earned that reward between now and then. The game they were going to play was called bladder control, she told the onlooking guests.

For the next two hours, while they played a bit, the catheter would be unclipped so he could pee without that blockage up inside his tiny little penis. He would be still drinking his water (which continued to dribble down the back of his throat), yet his task was to practice self control and not to pee very much. For at the moment, he had two litres of water in the bucket. Lillian said that she may add another litre, just for punishment, but that each container held exactly a litre so she could keep check.

She told the gathered friends that at the end of the 2 hours, she would check his bucket again, emptying out the contents. For every 10 millilitres over the water she had added, he would be another day in Chastity. So if he added another litre of pee to the bucket, that would mean another 100 days before his little dicky would be able to come out and play. Unless of course, he was bad, resulting in more time being added.

To make sure everyone knew what he had been through already, Lillian added that so far, he had been 19 weeks without an orgasm, seventeen of them without even much of an erection being possible inside his other chastity devices. She added that he had managed to go two weeks before he fell into her trap and locked his cock away.

With this revelation, some of the people smiled, others raised an eyebrow, knowing that his situation was already serious and was about to become very much more so.

Lillian reached down, unclipped the little mechanism which held the tube of the catheter closed, opening the valve. Almost immediately, they heard the sound of his urine hitting the water already in the bucket. The silence lasted a few seconds, until somehow the rushing of pee was silenced, as Tom managed to stem the flow from his pained and distended bladder. The silence was only momentary, as once more he squirted his pee into the bucket. Again it stopped briefly, to once again rush from the still overly full bladder into the bucket.

This brought a few giggles and laughter from those gathered around, while they watched as his face contorted as he tried in vain to hold it in, without success. Another minute or so passed, with him beginning to have success as he managed sometimes 10, other times 15 seconds without peeing. Soon Lillian reached up and opened the valve above his head, increasing the dribble of water flowing into him, which made him gag for a second as once again his bladder emptied more urine into the bucket.

They left him there while he tried with every ounce of his concentration to hold back his still half full bladder. The next 120 minutes would be very tough to endure. Yet he knew he must keep concentrating, because he could tell that with every few seconds of peeing, he was adding weeks to his time in chastity. He thought back over all his years, wondering exactly how much the bladder could hold and hoping it wasn't as much as what he thought. For in his mind he sort of knew that it would be more than a litre by the time this session was up, due to the continuous dribbles of water going down his throat. Meaning about 120 or so days, would be his initial sentence taking into account time already having been locked up. The world around him seemed to disappear as he focussed totally on the task ahead - not to pee another drop.

Judgement Hour and the Interrogation.

After a decent time had been by all, well, maybe not all, but at least ALL of the Dominant ones there, it was time to check on the chastity pony. Instead of removing the clips from his nipples, Lillian instead released the bucket from the clips and the safety line tied about his waistbelt. To torment him further, she once more closed off the valve at his catheter, meaning once again his bladder would be stopped from releasing any more pee.

The final result, 1230 millilitres. 123 more days in Chastity... Another four months! Having already been without an orgasm for almost five, that would mean almost nine months in total - if he didn't accumulate additional weeks for indiscretions. Lillian marked the date down in crayon, over on a nearby wall ounted board, there for everyone to see.

With the gathering of friends now in attendance, once more finger foods and drinks were being served by those servants and slaves not still confined or left to suffer in their tormenting predicaments in Lillian's new underground dungeons. Lillian told them that tonight, they would be here to bare witness to her slave's interrogation, to check his honesty and integrity. Then, upon conclusion, they could act as jurors in his sentencing. This brought forth a number of smiles from the dozen or more guests.

In minutes, the captive was wired for pain, with his nipple clamps having been removed, causing a frantic hissing of air from his nostrils and a loud groan of pain from his gag as the blood flow returned to them. The wiring was a work of pure evilness in itself. For his balls were wired, as was the catheter which went up inside his cock and also acted as the PA security device. This meant any current going through here would go from his balls, to the eye of his cock. At some point in his past he may have thought he knew what pain was, yet soon, he would discover what real agony was when it was directed into the most private and sensitive areas of one's body.

