Genie Orders Goethals CBelt

Submitted by: Genie

September 30, 1997: 1:55am

Well, today is the last day of measurements. We decided that since there were a few measurements on the order form that were not as easy as one might think, it would be a good idea to take the average of 3. That also allows for weight loss and gain. If an average is taken then the belt with any luck will fit better in long time wear since weight is constantly in flux by approximately 5 pounds.

I am nervous and excited about getting the belt. There wasn't much information on the Altairboy site about Goethals female belts so I don't know what other women think of them. I do know though that they look infinitely more comfortable with the low waistline. The other belts would push against my belly ring, which already gets irritated enough by my jeans. I want this. I think it's going to be a very worthwhile investment.

October 5, 1997 : 2:59am

Yesterday we finally mailed out the order form and check to Walter. The postman said it would take about 7-10 days to get there. We should get confirmation that the order has been received by the end of the month. We went to Christopher Street afterwards to do a little shopping at the Leather Man. We got a few of the usual, paddles, blindfolds etc?. And then just as we were about to leave I happened to ask if they carried leather chastity belts.

It must have been my (un)lucky day.

They had several female ones in stock, so my fiance and I decided that we ought to get one and try it out. This way when the Goethals belt gets here I will be used to the pressure and stiffness of the belt. It was quite an experience on the first run. We put it on as soon as we got home and it was almost an immediate turn-on, psychologically and physically. I guess it's the whole idea that my pleasure has been entirely surrendered to his control and whim.

The belt isn't all that uncomfortable, but then these sort of things aren't supposed to be like your favorite pair of silk undies. The waist band is quite high and does present quite a few problems in bending. Also, the band through the legs is narrow, but not so much so that it isn't somewhat effective. Self gratification is still quite possible, although penetration with any large object is clearly out of the question. The band can't move much from side to side.

The belt is held on by four locks (two on each side) that he keeps the keys to, and by the positioning of the two waist bands that hold it on, it can't be removed unless the locks are taken off. Since it is leather it can't been worn for long-term sessions. I take it off regularly for (supervised) potty breaks (some slaves just can't be trusted alone). There are also four small holes along the band to allow for plugs also sold at the Leatherman. I wore it last night to sleep and experienced no discomfort. I took it off around 8am to go potty and elected not to put it back on. I was too tired.

October 14, 1997 : 5:13pm

I've been surfing the net quite a bit today and I've read most of the stories on the Altairboy site. There's weren't many actually written by women and the ones that were don't really answer all of my questions. I'm a bit nervous now after seeing the ineffectiveness of the leather belt, the we might have made incorrect measurements on the Goethals belt. I know these are groundless fears, but with something this expensive I'm going to worry just a little.

October 20, 1997; 10:11pm

I received confirmation from Walter today? My belt is #115 and he estimates that it will be ready in March, although he wrote next to the date that female belts take much less time and that it might be ready sooner?.. I'll expect it in April so that if it comes earlier I'll be surprised.

We still use the leather belt at night and most of the time when my fiance is home. This one is all psychological. Masturbation is not prevented, but it does help in adjusting to the stiffness and the pressure of the belt.


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