Wife Gets Measured for Tollyboy Chastity

Submitted by: William

Hi Altairboy

I thought I would share my experence with other devotees about when I measured my wife for a Tollyboy belt.

We contacted Tollyboy after seeing a review on your page and about a week later I recieved a price list and letter from the owner Hal. After looking through the descriptions ( he does not have a illustrated catolouge), we chose the FB/100 and sent off a deposit.

A week later we recieved a letter from Hal and a detailed chart of how to measure for the best fit. This is important as the belt allows for the use of the toilet while the keyholder is not present, and if badly measured would cause discomfort.

We decided that to measure her properly would take time, so to avoid any interuption we both took a days holiday from work, sent the children to school and took the phone off the hook!!.

I had my wife strip naked and stand with her legs 24 inches apart, making sure she placed her hands on the back of her head, and stood up straight. Usaing a cloth tape mesure I first measured her normal waist and made her breath in and took another mesurment. Then I fastened a one inch belt around her waist and took a measurment from the bottom side of the front to the beginnig of her labia lips, and then to the bottom of her labia to her anus. ( I did this about six times - not for accuracy but for plain enjoyment!)

Next, I measured from the front of the belt between her legs to the back, from the back of the belt to her anus, and finally I marked the back centre of the belt. Then I measured three inches ether side of the mark marking the belt again. I then measured from the front of the belt between her legs over her buttocks to these marks. Finally I pulled the belt in tightly untill it was a snug fit and marked it. We removed the belt and measured along its lenth to the mark. This gave us the waist size of the finished belt.

All in all it took a couple of hours, after which we had a mega lovemaking session and went out for lunch. In the afternoon I decided that a remeasure was on the cards to make sure (these things aint cheap). So my wife stripped and assumed the position. It was then I discoverd that her waist had expanded by over one and a half inches. I realised that in our(my) haste to measure her, that we had skipped breakfast - not even a cup of coffee - so the new measurments were taken and posted to Hal.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we drew up a contract that both of us agreed on and signed. My wife negotiated a couple of opt outs. She will not wear it to work and not during her monthly period. However she will wear it at any other time I desire and for any lenth of time. We do have a code word for extreme circumstances.

We now have to wait until the middle of July before it arrives as these thing are hand built and made to measure.

As for its use... Well, I have no worries about my wifes fidelity, however I intened to use it at the most inconvienient times for her. Girls night out, parties, visits to parents etc. There will be no fixed routine and no justification - just at my whim.

I will get her to write her experences in it when it arrives and I might semd some pictures!!.


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