Replacement parts for Access Denied Belts?

Submitted by: Gary

Since Access Denied went out of business and nobody purchased the product line or the replacement parts, many people are in need of something to fix their belts as they age.

I'm not sure what the dimensions are, but you can buy that liner in either silicone or neoprene from Neosteel. You can also buy the locks and the shackle shrouds if you want. I'm not sure how the AD locked with the shrouds on the padlock setups, but Neosteel has two types. The first one uses two pins to keep the shroud from rotating with a cutout area in the pin for the lock's shackle. The second type is similar to the Jones belts with a hole drilled in the pin on the waist band, and a pin in the lock to go through the shackle shroud and the waist band pin. The small Abus locks they use might work for the padlock style belts, but they don't make one with the cylindrical lock.

So drop them a note and I'm sure you could get the dimensions for the liners. Be aware that it might take a bit of time for them to get back with you as they are really busy these days.

If you have a source for AD replacement parts, please contact Altairboy with the information, and perhaps he will publish it on his website.

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