2004 Update on Dee Luvbight's Chastity Belt Training

Submitted by: Mick and Dee Luvbight

Dear Altairboy,

It's been three years since we've written you, and I thought your readers might like an update on Dee's chsatity belt training. Dee's belt is from Access Denied. They made a really fine product, but they closed for business in 2003. The belt is very durable, which is good, because I don't know where we'll have to go to get it repaired or replaced in the future.

******** Dee's Chastity Belt Training ********

For those of Dee's fans who love to see her in the belt, I hate to bust your bubble, but she isn't locked up 24/7... in fact, she wears the belt only a day or two per month. But when she is in the belt, it has a powerful effect on her psyche... negative, but really powerful.

Before we got the belt, Dee had been roped, chained, saran wrapped, and locked in leather. But when I locked the steel belt around her waist and through her crotch, she felt different. She described it as feeling more "real". My speculation is that Dee is such a vibrant and sexual being, that having her sex locked away in such a genuine fashion is causes feelings of depression. In fact, of all the toys, vibrators, bull whips, nipple clamps and various torture devices in our closet, the one item with the biggest emotional impact is the chastity belt.

One of the main foundation's of Dee's enjoyment of and fulfillment through slavery to me is being controlled. The way to effect that control is to make her do things she doesn't like to do (after all, if you only give her orders to do things she likes, it doesn't take much control).


When I asked her about whether she likes to wear the belt, she says she hates it... it's uncomfortable, it pinches (since we last wrote she has had nine genital piercings, the largest of which is a gauge 4), and it prevents her from wearing her shorty tops that emphasize her tiny waist. But making her wear it drives home the control aspect like no other bondage device. So paradoxically, she likes me to make her wear the belt because she hates to wear it.

******** Longest Time Belted ********

The longest she has ever worn the belt was just over 48 hours. I'd locked her in the belt the night before the Superbowl, with the 2" diameter acrylic vaginal plug installed. I decided to make her pick a team, and the bet was that if her team lost, she had to wear the belt an extra day. I don't remember what her reward was supposed to be if she won, but it didn't matter... her team lost.

She sulked for the whole extra day. What makes it worse for her is that she doesn't like sulking... it makes her feel like she's being a bad slave, so that puts her in an even worse mood. But we've been through this before, and I cannot relent in this situation. If she pouted and I took the belt off early, she'd feel like she failed me and I was a weak master. So she sulked and I just ignored it.

Finally, that next evening, it was time to remove the belt. I decided to make a whole scene out of that, locking her in a leather hood with a gag and blindfold, and tying her to the bed so she couldn't reach her sex.

I unlocked and removed the belt and plug, but then I attached our locking "fucking machine" on her ankles and gave her 30 minutes of orgasms. She didn't really want 30 minutes of orgasms, but it helped her forget how mad she was at me.

******** Through Airport Security in a belt ********

The most interesting time she wore the belt was through airport security It was March 2001, before 9/11, and we haven't tried since, but I belted her at home in Pittsburgh and didn't take the belt of until later that day when has checked into our hotel in Beverly Hills. There is even a photo on our personal website (http://luvbight.com) showing her sitting at the airport gate waiting for our plane showing off the waist band of her belt.

We were on our way to Los Angeles for some business and shopping (this was a few years ago before Pittsburgh got a really good fetish store, so we travelled a couple of times a year to West Hollywood for toy shopping). I decided that I'd read enough fiction about what *might* happen to someone going through security in a belt, and decided that Dee would help me sort out fact from fiction.

She was wearing a short knit top and a pair of high-waisted blue jeans over the belt, with an unbuttoned white long-sleeved shirt over everthing. I'd put the belt on with the secondary shield but without a vaginal or anal plug. I figured that if we did have to take it off in security, I didn't want to have to explain any accessories. With the checked luggage already on its way to the plane, we got in line to be scanned. I let Dee pick the line, and she choose one manned by an older black gentleman who had a nice smile. When she went through, the scanner beeped, as and the guard was telling her to go back and remove the metal from her pockets, she just leaned over, smile a little, and whispered to him: "It won't do any good, I'm wearing a metal belt."

