Biank's Custom Jewelry Device

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Hi Altairboy,

The device is produced by a Spanish Jeweller, Designer, and Artist with the name of Biank Rodalquilar. His creations are sold via a shop in Berlin "brilliant", Schlueterstrasse 30, 10629 Berlin, Germany. This is an opticians shop and they have got a showcase there with Biank's creations. Mr. Rodalquilar is sometimes in Berlin but most of the time in Spain.

The price is that of a piece of art. 3000-3500DM according to specific design. (about 2000 US Dollars). Take a look at the 37k drawing.

The device is made from leather cords and silver insets. From the cord that encircles the waist some attachments dangle down in the front and the back. The backpiece carries the ball that is inserted into the vagina. The front piece is then inserted into the back piece and joined with the insertion of a lock. The lock sits in the stem that holds the vagina ball. Nice place to put the lock. From the waist cords go up meet between the breast and circle the neck. At the point where they meet between the breasts there is a closure to keep the key. So it is more a piece of jewelry with a kick than a chastity device.

I am glad to be able to explain this for you



The lock being used to lock the belt together at the ball is a west german lock made by Burg. It is called a Burg Watcher and its original purpose is to prevent someone using a key to open the old style warded locks that are still in use throughout europe.

The lock is about an 1-1/2" long cylinder about a 1/4" in diameter, or 38mm long by 7mm diameter. there is a protusion from the body about 3/16" and length of 11/16" which houses the springs and driver pins for a 4 pin tumbler lock. Next to that in the middle is another protusion of extending out about an 1/8" with length of 3/8" that rotates 90 degrees to lock it into the keyhole.

I have seen this particular pin tumbler arrangement used in display case locks that are chrome plated instead of brass. The key is a "T" shaped or better, a "Y" with the top being filled in and the bottom part containing the coding to align the pins to open the lock.


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