The Simple Bet

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Not that it is really important to give the background behind it, some of you readers might want to hear them out of curiosity's sake.

Linda and I had been married for nearly fourteen years when we first started playing with it. We had fallen into a comfortable rut in our sex life. More often than not we were too tired or too busy with our own interests or projects to make the time or energy for each other. I had taken to masturbating whenever the whim struck, rather than impose on her, and I suspect she was doing the same. If we were being intimate even once a month I would have been surprised.

One evening Linda came to me and suggested we go to bed together. She told me she was a bit tired, but was in the mood for sex, and asked if I would go down on her to get her in the more turned on. I have always been willing to oblige her that way, and soon was bringing her to her second climax of the night. After she caught her breath and I prepared to slide myself inside I saw a look on her face that made me stop.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. I'm just really wiped out. You always do such a great job with your tongue that I am completely satisfied. I could roll over and just fall asleep right now... " her voice trailed off.

Now I had a dilemma on my hands. My heart was telling me that I should not make her feel obligated to take care of me. Sex needs to be something that she wants, otherwise it is simply not very satisfying for me emotionally. At the same time, my very firm erection was urging me not to give up so easily. In the end I realized that letting her be comfortable and go to sleep satisfied was more important, and with a kiss on her cheek I got out of bed and went out of the room.

Now being incredibly worked up did not make it easy for me to settle down. The television was no help. Nothing worth watching, to say the least. So my next stop was my personal library. Not much there to read that wouldn't take more interest and attention than I cared to give it. Finally I went to my computer and fired it up. I surfed the web for a while, wandering from site to site. Being worked up like I was my surfing ended up taking me to some risqué sites, including some that talked about orgasm denial and chastity devices. I looked at them for a while and chuckled. I was horny enough without being locked up in some fictional device. After all, men wouldn't really wear these things. Finally I grew tired enough to head off to bed.

After working late the next day I came home and scrounged up some dinner. Linda had already eaten and was in the den working on the computer. I peaked in after putting my dishes into the washer and saw her playing solitaire. We talked about our days and then I wandered out to the garage to finish tuning up the lawnmower. I think that I was ready to rip out all of the grass and just go for the abandoned dirt lot look rather than fight with that contraption much more. Back in the house I washed up and found Linda on the sofa, reading some papers that she had brought home from work. "Hey, you had a tough time getting to sleep last night, didn't you?" she asked.

"Well, I guess so."

"Do you know what time it was when you came to bed?"

"Not really. A little after midnight... " I guessed aloud.

"Try almost 3:45. And there were some interesting places in the history list."

"Since when do you look at that?"

"Since I couldn't find that research site for the paper I was working on. I opened the history and well... I was surprised where your mind went."

"Well, not meaning to make you feel guilty, but you did leave me a little worked up last night. "

"Hmmm. That's a shame. I was thinking that we could have a repeat. It certainly made me feel good. And it seems like keeping you hanging was a bit of a turn on, based on the places you were at on the web... "

"Where I went last night was just out of boredom and a bit of frustration... besides, those things aren't even real."

"Wanna bet?"

"Fine. What do you know about them?"

"Uh-uh. You need to make the bet first before I tell you. Otherwise I'd be tipping my hand."

"So what do you want to bet?"

"How about... if they aren't real and they don't work I'll give you oral sex as often as you want for a month."

"Well that's certainly a generous offering. And if you're right?"

"Since you're so sure they aren't real it shouldn't matter... ." She teased.

"I still want to know what the consequences are."

"Well, it seems to me that in order to establish if they are real we have to get one and try it out. First you have to agree to wear the one that I get, and give it a real, honest test to see if it works. Then we'll determine the outcome."

Normally I would have said no to an offer like that. After all, what kind of fool makes a bet without knowing the stakes involved? How about one that was still horny from the previous night, and now had his wife on her knees in front of him, rubbing his crotch. Then she unzipped my slacks and pulled me out of my shorts. As her tongue slid along the length of my shaft the words just popped out, "You're on."

After making love that night I let the whole scenario slip from my mind. That is until ten days later when I was getting ready to climb into bed with her and go to sleep. She was already under the covers enjoying one of her favorite paperbacks as I slid in next to her. I leaned over to kiss her cheek goodnight when she looked up from her book and told me not to get comfortable yet.

"Why's that?"

"Well, we have a bet to work on. Guess what came in the mail today?"

Slowly my mind began to crank through the dim, distant past and as I began to recall our bet she reached next to her side of the bed and pulled out a box. "At least we know they exist. Now we need to find out if they really work."

After some working and fiddling and adjusting she finally had me locked up inside of this clear acrylic cage. This device, which Linda told me was called a CB-3000, enclosed my cock while leaving my balls hanging out and trapped by a plastic ring.

"What do you think?" she smiled once she clicked the small padlock shut.

"I hate to say it, but it looks pretty awesome. And it doesn't even bother me."

"Great. I figure you'll need to spend some time in it. "

After that we played around with adjusting and tweaking the fit. It was finally something I could wear for several days at a time. This went on for a month, me wearing the device for four or five days then getting let out for sex. That was when she said it was time to settle up our bet. "After all, this past month has just been to prove that they work. So the prize I get is that I get to keep locking you up in a chastity device for the next two years."

I wanted desperately to object, but it hadn't been that bad, really. We were having sex at least once a week, as compared to once a month or less, and I certainly wasn't going to try to get out of a bet I had made, even if she had coerced my agreement.

