File Boomerang Service for those without a key holder

Submitted by: Norbert

A couple of month ago we were discussing on a mailing list the possibilities to limit the access to the key to a cb for those without a key holder. Someone suggested a combination lock with a changeable number. Another had the idea to take a picture without looking and wait for the film to be developed. I had the idea for a service on the internet where you can send a picture to by eMail and specify a date when you want it back. Well this discussion led to no practical results.

Some days ago I found the same thing suggested on a German discussion group. Someone even implemented the internet service to go with it!

So this is what I did:

I've got a padlock where you can change the combination. The key to the cb is enclosed in a clear plastic casing that fits into the hasp. In case of emergency I could break this case to get at the key. But I wouldn't like to do that because it took so much time to build. I put the key into the casing, change the combination without looking and stick a strip of paper across the digits. This strip carries some markings to adjust the camera. When I'm satisfied with the camera setup I carefully pull of the paper strip and take a picture. With the combination that will set me free recorded in the camera I set the padlock to zero and it is locked.

n030530a.jpg n030530b.jpg

I then transfer the picture into the computer. The File Boomerang Service has this URL: On this page there are 3 input fields. The top one is for your eMail address you want the picture returned to. In the second field you can choose the number of days you want to wait. And in the final third field you can browse for the picture file on your computer you want to send. Then press the Send button once and you are done. Don't forget to delete the picture and empty the dust bin.

All I could do then is wait for the eMail to return me my picture. The delay can be specified as a number of days. A day is exactly 24 hours. If you send it at 2pm you will have to wait at least until 2pm on the specified day.

There is a small technical problem with this service. It is only activated when a new picture comes in. Only then pictures due to be sent back are processed. So if your picture doesn't arrive send in another one to trigger the process.


Well here comes my picture and I'm free again.

Chaste regards

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