A question from a reader

Can you help me? I am looking for diagrams/photos/description of a 'Burlesco Lock' the spelling may be suspect/incorrect, beware. It is an Italian, (I believe 16C) device which with a single metal plate afixed to the labia effectively locked them together with a fairly crude bar system, top, centre and bottom (sic!).

I want to have one made for my slave (wife). I have contacted a skilled toy-maker that has been making things for us for many years. We have come up with a uniquely clever improvement to the description we have discussed by telecom during the past few months. Essentially, the outer labia is fed through a narrow curved stainless steel plate about 5cms max, and then peeled back on each side and pierced to a set of 3 or 4 studs down each side of the plate. A second plate is then laid over the studs/pierced labia and affixed by a turn-key lock as per the chastity belt. Leaving the lips very exposed, yet completely inpenetrable. That is a B(u)(e)rlesco Lock!

Oh yes, you asked how I found your site. I only recently became a net surfer, (God help me!). I asked the Oracle for C-Belts and up poped your site, simple!

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