The intruder into his rectum was also wired for pain, as were his already tormented nipples. Things were just about ready to begin. Soon, the fluids being forced into his throat were turned off and the gag was also removed. He stretched his jaw and tried to overcome the pains which now tormented it from being forced around the huge penis gag for the past hours. He stood there, as he couldn't do anything else, as Lillian walked around before standing off to one side of him, a remote control in her hand.

Tom thought he knew enough to be able to make a good impression and to ensure that he would come off lightly during this session. After all, hadn't he just endured an incredibly humiliating and punishing time of things? Little did he realise the real extent of what Lillian had planned for him.

Her first question caught him totally off guard and unprepared, as it was one he had never, ever thought he would be asked.

"Did you visit with any other women, when on your trip over here the time we first met", she had said.

Of course he had, but no-one knew that except he himself. As why would he travel half way around the world, to only tie up just one girl?

Remembering to be polite and address her as he was told, In a croaky, hesitant voice, he replied, "No Mistress Lillian, I did not".

The scream of shock and agony split the air deep down inside this underground dungeon. A number of the guests were caught unaware and nearly jumped out of their seats as he reacted to the jolt of electricity which assaulted both his balls as well as the eye of his cock. The second scream came with less surprise, yet it too seemed to tear from his lungs making them all glad it wasn't they who were on the receiving end.

Lillian walked around to face him, before she held the remote control up for him to see, then asked him, "Are you sure you do not wish to revise your statement?... After all, why do you think I would have asked such a direct, specific question, if I wasn't sure of the answer beforehand?".

Her statement hit him like a locomotive, full frontal and with incredible force. He thought about his current situation, then tried to imagine what more she may do, once he told her and those still gathered here, the truth.

"Now, when you speak again with the truth, you will also have request certain additional punishments or confinement time in chastity, as you know as well as I do, that you are lying. Plus, the people here will act as your judge and jury. If they feel you did not ask for sufficient additional punishments and or time in chastity, they will double, or triple it. Is that clear?.. Now, answer the question again, this time requesting additional punishments for both what you did, and for lying".

He looked at those assembled, he sensed they too knew he had lied and he wondered how he had been found out. He had to act fast and not only decide upon his punishments, but also give an accurate answer to her question.

"Mistress Lillian, I am very sorry for lying to you and Yes, I did indeed visit another woman when I came over to visit with you that year. As far as additional punishment is concerned, I feel another three wee"..... She looked at him, before he continued, "Three months added to the term of chastity and slavery to you would be just punishments for my sins".

Lillian said nothing in the silence which followed his admission of guilt in both areas and his request for the additional punishments. The period of silence lasted for nearly a minute, before she continued..

"So, tell us about what transpired when you went to see this 'other woman', on the same trip when you had promised yourself to me". The way she said it, the promising himself to her wasn't the way it really was, but he let that go for now, while he thought about how to tell the story of Isabella, the other woman.


Tom thought back - Isabella had been everything Lillian wasn't, when they met those five and a bit years ago. She was young, petite, had an innocence which had melted his heart and mind. Just 22, luscious thick blonde hair almost to her waist, small yet firm breasts with nipples which reacted to his every touch, even to his words. She hadn't lied to him about her situation and they had spent nearly a week together, exploring every realm they could of bondage and light discipline. It had been the most memorable of ALL his overseas adventures.

He recalled holding the phone to her cheek as she spoke to her mother, while stringently hogtied on the bed in their hotel room. He remembered the looks other men gave him when they noticed the pure radiant beauty of the much younger lady who accompanied him - yet who was obviously there because she wanted to be and not because she was paid to be. All these memories came flooding back to him in this instant.

Although she had told him that she would do anything to be with him, he knew that their age difference would cause her many, many hassles. He also cared for her SO deeply, that he had forsaken his chance to have this most perfect of specimens, so that she could go on to have a decent life without her family finding out about her kinky lifestyle, or her relationship with the older man. He loved her so much, that he told her to wait, as if she felt the same after finishing all her college years, university and then beginning work, he would STILL be there for her. He promised her that. He meant what he said when he made that promise too, as even now, the thoughts of Isabella flooded his inner self with a deep, deep sense of longing.

