Keyholder Point of View

Submitted by: New York Bruce's Keyholder

Dear Altairboy:

This is a note from Bruce's key holder. As you know we both have looked at your sight and have found it informative. You also know he wears a Access Denied belt and the reason for it and the other items he is required to wear. He has also told you in a previous article about the belt and how well it has worked out.

I would like to give you another point of view not one from the wearer as most of your notes are but from the key holders. When I found out about his fooling around I was angry however he convinced me that he was sorry and wanted another chance. I found out about chastity belts and decided on what is now our life style.

Being a key holder is more than just being in control although that is a part it is also a responsibly. One must look after the person under your control and make sure that things are alright and there is no damage being done. To the matter of control however that is what has kept us together. I know now exactly where I stand and know I can trust him completely. It is an interesting feeling. Most women cannot feel this way. Men there entire lives have been raised to be in control and to be able to excise it and to look around. While women have be raised to accept it now as a key holder all that has changed. I am the one who decides when I will allow thing to happen and when I want it and know that he will not roam.

To the point of the additional items I feel as the key holder and the one who was wronged that it is only proper that he is required to wear as the old story goes his scarlet letter. In his case it is panties and bras under his clothes instead of male underwear. I don't feel like a some one for women's rights, however I do believe in equal rights. Men and as I am his key holder Bruce I know were raised to feel in control. They decided on a wife and what she should be like and when they wanted sex ect. It was a women's role to please. Now as the key holder we are on equal playing fields or maybe I have the edge. Some cases to point out the change. No longer can he buy just any old underware and feel it will be ok or expect me to buy it for him as most women do. It is his job to purchase the most female types he can find and now he must think of how to cordinate them as he wears them daily. He can now enjoy the joy of picking out and putting on and the management of stocking and pantie hose and of course what it like to wear a pantie girdle all day If he want sex he must show it by what he wears like women have had to do. He has learned what women have alway's had to deal with when using public bathrooms. It is so much fun when you have to go to wait for a stall and then the time it takes. If more men were wearing belts I know the situation in public bathrooms would improve quickly. I also appreciate the accessory or adaptor plate that I had him purchase from Access Denied as it allows a dildo to be locked on the front of the shield. So now he can service my needs with out getting any satifaction since he remains locked in his belt. I know many women have know the feeling when they got no satifaction as the man just enjoys him self and goes to sleep now the shoe is on the other foot.

Altairboy the above are just some of my views on why he is wearing his belt and what it is like to be a key holder. I felt it is another point of view being expressed by the person who demanded control after what he did.

Bruce's Key Holder

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