Newspaper Article from 06-Feb-98

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Hi Altairboy

I found this in the Daily Mail (a mid-market British national newspaper) 6 February, 1998. Thought you and folks out there may be interested, particularly as, given the source, it's probably genuine.

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THREE years after my marriage in 1932, I had a very brief affair with a friend. My husband went to see our family doctor; who suggested I should wear a chastity belt as a punishment. I was measured and my husband ordered two belts from a metal firm in Devon. For three years, he locked me into the belt every morning and undid it every night. The belt, together with the boned lace-up he corset he made me wear, ensured I was very uncomfortable every day. After three years, I was still made to wear the belt if my husband went away on business or even if he went out for an evening. My husband died in 1970, when I disposed of the belts. I nearly gave them to a museum, but at that time I was too shy to explain why they had been bought for me.

Name supplied, Bolton.

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