Dingwall - The Girdle of Chastity

Submitted by: Clapp

Though this book is over sixty years old, it probably remains the definitive text in English on the use of the chastity belt. Fortuantely, it has been relatively recently republished, since what what few copies that were to be found languished on the private shelves and locked cabinets of great libraries. I remember seeing a copy in a locked glass cabinet in the university library in Adelaide. No doubt an ironic antipodean librarian's joke.

Dingwall rejoiced in the title of the Kepper of the Locked Cabinet at the British Museum, and his position put him in a privileged position, which allowed him to conduct the thoroughgoing research on the history of the belt that he did. To any who doubt the historical veracity of the belt, Dingwall will put them right.

Perhaps there is a need for a newer work in the subject, with special reference to the use of the belt today, so that in the years to come it can never be claimed that the current renaissance in the use of the belt is mere prurient invention.

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