Woman Wears CB on Florida Vacation

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I've been reading Kevin Wood's recent story "The Thrill of the Chaste." He may call it fiction but there's an element of fact in it.

When I was vacationing in Florida a couple of years ago, I went to play tennis and noticed a young lady in a tennis dress (which turned out to be a leotard with short skirt attached) and a very prominent crotch. Either she had a very bushy bush or something down there. When she came near me, I knew I HAD to ask her. [My feeling was like people with "message" t-shirts; if they didn't want you to stare and read and maybe ask questions, they wouldn't have worn them.]

She told me that she was wearing a chastity belt, that she had put it on herself and the keys were back home in North Carolina. She wanted humiliation (just like in the story) and she felt that just having it on didn't give her the amount she wanted. By coming to Florida, she could remain anonymous and the chances of being seen by someone she knew were nil. So she wore it to play tennis and also to swim.

The next day I saw her at the pool in a tank suit and the chastity belt very obvious. She told me that she had tried to swim in the belt and a bikini top but the hotel told her not to. But she still does that at the beach. The next day, I accompanied her to the beach where she did just that. She told me to watch from about ten feet away as she laid out on a blanket and sunned herself, clad in the belt and the top. It was amazing how many people walked by, took a look, then walked by again to see if what they thought they had seen was really there. It was. Nobody asked her but there was plenty of pointing, giggling, and chatter. That afternoon, we went to the nude beach down the road and she took off her top and wore only the belt. It was interesting that there were fewer lookers, probably because those people are less likely to take notice of a bare body, let alone a belted one.

Before she left for home, she mentioned that she had come across one other woman who seemed to want humiliation more than she did, who wore a stainless steel collar with a ring in front, from which there dangled a message "I am a worthless piece of shit." There didn't seem to be any lock on it so maybe it was welded shut on her neck?

In either case, I do hope that both got what they craved.


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