Chastity Belt spotted in Salsburg, Austria

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Dear sir,

Your Page on chastity belts is superb. It's tastefully done with a great emphasis on detail and information. The inclusion of personal accounts adds a wonderful insight into all the questions one would want to ask but is too afraid to. You have done us all a great service. Thank you!!!

I came across a wonderful antique and "historical" chastity belt in my travels. Located in the city of Salsburg, in Austria there is a castle that once was the fortress of a late medieval Bishop-king. This guy was a piece of work, he once had all his political enemies seized and killed at one of his dinners.

Salzburg, Austria is located in Northern Austria, near the German border and at the edge of the alps. The castle's name is The Hohensalzburg Fortress. It was built by rulers losely called "archbishops" between 1077 and 1681. Inside the castle is the Rainer Museum which house's medieval weapons, instruments of torture, and the casitity belt that I saw there. (I wonder which catagory the belt falls into?) The ruler who was the real tyrant was named Wolf Dietrich.

nt970602.jpg On display in the castle is this medieval female chastity belt made of iron. It looks very much like the first chastity belt you featured in the female section. There is are small front and back openings. A nice touch is the front opening which is in the shape of a small heart, (how "romantic"), and the rear opening is oval shaped with, would you believe it, tiny outwardly protruding teeth. The belt has a circular band around it at the waist and there is a hinge at the center of the crotch. It has a lock at the top of the back where the circular band meets up with the middle band.

As you can tell form the picture, both of the woman's orifices were protected. Looks like for comfort, there were tiny holes placed along the outside of the center iron panel in which felt or velvet cloth could be attached to form a comfortable inner covering for the wearer. Perhaps a better idea than the modern neoprene.

What got my attention and jogged my memory, is that some of the writing I have seen on the web that attributes the concept of chastity belts to some kind of Victorian myth. I think the existence of this ancient chastity belt must lend some credence to the fact that chastity belts were, in fact, in use during at least the late middle ages. That chastity belt was created to be worn. The inclusion of the hole into which the cloth inner fabric could be attached to confirms, to me, that this belt was indeed worn. I have read that some of the knights of the crusades were gone for 5 years or longer. Makes a few weeks in a modern belt seem short by comparison. I'm looking for a way to get this picture scanned into a JPEG file. I'll send you a copy if you would like, when I get the photo scanned.

Chastity belts have been a long time fantasy of mine. I would like to be either locked in, or lock my lover into one. Talk about the ultimate commitment!

Thanx for the great page

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