Female Chastity Device from Erosart

Submitted by: Anonymous

In the latest issue of the German body jewelry catalog "Die neue Fibel fuer den Intimschmuck" (Edition Nr. 14, 1997/98 from Erosart, Postfach 1132, 25557 Hanerau-Hademarschen) a nice female chastity device is shown.

female shield This device consists of a small curved metal shield that covers only the vaginal region. On the lower end of this shield a short tube is fixed. At the end of the tube a metal ball with a diameter of about 30 mm is mounted.

The tube and the ball have to be inserted into the vagina and the whole device is fixed to the body with light chains that are locked on the back. The middle part of the device lies between the labia lips. It has some holes for peeing. The upper part is a little bit wider and covers the clitoris region.

The manufacturer writes that with this device locked on, penetration and masturbation are impossible.

The device is normally made from gold-plated silver. The price is very high (1750,- DM or more). It can also be manufactured from pure gold (585/1000 or 750/1000), the price for the golden versions are not given.

The device looks very nice. But I think it is not very secure because the chains are easy to cut. And I can't believe that it really prevents masturbation.

Has anyone else seen this device or has more information about it ?

I have shown the catalog to my wife and asked her what she thinks about wearing such a device. She said that she would not like to have a metal ball in her vagina for longer times.

I think the device can also be used as a permanent chastity device if the shield is fixed in a permanent way to some piercings and not with the chains. In this case it will be much more secure. The light construction should allow long-term wear without significant problems. There will be no reduction in freedom of movement. And a tight waist band is not necessary. The waist band is the part of my wife's chastity belt that she still hates. Last week she has worn her chastity belt for 3 1/2 days but she says that she can't get used to the tightness of the waist band.

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