Kink in the Caribbean

Submitted by: Mick & Dee

Dear Altairboy,

n001104b.jpg n001104a.jpg Dee and I spent the last week at "Kink in the Caribbean", held at Hedonism III in Jamaica. It was "Exit to Eden" for a whole week, and we had a great time. Every day was different.

For Halloween, spent the whole day in the belt, wearing only a tank top over it, along with her Dreamstrike steel collar. At breakfast someone from the group commented on her collar, and she walked over to his table and explained that she had a matching set of shackles.

When she told me, I dragged her back over to that table, and told her to tell him the "rest of the story". She demurred, but I told her that if she didn't show him, I'd do it. So she pulled up her tank top bottom a little to show them all her chastity belt, and they were very impressed. The best part of the trip was that whenever she tried to get sympathy from any of the hundreds of "kinky" people there, they told her that she deserved at least as much as she was getting, and she was lucky to be so mistreated.

The rest of the day, I made her show the belt to everyone from the "Kink" group we met (at least 20 or 30 people). For her Halloween costume, she was a Pirate Wench with a corset top and sheer slit skirt (still with the chastity belt firmly locked in place).

Finally, after dinner and the Halloween costume party, I took her skirt from her and we mingled with the other guests with her dressed only in her corset and chastity belt.

Just one wonderful day from a fabulous week.

--Mick & Dee

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