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Submitted by: Mistress Roxi

Hello Altairboy, I love your site, and would love if you would post this bit of information.

I am offering a service that should be of interest to many of your readers, as my email name implies, it is a key holder, or "keykeeper" service. The following is what I would like you to post, it will explain the service:

Subject: Need a key holder? New anonymous service available.

Hello fellow CB lovers. I understand the difficulty of finding a safe situation to enjoy your "hobby", and I know how many CBs are purchased and not used for the lack of a second willing participant. I myself enjoy being a key holder for my slave, but I know how few of us there are.

This is why I have developed the "My Key Keeper" system. "My Key Keeper" is a yearly service that will keep you safely secure and sexless. For a fee of $50 you will receive a one-year service that includes:

One individually numbered, high quality heart shaped combination lock (for which only myself and my slave know the combination) and two releases.

I will ship your lock with the combination already set (and recorded in multiple locations), you simply install the lock onto the chastity device of your choosing and your locked!!!

When the moment arrives that you need release, simply email or call the provided address or phone number, and the combination will be provided for your release. As both my slave and I always have our email enabled cell phones on us at all times, your request should be answered immediately, or at the longest within the hour.

We will then ship a new lock for the cost of shipping plus $5 or for just the cost of shipping if you pay to return the old lock.

If you would like more information, please contact me at: Thanks

Mistress Roxi - My Key Keeper

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