Dear Keyholder... I am confined

Submitted by: OKSub

Here's an attempt to express to my wife (and sometimes keyholder) how I feel when we play, perhaps someone may find it useful?

I am confined. No other words will do. I can't touch my cock without permission. Because I can no longer find release, every touch, every whisper is magnified. I long for your embrace. When I am apart from you I am reminded always of my position; no more can I even urinate as I did before.

When we are together, when you let me rub you with scented oil, the times you let me attend your bath and scrub your back... words cannot describe the wonderful feelings that course through me. The tide comes in, overtaking me.

It starts in my groin, an aching burning need. Then it courses through my belly, filling it with frantic fingers of flame that course up my spine and flood my brain with longing, desire, yearning tempered by contentment.

All this and more, built a thousandfold, when you hold me and tease me, caressing my body and then a millionfold when you have me please you, so close yet so far, the burning need to penetrate you with my-no, yours now-cock spurring me onward until you've taken all the pleasure you desire...

And then you hold me, and tell me you love me, and the fever starts to ebb, the watermark higher now than it was before, each tide builds upon the other until I fear I will drown in my need for you, my lust for you, my desire for you;

My Keyholder

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