Woman Enjoys Submissive Feelings

Submitted by: Caroline

My name is Caroline. My husband and I have been involved in BDSM for ten years and just recently got interested in chastity belts. I found your site while browsing on the subject and wanted to tell you a little but about our lifestyle.

This all started for us about two years ago when my husband locked a chain around my waist just before attending a family dinner. Immediately I went into "submissive" mode and felt very subdued and captive and my husband seeing this simply decided that I would wear it for a while. Well a while turned out to be a week which is when he decided that another chain between my legs might be even more erotic. So I stood there naked in the livingroom as he experimented with different ways of connecting the chain and finally settled on hooking it all together with key rings. I was so turned on I couldn't stand it. I had to touch myself which is when my husband realized that a simple chain wouldn't do the job.

After weeks of drawing sketches and searching hardware store my husband finally came up with something that has worked for me ever since. My chastity belt is made out of leather strapping and covered with aluminum bands that are riveted to the leather straps. Two locks secure the whole thing. On between my legs which swings freely and the other locks the waist strap at my belly button although my husband is considering a newer design where the waist strap lock would be in the back.

I wear my chastity belt every day and although I carry an emergency key I have never used it. My husband locks me in my belt in the morning and when I come home in the afternoon I can't wait sometimes to get it off so I can relieve myself. Then it's locked right back on and I am allowed to carry out my regular routine. On occassion he has even taken posession of the key which forces me wear my belt without any way to remove it in case of an emergency.

I love the feeling of captivity in my chastity belt. I have worn it to family bbq's, weddings, work, out shopping, while visiting friends, in fancy restaurants, everywhere! And no one has ever suspected a thing.


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