Anxious Experience with Airport Security

Submitted by: Julia

Last week, I traveled to Boston on business. The adventure was a bit more than I anticipated.

Tuesday night, as soon as I arrived at my hotel, I dutifully unpacked my belt and put it on before I set about unpacking and preparing for the my first presentation. That night, I fall quickly asleep, knowing that everything is set to go.

5:00 am...
My eyes pop open. I realize my horrible mistake. I'm securely locked in my belt Boston while my keys rest safely at home. I few moments of panic rush over me while I contemplate my next move. I'm scheduled to fly out Friday morning, so I figure that I'll call my KH in the morning and have him mail me a set of keys overnight. Yes, that will work! It's too early to call him now, so I'll just try to get some more sleep. That doesn't happen.

7:45 am...
I make the phone call. My sleepy KH laughs. "Now, I know you'll be safely locked away while you're in Boston," he says. I am not amused.

10:00 pm...
I call my KH to confirm that the package has been sent. The day has been fairly busy, so I haven't worried (too much) about my impending flight out.

Wednesday, 8:00 am...
My co-worker and customers meet me for breakfast. I'm not used to sleeping in my belt, and the pressure on my back has caused a bit of discomfort. I squirm a bit, but no one seems to notice. I am thankful that the keys are on their way.

7:30 pm...
I arrive back at my hotel, exhausted from speaking all day. It will be nice to be able to shave after I get my belt off so that I can arrive home well groomed. I walk to the front desk and request my mail. The clerk says there's nothing there for me. I ask him to check again, but his search is fruitless. Starting to really worry, I head to my room to make a few calls.

Ring! UPS tells me that my package is safe... in a container... IN MARYLAND. No, they don't know how it got there. They promise to deliver it tomorrow, several hours after my flight is scheduled to leave. I am furious as they claim "There's nothing wey can do, but we'll be happy to forward it to your home." The sinking feeling in my stomach gets unbelievably worse. I call my KH and leave a message.

8:00 pm...
My KH has calls back. We discuss several options, to no avail. By the time we finish our call, I've calmed down a bit and resigned myself to the fact that I'm going to have to face airport security in the morning. I spend the night packing and hopelessly trying to pick the lock (something I've never done before). I lie in bed, pretending to sleep, dreading the morning to come.

Friday 5:30 am...
After having tossed and turned all night, I take my bags and head for the lobby to wait for the shuttle to the airport. We arrive at Logan, I check my bag and I head for the security gate. To minimize complications, I had been careful to pack anything that might set off the security alarm... even my keys and tin of breath mints. I get in line and wait.

I go throught the first metal detector, which predictably goes off. I'm directed to a second, free-standing metal detector, which also goes off. The two male guards in front of me are just standing there, looking confused. I'm in no rush to talk to them. Seconds later, a harried looking woman brushes past me and tells them "You've got to pick up the pace." She grabs the wand from one of them and directs me to put my arm up. Hurridly, she waves the wand down the front, sides, and back of my legs... but NOT over the center of my pelvis... in fact, she never even comes near the front shield of my belt. Although the wand does beep once, she appears to not notice. In a flash, she's done. Aparently satisfied, she moves on to another person.

Shocked, I snatch up my bag and walk away as calmly, and quickly, as I can. It takes a few minutes to realize that I've worn my AD through an airport security check, and no one as much as blinked an eye. I sit down at the gate, relieved and amazed. The whole flight back, I can't wait to get home to call my KH to tell him the news.

Next time, the key will be the FIRST thing in the bag.


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