Lillian must have noticed this, because she said aloud, "My my, what good memories you must have been having now, care to share them with the rest of us?".

Startled from his blissful dreamworld, he stammered a couple of words which he knew came across as false. He waited for the punishment from the remote control in her hand, yet it didn't arrive.

She added, "So you weren't thinking about the other lady then, is that correct?".

"No, no, not her, you, ONLY you Mistress. I swear".

"So, this other woman, really means nothing to you, is that correct?"

"Absolutely not, Mistress. Nothing at all, in fact I was just struggling to recall the time I spent with her, as it was nothing like the time we shared, no comparison, I mean it Mistress", he said... Not exactly lying of course, meaning the time he spent with Lillian was nowhere near as good as it had been with the adorable Isabella...

"Hmmm, okay, that's it for now. Let's just pop a gag back in, while we consider things. Thank you for being so honest", Lillian added.

Not wanting to upset her any further, he dutifully opened his mouth while she buckled on a triple bulbed inflatable butterfly gag, with straps all about his face and head. He wondered if she had picked up on his lies and his comment about there being no comparison.. At first he thought not, but then, as she began buckling the gag onto him, he began to think she may have, for the straps went on ultra tight, until his head and face felt like they were being constricted by a vice. When it was inflated to almost the limit he could withstand, she looked into his eyes, smiling as she inflated it further, until his eyes began to bulge. She flicked the side of his cheek, hearing an almost drum like sound, she patted his cheek, then turned and nodded towards one of her friends near the door.

At that point, there came a sound from the hallway leading to the room they were now in. Heads turned towards the entry door, as another one of the low, transport trolleys was pushed into the room. Standing atop it, secured to a solid metal framework was a doll like figurine. Fully encased in multiple layers of latex and also heavy rubber styled, added to which was a layer of heavy leather to such an extent that you couldn't even be certain it was a real person inside of it all.

From the base of the trolley, stood a pair of 6 inch pointed toe ballet boots, which laced up to almost the knee. Super tight latex covered the legs. Which were cinched together with half a dozen straps, each cutting into the flesh. By the time your vision took in the crotch, hips and heavily corseted waist, you had already noticed the outline of a full chastity belt under the latex pants. Just looking at the narrowness of the waistline was enough to make anyone wince at the painful constriction the person inside would be forced to endure.

Looking up higher, the only flesh you saw were two, hugely artificial breasts, standing out from the figure through cutouts in the chest region of the latex suit. Artificial in that they were not natural, but they certainly were real. Just augmented beyond description. The flesh stretched taught after what must have been surgery for implants of silicone, plus adjustable saline inerts as well maybe, to continuously stretch the skin and surrounds with each additional inflation, until now the two breasts stood full, firm, high up and yet massively out of proportion with the rest of the tiny, petite body hidden underneath the bondage and fetish wear.

The arms were not immediately visible, as they were cruelly cinched into a single glove behind the figure's back. Straps about the hips, waist, under and over the breasts and up over the shoulders held it's arms to it's back and made the doll like figure stand incredibly straight and immobile.

An heavy duty, wide posture collar held the head erect, with the face not at all visible under multiple layers of hoods, while obviously gagged with a diabolical inflatable butterfly gag, the bulb of which was affixed to the posture collar. From the top of the leather and latex encased head, there flowed the longest, thickest ponytail of golden blonde hair you had ever seen. The hair pulled taught from the top centre of the hood, to be tied off to the crossbar above the figure, stretching the figurine vertically in place.

The barbie doll like figure was rolled down a centre aisle between those seated, until it was about 6 feet in front of Tom. He noticed the large pirecings through each nipple. The nipples themselves were pulled tightly outwards, using specially made nipple stretchers of stainless steel. He had seen nipple stretching devices on-line before, but none as severe as these. A circular ring of round steel went over the top of the nipple and areola. This base was almost 2 inches in diameter. Through this, the nipple, areola and even some breast flesh were pulled outwards almost a full 2 inches, forming a massively oversized and distended pair of nipples which secured at the narrower end of the nipple stretchers in the centre of a smaller ring. Through this smaller end a heavy gauge U bolt type of thing, locked through the nipples and anchoring them in place. He cringed at the thought of this alone, before wondering how evil it would be, to be led about the place by these ultra heavy fixtures.

