Female Chastity

Submitted by: Sally and Paul

I was a very interested to read about Tina's belted holiday and would like to share a similar experience that I have to Tina's with you:

My husband and Master put me in a chastity belt some 3 years ago and to stop the monthly ladies problem I also had the "matchstick" implant in my arm which stops my periods for 5 years. Therefore there is no need for the belt to come off for these regular interruptions.

I am also regularly corseted and my waist is now just below 23 inches - not bad for a forty four year old!

Anyway back to the chastity belt which was made by Tollyboy I wear it 24/7 for almost 3years and I am allowed to have it released so I can orgasm once every 3 months. During this time it comes off regularly under bondage conditions for cleaning and hygiene purposes however every time this happens I a in bondage and am unable to relive my sexual frustration, but my husband ensures that at times like these I am brought to the edge of a climax without completion and am left very frustrated.

At home when we have visitors who know of my state - both male and female. I am usually paraded and poked fun at. One particular couple that visits, I have to serve as a maid and provide sexual favors to both of them orally. We decided to go on a barge (Canal boat) holiday with this couple. For this time, though it was decided that Carol would also be in a chastity belt during the holiday and that only the men would receive orgasms.. She was only happy with this as long as for her own safety she could keep a second key to her belt. I had an old one that was too big for me but would fit her with an internal lock which she would be put into 2 weeks before our holiday and remain in it during the 2 week holiday. This was like an eternity for her as she once said to me that if she did not "Cum" at least every other day she would be climbing the walls for sex. Now she would have to do without for over a month.

The only clothes we were allowed to take with us were a trench coat, corset, stockings and stiletto's, with these our men packed us both a mini skirt and flimsy blouse as well as a mini dress each. That was our clothes for 2 weeks - the men however packed a large amount of bondage accessories and uniforms to use on both of us. We soon found out that we were to be kept in bondage for the whole holiday except when we went ashore, then we would only be able to wear what they gave us.

During the two weeks the men did very well for themselves receiving oral services from us and Carol soon became very sexually frustrated.

During the holiday on the middle weekend we were dressed in just the corset, stockings, heels and trench coat, the men had arranged for a taxi to pick the four of us up and take us to a fetish event that the had become aware of and had purchased tickets in advance. Once inside, our coats were removed and we were both put into collars and leads and our hands cuffed behind our back we were led around like this all night and became the attention of a number of people who enquired of our status and lifestyles.

During the rest of the holiday when we were not naked or in briefest of clothes at all meal time and when cleaning both of us wore French maids uniforms which further interested our men and our sex drives.

At times we were allowed on deck and were secured hand and foot to sunbeds and left on deck with just our chastity belts covering our modesty. We spent many an hour like this as we traveled the waterways.

At least at the end of the two weeks Carol knew she was in for a wonderful sex session. Unfortunately for me I had another 5 weeks to wait. To increase my frustration Carol and her husband had full sex for over 2 hours in front on me when we got back home and Carol teased me mercifully during their act.

To make maters worse my husband has now given Carol the key to my belt and she stated that my three months should now start from the day she came and not when I last had sex therefore this time I will have to wait 19 weeks in total.

Revenge was sweet. The next time we decided To have us both in chastity. I exchanged the key, so I now had the only key to Carols belt. The key I gave her was worthless and with these Tollyboy belts, they only open with the special key. At the end of the holiday, she went home, still locked in her belt. It was not long before there were frantic phone calls that the key would not work! Well that was 5 months ago now and I still have the key secretly hidden and Carol is still locked up, very, very frustrated.

Love for now


p.s. if anyone would like to correspond with me or my husband / master please write to the email shown

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