Chastity without the expense of a belt

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For those who would like the feeling of being confined, but without going thru the expense (and inconvenience?) of a chastity belt, I offer the following from my experience.

I started out with a pair of tights and a turtleneck leotard, with jock strap and cup under it all. A locking collar allowed me to secure both the collar itself and the leotard's zipper with one small lock. I would go out shopping or to the movies and leave the key at home. (Sometimes I would put other clothes on top, sometimes just a pair of shorts and T-shirt or sweatshirt.

This still wasn't perfect. The tights could be pulled down and the penis accessed. So I added a leotard below the tights and leotard, then a pair of tights to that leotard. Access was possible but very difficult. When the biketards came on the market, I knew I was getting closer. And when unitards arrived, that was it. A tank-top unitard under the leotard and I was completely secured.

I would take these things with me on a trip when I was driving and when I was 150-200 miles from home, I would change at a roadside stop. Not only what I have mentioned before but also a butt plug. (I had a tarp on the car seat just in case of an accident, which did happen more than once and sure made a mess of the leotard. But it was easily washed out.)

That meant I was locked in what I was wearing until I got home where the key was. If I wanted anything to eat or gas, that was what I would be wearing. [I also locked my clothes in a suitcase with the key for that lock at home.] One trip I even put on a pair of legirons - - key at home - - and had to walk into the gas station that way to pay. The two women inside loved it!

Of course this is more obvious than a hidden chastity belt but what I crave, besides the lack of control, is to be humiliated by it all. I used to go to Halloween parties with the black tights and leotard, as a black cat, and more than once girls would comment, "you're locked into your costume!" I loved it.

I would wear the same outfit, with shorts and T-shirt, to get a haircut. One of the surprise reactions- - usually there are none, dammit - - was a woman who tugged on my collar as she put the cloth around my neck and said, "You'ver got one of those too." It turned out her daughter had dated the son of a pet store owner when in high school and he put a collar around her neck. And locked it. I didn't find out who kept the collar when they broke up.

But I digress . . . and will end before I wander any more.

Incidently, I should mention that one way of keeping a butt plug in under these circumstances is a tight pair of dance trunks, and if they are too tight, just cut out a hole in the front for the private parts to be released from that layer. The trunks will keep the plug from coming out; oh, yes, it will work its way halfway out and then, as you sit or lean over, ram back in. God, is THAT erotic! I did have a nice orgasm before I went into a McDonalds one time and got the teasing that I craved!!!!

One more thing. Buy a T-shaped piece of PBC and put the other end of the plug into it. This gives it more area to push against the trunks and less chance it will tear or work its way free, and also makes sure it doesn't accidently go too far in.

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