Katrin's Experiences - Episode Three

Submitted by: Katrin

Dear Altairboy,

Here is the latest episode of my experience with the cb.

After the very difficult start with the cb, my husband decided to have a trial period to try to get me used to it:

I will be belted 36 hours and have a 12 hour break, locked to our bed, in order to prevent me from doing silly things. So, beginning Thursday, we started that routine.

Thursday morning I was allowed to take a shower and then my husband locked me in the belt without the secondary shield. I had to wear it up to Friday night with only a one hour pause on Friday morning.

I felt really terrible, I can not cope with the belt. I can not sit for more than 1 hour. I feel wet and dirty all the time, and completely frustated. On the Friday night as promised I was unbelted and my husband locked my arms behind by back.

Saturday morning I was feeling better and I hoped to have a bit of fun. No chance - he belted me again and we had a " normal day".

This continued up to last week end despite his promise to keep me belted for only one week. So I am wearing the cb now for almost a month with that routine (36 hours on and a 12 hour pause.)

I had no chance to have sex inbetween, and I still have difficulties to cope with it.

Nevertheless I must admir that last week end we had really good fun:

We invited our best friends for a sexual evening. The theme was the cb. Our frineds had allready seen the belt but this time it was a bit different. My husband gave the keys to our friends and told them to unlock me if they wished to. It took a long time, but during the night they decĄded to unlock me. I had one of the best orgasms I have ever had. I began to understand why some wear a cb for long periods. It is so wonderful to feel free after that time.

The following morning our friends informed us that Sylvie will be measured for a cb and asked for advice. We have measured her all together - this was great fun and I think they will go for a tollyboy. But this is not yet decided.

This morning my husband has asked me if I wanted to be belted again and I have accepted. I don't know how long I will have to wear it but I am afraid it will be for a longer period this time.


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