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I'm still working -or rather struggeling- with the CB article. In addition my (former) ISP has given my a hard time regarding my e-mail account, so I have now switched ISP.

My previous approach doesn't seem to be the right approach for such an article. I've had a discussion with my editor about it. He thinks it will be a terrific story, but he really wants to focus it around one individual (or rather two couples, one with a belted male and one with a belted female) and tell their story - not nessecarily under full name - but with professional quality photography portraying the actual individuals in the article, not just some pictures of people in CB's.

I have "mail"-talked in some depth to two people this far. One female and one (gay/bi) man. In addition some people (including a Norwegian male) have been in contact but have at some point stopped responding to my mails. This may be related to my problem with my ISP.

I've spoken with some local people here in Oslo who are well aquinted with the local D/S scene. They may be able to help, but progress is slower than I was hoping for. Maybe I'm talking to the wrong people, or maybe they are just plain sceptical towards journalists.

An alternative story would be to enlist two couples, have them travel to the belt manufacturers and get fitted with the appropriate hardware and report their reactions. One of the regular models for the magazine in question is slightly on the kinky side and had some interesting questions to the conversation she overheard through the editors open door.

That would however demand more time than I can give to the article, so I'm really hoping for some local contacts who already are wearing "devices". Espesially since I'm a freelance and not a member of the magazine staff and a "two week full time assignment" would always be done by a permanent staff member and one of their highly paid professional photographers with camera equipment of a quantity and quality that I can only dream about.

I'm still working on the article in the hope that it may one day be a reality - but unless I can make a story along the lines that my editor suggested, you are not likely to see it in print - at least not with me as an author.

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