With all eyes on the figure, Lillian stood beside it, directly in Tom's line of sight. "I guess you could never tell, judging by these wonderfully enhanced and over inflated titties alone", Lillian said as she poked and prodded the massive mounds of breast flesh. "But if you look closer at the very rare, incredibly thick head of hair, plus the petite nature of the rest of it's body - then also, if she wasn't covered in latex the way she is, you would notice this creature has a very distinct, heart shaped birthmark - right about here", Lillian said as she pointed to a spot just above the right thigh on the leather and latex encased figure.

"You know, she said she would do anything, anything at all - to be in your company again", Lillian continued as the restrained figure of Tom, suddenly became active in his bonds. Incredible noises tried to escape from behind his gag as almost every muscle arced spasmodically into life. Shuddering and struggling against the bonds which held him captive, Tom's face went red, then purple as he tried to voice his fury and incredible rage at the bitch who not only had him captive, but who now also held captive the woman whom he had loved so dearly. The one true love of his life that he set her free until she would later come back to his side, to be there forever more...

Whispered chatter and hearty applause went around the room, as others stood and talked, congratulating Lillian on her accomplishments as her male slave slowly began to realise that no-one was paying attention to him any longer. Instead, they were talking amongst themselves as he stood there, his eyes looking at the latex rubber and leather encased figure restrained before his eyes, then over to Lillian, where they looked at her with fury beyond description.

Lillian finally looked over at the captive man whom she once longed to be the property of, whom she now had managed to turn the tables upon, more than successfully, so that he was now totally under her control, his life in her hands, his entire being now subdued and utterly dedicated to her. This would be especially true, now that she had the additional bargaining chip of the enslaved Isabella, with which she could bribe him and torment him for as long as she decided to keep him.

She walked up beside him, then whispered into his ear.... "Tom darling, you know how much fun it will be, to see the look in your eyes as your little fuck doll sucks as many cocks as I tell her to, believing that if she does it often enough, she may finally get to take yours in her mouth. Meanwhile you can watch on in your chastity, knowing that your worthless little dick will never, ever feel her tongue, teeth or lips upon it. In fact, I may increase your torment and chastity, so that you will never, ever get free, not even once to take a pee".

"Or even better still, I may have you operated on", Lillian continued.. "you see, I've read recently, they have managed to give a second chance to those men who have 'lost' their private bits in accidents and the like. They can now sew on another little dicky, inserting a saline type of sack which is used to inflate it to erection, so they can have sex and all that. The only thing is, they haven't been able to hook up the nerves properly so there isn't much sensation. Which is good for the woman, as she gets a hard cock for as long as she wants, while the man just gets to exert energy fucking her, without any of the normal feelings of satisfaction. Maybe that is what I'll have done to you. Severing of the nerves and an inflatable dick.. So you can hump for as long as we want you to, without any satisfaction on your part. That's something to think about, isn't it, my dear"...

As he looked on, Lillian returned to the side of the mannequin like figure of Isabella. Her hands squeezing the pendulous breasts, her long fingernails slowly raking the taut, expansive skin of them. Tom thought he could hear some sort of increased hissing of air via the breathing holes in the hood, but he wasn't sure. How he loathed Lillian at the moment. And ohh, how he longed to see and feel his darling Isabella, who must be suffering incredibly with all that had been done to her.

Lillian invited a number of those present to join her. Soon, the poor girl who was confined in latex and leather, was writhing under the assault of caresses and other things which were stimulating her titties in ways it is difficult to imagine.

Tom watched on in horror as a heavy, square edged flogger was used upon Isabella's breasts. Redish bruise like welts began to appear as the slightest of grunt and groans escaped from under the gagged and hooded head of his one true love.

