Silver CB from The Netherlands

Submitted by: Norbert

    Note: Since this article was originally published in 1999 December, the Telephone numbers have changed. One of my readers did some research. Here is the result: I would be most interested to learn if you have any success in making contact with them, and if they are indeed still in business!

    The mentioned phone- and faxnumbers are pre-1996 numbers. From that moment on all these numbers in the Netherlands consist of 10 digits (including the first 0, excluding the international access code). I happen to have still a guide with which I can convert old to new number. According to this guide the new numbers should be:
    for phone: +31 522 473212
    for fax : +31 522 471880
    I tried both numbers and they do exist, but nobody picked up the phone ( I called on a saturday). And yes the fax number is actually connected to a fax.

    But ....... I tried to look up this firm in the Dutch phonedirectory without succes. I also tried to look up the mentioned Chamber of Commerce number in the Dutch register for these numbers, also without any succes. The number is not a valid number, probably old also. I then tried to look up the name of the firm in the same registry / directory of the Chamber of Commerce, also without succes.

    However .... What I did find in the Chamber of Commerce register is the firm named "van Niftrik-Scylla Holding" which is almost certain the same parent firm as mentioned on the website. However this firm has no listing in the phonedirectory. The only thing I could find is the zip-code and town: NL-7963PP Ruinen, which is a small town near Hoogeveen. Btw name, zipcode and town on a letter will give the Dutch postoffice enough information to actually deliver the letter. And while searching for an address I found another firm in Ruinen, named Nipak, with the same zipcode and listed in the Dutch phonedirectory with the faxnumber mentioned above. IMHO this is no coincidence.

    So, if the firm "In Discretione Fortunido" still exist then it operates under a very low public profile, completely invisible. Even the parent compay is hardly visible and f.e. not listed in the phone directory. Anyway the phonenumbers on Altairboys website are pre-1996 numbers and invalid now. They should be replaced by the above valid Dutch phonenumbers. Of course one could try to call the number and see what the response is. In any case I would NOT order anything at the moment from them on a prepaid or collect on delivery arrangement. This seems not an officially registered firm in the Netherlands.

Begin Original 1999 Article by Norbert

Looking for something new I came across this Girdle of Chastity made from pure silver offered by a company in The Netherlands. I ordered an info package from them containing a leaflet plus some big glossy photographs for about a 100$. This is what I got.

    In Discretione Fortitudo
    (A Nifrik Scylla Holding division)
    P.O.Box 2093
    7900 BB Hoogeveen
    The Netherlands
    Telephone +31-5221-3212
    Fax +31 5221-1880
    nt91227e.jpg nt91227f.jpg
    Click Small Images above for larger view

    The Girdle of Chastity

    The girdle (in style of the sixteenth century) consists of a frontal plate. The frontal plate (125mm, 5") has a longitudinal oval dentated opening which is pressed firmly against the vulva. The anal Plate (diam. 50mm, 2") circular in shape has an orifice studded with nine teeth. Hip - and backband consists of a single row of jointed pieces, the pieces are H, cross and half cross shaped for adjustable attachment. From frontal plate to hipband there is a double row of jointed pieces. In front there is a shackle being provided with 4 slots for even better adjustment.

    nt91227a.jpg nt91227d.jpg
    nt91227c.jpg nt91227b.jpg nt91227g.jpg

    The girdle of chastity consists of 12 different silver parts, on an average that means 80 pure silver parts of the highest quality (no.: 925). Padlock and keys are also silver.

    Total weight is about 42 ounces (1,2 kilogramme) of pure silver. The price is Dfl (Dutch Guilders) 3200,-- (including VAT). Please allow 4 weeks to produce.

    Made to measure

    The girdle is worn round the hips. We need 3 measurements (indicate cm, or inch):
    A. Hips
    B. Bottom hipband (front ) to crotch
    C. Bottom hipband (back) to crotch

    Before taking measurements it is wise to study the photographs. P.S. You are always welcome at our premises for your special wishes, (s.a. girdles in gold, special constructions to your order, suits of armour etc.) For appointment please phone +31-5221-3212 or fax +31-5221-1880 The Netherlands. Chamber of Commerce no. 44.350 - VAT nr. NL 123898766Bo1

Kind regards


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