He gave her a strange look and said, "I'd have to see it".

So Dee unbuttoned her pants and pulled the front forward so he could peek down her at her crotch.

He got a big grin and his face and said, "Darn, it's not my day to hand scan."

He gestured Dee over to another lady with a handheld metal detector. She ran the scanner over her body, but even though the scanner beeped near her belly, she must have dismissed it as being the belt buckle on her jeans.

The hardest part for her was sitting in the belt for the 6 hour flight. We stopped in Vegas the next day for some fun and relaxation, and that was when we got her nipples pierced. So, she went out belted and came back pierced.

******** Chastity Belt Surprise ********

Dee's most frustrating experience with the chastity belt came on a rare out of town trip. Since we're retired, we spend just about every hour of the day and night together. So when Dee had to take our daughter out of town for a visit to a medical specialist, I decided it was finally an opportunity to put her in the belt, "since we're going to be apart."

The purpose of this visit was to determine how well a broken bone was healing in order to schedule surgery to remove a leg brace. Like Gilligan's Island, the trip was just supposed to be a three hour drive, an hour or two in the office, and then a three hour drive home.

Much to Dee's surprise, the doctor said that the leg was already healed and they could schedule the surgery the next morning. So Dee called me and told me the good news/bad news. The good news was that our girl's leg was fine and the brace would come off in the morning. The bad news was that they were going to have to spend the night at a local hotel.

Since they hadn't planned to stay overnight, they had no luggage with them, and of course our teenage daughter had no clue that her mom was locked in a chastity belt and the key was 200 miles away back home with daddy in Pittsburgh. Dee had to really keep on her toes to prevent being found out.

The surgery went well, and the next afternoon the pair drove home, mom still firmly chastised and daughter non-the-wiser.

I spent at least the next week grinning. This first experience of having her belted and in a different town from the key worked out just fine.

******** Chastity Belt Date ********

Our most recent experience with the belt came on date night. I made Dee lock the belt on herself (so I could send the photos to Gromet's self bondage site), then we went out to a local hotel club for dancing and drinks.

A couple of years ago I modified a wireless remote-control vibrator to add an attachment bolt that allows the vibrator to be locked to the front plate of her chastity belt. Many times at fetish parties I've had her belted and plugged and passed the control around the other doms, some of whom had no idea what happened when they pressed the button. Of course, the biggest smiles are always on the faces of the doms who *do* know.

So before she could lock the belt, she had to install the big black vibrating plug. Then she had to ride to the hotel with her dress and coat open. When we got there, though, she was surprised when I drove over to a rock sculpture garden in th courtyard of this hotel. I made her pose for a flashing photo in the garden before I let her button up in the parking lot. We then went into the club for some drinking and dancing. Every now and then I pushed the button on the remote to give her pussy a little jolt. There are some photos of this part of the evening in the chastity belt date journal gallery on our web site.

Because the vibrator is 7" long, she has trouble sitting while locked in the belt, but I kept asking her to dance, so she had to get up and down frequently. When sitting down, she's not allowed to sit on her skirt (just like the Story of O), so she had to do a lot of adjusting each time we danced.

For the ride home, I first made her go into the ladies room and remove her dress... so she could only wear her short leather coat. Then I made her walk through the lobby with the coat unbuttoned. Fortunately, it was late, so the desk clerk was in his office instead of standing at the desk.

We walked through the hotel and out to the car. Before I let her into the car, I made her put her coat in the back seat. She had to ride home naked. Most of the ride I kept the vibrator on, but since she's adapted to high-powered stimulation from things like Sybians and fucking machines, the little 7" vibrator just got her hot and horny.

Once home, I first made her pose for more photos before I gave her the key and let her remove the belt and plug. As a reward for being obedient all night, and posing outside in the cold, I gave her a nice fucking with "Jack", our homemade dildo attachment for a reciprocating saw.


As always, let me thank you for your chastity belt site... it's one of two sites I check eaglery ever single day looking for an update.

--Mick and Dee Luvbight
Pittsburgh, PA

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