A Chastity Glossary

Submitted by: Noah Mercy

Dear Altarboy,

The following is a "Chastity Glossary", a list of terms (words and short phrases) which are used with particular frequency in CB talk, or defined somewhat uniquely when applied to the topic of enforced chastity. The list includes a short definition for each term or phrase.

This project began as an aid for my keyholder and I to use in standardizing communications between ourselves. As it grew I began to circulate the list among other chastity belt users and enthusiasts. I collected feedback and picked up ideas for additional terms. I also posted early versions of the glossary to some chastity oriented message boards where I found even more ideas and suggestions.

At this point, this glossary stands at Version 3.6 and I think it's ready for the big time. So here it is!

Noah Mercy

******** A CHASTITY GLOSSARY (#3.6) **********

A glossary of terms common to the topic of enforced chastity.

* Abstinence -- The avoidance of sexual activity conducted in pursuit of orgasm (for oneself, the abstainer). No intercourse, no oral, no digital, no nothing.

* Capital Chastity -- Long term chastity, generally applies to situations in which the subject maintains continual abstinence for a period of one year or longer. With respect to enforced chastity, the circumstances may or may not be permanent, or indefinite.

* Celibate -- Abstaining from sexual intercourse.

* Chaste -- To conform to sexual restrictions or limitations defined by some person such as a spouse or keyholder, or by the standards and norms of a society or community. In contrast, to be "celibate" is to abstain specifically from sex intercourse.

* Chasten (or Chastened) -- To place into PERMANENT CHASTITY. Like "chastize", but specifically applied to the administration of Permanent Chastity.

* Chastity -- (1) Restriction of sexual activities in conformity with specified limitations. The limitations may be "societal norms", or the wishes of a specific party such as a spouse or keyholder. (2) A mechanical device to enforce sexual abstinence.

* Chastity Belt -- A chastity device designed in belt form, ie., attaches to the body by encircling the waist.

* Chastize -- To place someone in a chastity device and become their keyholder (unless the device is installed permanently such that a key is irrelevant). For example: If I agree to wear a chastity device, and you take the key, you have "chastized" me.

* Chastizor -- One who instigates someone's chastizing. Mainly intended for use in discussion of forms of permanent or indefinite chastity in which a key, and hence a keyholder, are not relevant.

* Enforced Chastity -- Using a chastity belt or device to insure that an individual engages in potentially gratifying sexual activities only as prescribed or authorized by a keyholder, ie., behaves in a chaste manner.

* High Security Device -- A chastity belt or device that allows the keyholder to enforce abstinence without regard to the subject's predisposition toward compliance (barring drastic measures to thwart or escape from the lock), ie., the unit is designed and constructed such that the subject cannot deliberately defy keyholder wishes without the aid of special tooling or emergency police/medical assistance -- even if he were willing to destroy the device.

* Indefinite Chastity -- Chastity for an UNSPECIFIED period of time -- presumably an extended period. Release will PROBABLY, but not necessarily, occur at some point. (Sometimes the terms "Indefinite Chastity" and "Permanent Chastity" are incorrectly treated as interchangeable. Disagreements or disappointment could result if these terms are casually used as equivalents.)

* Keyholder -- The one who can release the subject from a chastity belt or device (by key or otherwise). A common spelling of "key holder" in the context of enforced chastity.

* Low (or Faux) Security Device -- a chastity device that is more a prop for purposes of fantasy role play, than a reliable lock. While the device may in fact inhibit or temporarily prohibit sexual activity, a determined subject could circumvent its purpose, or escape from and later return into, the unit without his keyholder becoming aware of the unauthorized events. Effectiveness usually depends on the physical presence, or continual observations, of the keyholder.

* Medium Security Device -- a chastity devise which is secure as long as the subject is unwilling to destroy the device or create evidence of non-compliance that will be apparent to his keyholder, ie., chastity is effectively enforced if, but only if, the subject fears keyholder awareness of any defiance or escape. In other words, the subject could escape, but does not because he would be unable to hide his escape from his keyholder, and such a discovery by the keyholder would be unacceptable to the subject.

* Muzzle -- Synonymous with "chastize" in this context (male chastity).

* Permanent Chastity -- FOREVER chastized. No release, never, not in this life-time, no way . . . that day is done. A conceptual ideal, not likely to be achieved in reality.

* Subject -- The person who wears a chastity belt or device. The chastized person. The complement of the keyholder.

* Total Chastity -- When a chastity belt or device is used to prohibit orgasm completely for a period of time, without respite. For example, a subject kept in Total Chastity for a year would not be allowed to orgasm at all during that period. In contrast, a keyholder may keep a subject merely Chaste for a year, while occasionally or regularly allowing the subject to engage in whatever sexual activities the keyholder allows, but only what the keyholder allows. The merely Chaste subject gets relief only when the keyholder grants it, the Totally Chaste subject gets no relief for the entire period.

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