sources for CB-2000 plastic locks

Submitted by: Altairboy
The cb-2000 chastity device comes with a small supply of plastic seurity seals that can be used where a metal lock is not suitable. Replacement secals can be ordered directly from them at $5 USD for 10 seals plus shipping.

Some of the visitors to my website have found some other sources:
Magellan's is a travel goods supplier and they have what they call PrivaSeal which are little red, numbered plastic locks which are identical to those that originally come with the CB-2000. The good news is the PrivaSeals come 12 to an order for only $4.85
Health Care Logistics is an even less expensive source of plastic locks. They sell them for 15.96 per hundred. You can visit their website and request a catalog which is delivered promptly or call 1-800-447-2923.
HealthMark Industries - look at the the bottom of the page - They offer Numbered Snap-Loks #8050, with unique numbers for added security and record keeping. Numbered Snap-Loks are available in four standard colors. $31.48 for a box of 100.

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