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Patent Sites:

Recent Patents (since 1971) may be found at two sites:

Some recent patents in your area of expertise:
alludes to a "fastity belt." This appears to be a modified version of Patent 4344424 :"Anti-eating face mask"

Patent 5368050 :Rape Prevention device

Patent 5613251: Locking rape prevention belt

Patent 4016875: Penis locking and lacerating vaginal insert
Ouch! If you ask me, this inventor has a fetish for sticking needles wear they don't belong..

The following sites are in German-- therefore, machine translation sites such as and may be somewhat useful.
Another web based forum (Parsimony) focusing on female chastity.
Features the continuing struggles of Jasmin, a slave who wears a chastity belt. Some stories (all in German).
Numerous stories-- most featuring the twin motifs of female slavery and chastity belts.

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