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Hi Altairboy:

Your site is great and I would like to contribute something to it. The German newspaper Bild (biggest tabloid in Germany -, published a short article about chastity belts in Indonesia in its issue of 03.02.2000. I am sorry the scan is of poor quality, I did my best.

The article is - of course - in German, the translation below was created by the Altavista-Bablefish.

Chastity Belt for protection from rape


It is made from iron, weighs almost two kilograms and has a three dial combination lock.

nt000210.jpg The caption: The Chastity Belt, metal strips covered with white plastic: Only the customer knows the code of the number lock.

In Indonesia, the chastity belt comes again into fashion. The Sex prison was invented in the Middle Ages in Europe, when the men went on crusades and worried themselves about the loyalty of their wives. In Indonesia the chastity belt serves for the protection against the unspeakable.

Manufacturer Simon Sanjaya: "men, who buy my belts for unfaithful wives, are rather rare. But if there are political unrests, the number of my customers rises, because then the road gangs come."

Many women in Jakarta belong to the Chinese minority, who have to suffer from sexual attacks.

Sanjaya: "many girls come with their mothers. Men bring me their daughters. The belt is made to be worn as comfortably as possible, but it must fit very tightly to fulfill it's purpose."

1190 women were killed 1998 with unrests, innumerable more were raped - like the young Debi (26): " there were three, they wore military uniforms. I do not want that to happen to me again, therefore I wear the belt. "

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