Lillian lifted another remote control, which began to vibrate Isabella's pussy, while sending electrical shocks to the rectum of the tiny, petite bodied, huge breasted slave girl who had long since become trained to crave this form of torment. Meanwhile, the attention paid to the rest of her body and breasts had not let up. Others had lifted crops and canes, taking their time to apply strokes to the various other parts of her body which were now coming under fire from the various implements. Although she was covered in the latex, Tom could see the effect was still having its intended results, as the figurine jerked in many directions, not knowing where the next stroke would land.

Caressing the waist and hips of the captive doll, Lillian turned to look at Tom, as she smiled a smile which conveyed only one meaning - both of you belong to me and there is nothing either of you can do about it.. Truly now both of you are my slaves..

She left the others to tease, please and torment the captive figure of Isabella, while she returned to gloat with her latest slave, Tom.. She put her hand out, taking hold of his chastised, steel encased cock.

Looking over to the captive figurine, Lillian turned back to him once again, telling him that if he did everything he was told, she wouldn't uncover isabella's eyes, thus letting her witness Tom worshipping Lillian's titties, pussy, feet and even her lovely, shapely asshole, which would be one of Tom's daily tasks..

With her hand now squeezing his balls, she casually said, "Your little friend over there hasn't had sex for nearly 18 months now, well, that is not exactly true.. Her pussy is invaded with a huge dildo, which stimulates her, or punishes her, yet is designed to bring her close to an orgasm, yet to never, ever permit her to have one. A wonderful method of training her, don't you think? I keep telling her that once she has learned this, or that, she will be able to have an orgasm. But I don't think I'll ever let her have one, what do you think dear?", Lillian asked him. Tom's face just turned darker with rage.

"But that doesn't mean she can't have sex, she gives it orally very often, plus the plug in the rear of her chastity belt is designed so it can be removed. People often come here and use her asshole, so she isn't really going without sex, is she? But of course, when that happens we have to shock her pussy and titties so it isn't too much fun.

Maybe I'll add to your chastity, fixing you up with a full belt like hers and a huge anal intruder to stretch your rear - just like hers", she said, nodding in the direction of the doll like figurine which was once the beautiful and innocent Isabella. "Maybe someone will want to use your bum hole too - just like they do with hers. Only time will tell", she added.

Finally she said, "I can hardly wait to have you also trained as a pony slave, so that the two of you can be hitched up and get to spend time side by side, being able to see each other, yet never be close enough to touch. Don't you think that will be so much fun?", Lillian had said before once more, activating the electrical stim which began sending medium strength shocks to his butt, his nipples, then his cock and balls. Tom grunted and shook within his bonds, being unable to do anything except learn to endure.

Finally she added, "Oh, in case I neglected to mention it, I have some special sleeping arrangements for you both. Especially once we end up taking your heavy concrete boots off in some time to come. You will be restrained in some sort of a bed together, very close, but never able to touch, talk or enjoy each others company. Some time later, when I let her see who is fucking her ass or her mouth, I'll make sure it is you who is the one doing the fucking. Although it will be with a huge fake cock strapped to you. You won't know when this happens, nor will you be able to avoid it, as to stop doing what you are instructed to do will mean pain worse than anything you have experienced tonight.

That way, when your beloved little sex doll discovers who is tormenting her ass and her face, she will think it has been you who has been fucking her, abusing her and causing her pain. She will associate you with all the terrible times she had been screwed in her rectum or face hole, all the time she has been captive, as well as every other bad thing which she has experienced. Isn't that wonderful? I get to fuck you both over, whilst keeping you both as my tormented pets".

Tom's eye blazed at her like a furnace, his mouth made sounds which she knew weren't words fit for hearing, so she just smiled and said to him.. "See how well you taught me? Abusing me the way you did simply created the one who is now set to take revenge. Revenge which you yourself inspired and are now receiving - it just took a long time coming, sort of like your sex life will be from now on - a long time coming, if ever!", she laughed.

Lillian smiled, then once more placed that wooden box over his head, so he was left alone with his thoughts, while he heard the others discussing what they would do later when they got to have their way with Isabella - his one and only true love...

To be cont'd... possibly

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