The wife who wears the golden belt

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By Jo-Anne Smetherham

The family jewels, they might be called. Only this set belongs to the wife rather than her husband - and he gets to keep the key.

A gold chastity belt, studded with 60 pearls and a host of minute diamonds, was made recently by Cape Town goldsmith Uwe Koetter. He was commissioned to do the job by a groom-to-be from Britain. The belt was a wedding gift from the amorous man and cost him R160 000.

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The plan, apparently, is that the bride would wear the belt during the wedding ceremony, which was to take place in London, and the belt would be unlocked that night. Hopefully, it has been said, the groom would not lose the key.

The belt took a month to design and make, and was sent to the couple two weeks ago. It is studded with 60 pearls and a host of diamonds, adding up to five carats. It weighs about 500 grams.

'I thought it would have belonged to a bygone era'

"The first thing I thought was that the request was a joke, that someone was taking the mickey out of me," Koetter said.

"I don't think anybody in South Africa has been asked to make one before, and it is probably my last job of its kind.

"For me the whole thing was very interesting. I was really tickled, not because it was a chastity belt, but because I thought it would have belonged to a bygone era."

When asked to do the job, Koetter searched the Internet, and many sites selling belts made of leather and rubber, which were not being sold as erotica, were found.

The first chastity belts were probably made of iron, Koetter said, which would have broken the skin of the women who used them, and slowly poisoned them.

Tiny holes were made in many of the belts, probably so that fabric could be stitched onto the inside.

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