Delayed Release Treasure Hunt

Submitted by: Ataraxia

Chrystie99, on 5 January, came up with an ingenious idea employing the use of several small lock boxes to significantly (and very effectively) delay access to your key. The full article is at and is worth looking at. It is quite ingenious!

The challenge is to find some sort of inexpensive yet very small and very secure lockable boxes. This is a very tall order!

However, the boxes are not necessary at all!

If you had small padlocks you could just insert the hasp through the hole in the various keys. Or, you could drill the holes in the keys to accomodate a larger hasp. Then you would lock the padlocks to something secure and immovable. There is no way you'll have access to each key unless you are able to unlock the padlock it is on! To do that you would need to have obtained the key from the previous padlock and so on.

If another person, such as a sub, is involved, you could make a "treasure hunt" game out of this by locking the padlocks to secure items at various locations and providing him/her with a map or somewhat cryptic instructions for the location of each. You could even email clues to the various locations to him/her at appropriate intervals. You could make this last many hours, days or even months!

You could, for example, install two heavy duty screw-eyes immediately next to each other into the base of trees or wood telephone (utility) poles in various nearby (or not so nearby!) towns. Locking the padlock onto both of the screw eyes would make it impossible for anyone to remove the lock or the key on its hasp unless they have obtained the key from the previous location!

The padlocks can be mounted on all kinds of things in all kinds of places. For example, you could put one of them on a metal support strut under pew #14 in a church 20 miles away or on a staircase on the 10th floor of a luxury hotel!

Not all keys have to be mounted on a padlock! You could retain, say, the #6 key and mail it to your victim at some appropriate time!

Other friends could be entrusted as keepers of various clues, perhaps without even knowing it, to further add to the challenges of the "hunt"!

The mind boggles at the possibilities...! And the idea of having to run all over God's creation looking for keys based on hints and clues could make a fun game out of this.

Rubber dreams...

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