Voluntary Chastity

Submitted by: Severin

Hi Altairboy, love your site!

I read a quite funny story in a Norwegian newspaper called VG.

The paper had challenged four young men to drop their various very important daily routines for one week.

One was to skip all sportsprogram and sportspages for a week,

The second was to shut off his mobile phone and pager for a week,

The third was to say no to all partying and drinking for a week, and

The fourth one was to remain totally chaste for a week. Our guy had just moved in with his beautiful girlfriend Therese... I guess your readers more than anyone can see the stupidity in even trying, unaided. By the help of cold showers, brisk walks and lots of overtime he did pull through. But as he said, "I will never do this again no matter how much money Iīm offered". Lets hope Therese donīt read your site and gets any ideas.

Any norwegian women interested in beeing chastised?

Yours Severin
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