"That's not all. I have been reading that some men can manage to get out of this. So we need to get something more secure. The only really secure way is to use a metal tube that is anchored with the piercing. So tomorrow we are going to get you pierced and order a hand-made tube. Now come here and use that prick of yours to make me feel fantastic."

After three months the steel version of the chastity tube arrived, and it locked on through my recently healed piercings. I had both a Prince Albert and a frenum piercing done, at Linda's insistence. The new device locked steel pins through both holes and left me with absolutely no chance of getting free without some serious bodily harm. Surprisingly I become comfortable in this new steel prison pretty quickly, and for the next six months Linda slowly began to extend the amount of time I would spend locked up. She said that even if it wasn't intentional, when I was locked away I was more attentive to her. This surprised me, as I had thought the only changes in our relationship were the increase of her desire for oral sex from me. By the end of sixth month I was going two to three weeks at a time without having the tube taken off at all.

"This is going along even better than the stories on the internet," remarked Linda. "So for the next six months you are only getting unlocked once a month. And then for the second year we will unlock you once every 90 days."

I could only stare at her in shock. I thought things were going well, and that we were getting closer together. So why would she do this?

"I can see by your eyes that you are not exactly comfortable with the plan. Hmm. If you object, I can always put the keys away for the next 18 months... "

The months passed slowly. I craved the feel of my erect cock in her almost hourly. I craved the feeling of an orgasm shuddering through my body. What I did get was the incredible pleasure of making love to my wife two, sometimes three times a week with my hands and my arms, my lips and my tongue. Despite my efforts to convince her to change her mind, Linda stuck to the schedule she had told me about. Those few times she unlocked me from my prison the feelings from my orgasm left me shaking uncontrollably, and even had me weeping a few times.

With only a month to go before the end of our bet I started to have mixed feelings. I wanted to be free to touch myself and at the same time I had grown to love that the most intimate part of our relationship was completely in her control, and that the only sexual pleasure I had was shared by Linda.

Linda was doing her part to stir things up by some very heavy teasing, and a countdown calendar on the fridge kept the tally of how long until I would be let out for good. The teases made it impossible for me to concentrate on anything except my upcoming unlocking day. In the back of my mind I was beginning to realize I was going to ask her to continue keeping me locked up, though I was afraid to actually tell her.

With only two weeks left to go Linda came home late from work with some bad news. Her company was having some problems and she had suddenly been told she would be making a trip to Tokyo to make a presentation and then teach some training seminars. I leave three days before your unlock day, and will be there for 14 days.

"Well, we could just move the release date up a few days. It won't matter if ... "

"No! Absolutely not. The term was two years. Two FULL years. If you have to wait a little longer it won't hurt you. Besides, you won't have me around the house teasing you the whole time. It won't be that bad."

I had just seen visions of two full weeks of non-stop masturbation build up and die in a matter of less than a minute. The sudden roller-coaster took a few moments to settle down. And she was right, I would survive and it did matter if it was a full two years of playing.

The morning before Linda's flight was to return the telephone rang. I was surprised to hear Linda's voice. She was jabbering and upset. The background noise and the long distance static combined to make it difficult to filter down to her words. Slowly they began to emerge into a cohesive string. Airport. Flight. Leaving in only a few minutes. No idea. No ID? Then a sob, followed by "Oh shit, Mark. What can we do?"

"Calm down and start over. You're at the airport?"

"Yes. And my flight leaves in about 10 minutes. I can't miss it. I need to get back to our offices for a client meeting. If I miss this flight I won't get back in time for our meeting tomorrow."

"So get on the plane. What's the problem?"

"The problem is my laptop. At the security station they pulled me aside for a more thorough search, random. Anyway, while they were talking to me my laptop disappeared. Security said they are going to review the surveillance tapes, but somebody snatched it, and they said they probably can't get it back."

"Well, most of your files are still at the office on your main computer. Between that and the Emails, other correspondence you can recreate everything. It's not the end of the world. Sure, it stinks, but not enough to make you miss your flight. Come home."

"Mark, you're missing the point. Not everything can be replaced." There was an urgency in her voice that left me feeling sick inside.

"So what is so important that you would have put it on your laptop?"

"Not on the laptop. In the case. The keys. To your tube."

"Well, there are two. So come home and we'll use the other one."

"You weren't listening. I said keys, as in two. I figured you would look all over and eventually find the second one if I left it at the house. So I grabbed it when I left. I put them both in the laptop case so they wouldn't get lost if the luggage did. I knew I'd have the laptop with me the whole time. It felt like the safest place. I was wrong."

I stood silently as her words sunk in. Both keys. Gone.

"They're calling final boarding. What do I do, honey?"

"... just.. come home," I sighed into the phone. "We'll figure something out later. It'll be okay... "

"I'm really sorry about this. I'll try and come up with a solution while on my flight. Why don't you send an Email to the tube maker and ask if she has any solutions. Gotta go if I am going to make this plane."

So now I am sitting here staring at the piece of metal attached to my crotch. And for the moment it seems like it might be permanent. I have been sitting next to the telephone so long that the sun has set and the room is getting dark. Linda's flight will be landing in only three more hours and I have no idea what is going to happen next.

This simple game and a silly bet are now turning out to be far more serious than either of us could ever have dreamed.

I suppose at some point I will get desperate enough to find a locksmith to try and help me. When I am so desperate that I forget to be embarrassed.

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