First Report with Female Chastity Belt

Submitted by: Katrin

Dear Altairboy,

This is a report on my first experience with my cb

I am German, 33 years old and married 5 years to a French guy. In the last two years we have discovered bondage and soft domination and are really addicted to our great pleasure.

When I come home from work, sometimes a red envelope is waiting for me, and I will have to follow the instructions inside to prepare myself for a night of sexual games.

A couple of months ago we discovered your site and we were very excited. That night we played a little game and my husband measured me according to the Access Denied patern. At least, I though it was a game up to 3 weeks ago!

I came home from work on Friday night and a red envelope was waiting for me. I always take a lot of time to open the envelope, because of fear, nervousness, and exitation. This time, my husband asked me to undress myself completely, and lock myself into a pair of handcuffs and a spreader bar. I must fix the bar at my feet and lock myself with the handcufffs to a hook on the ceiling.

I did so. I waited, locked up in this way for only one hour, but it seemed like a week to me. Then my husband got home and started to play with me, and got me really excited. Then, without unlocking me, he told me that he had a present for me. He disapeared for a couple of minutes and came back with a large box. He opened it, and showed me the belt.

It was for me, a real shock. I must admit it is beautifully made but I was not prepared. He waited a couple of minutes trying to calm me down and locked me in the belt.

The first impression was not as bad as I feared It is not as unpleasnat as I thought. My husband took some photos while I was still attached and then freed me.

After the first shock, the excitation came back and I wanted to make love as never before. Poor me. My husband informed me that he as the intention to keep me locked as long as I can bear it. We had a terrible fight and he left the house leaving me alone and belted. I had to cry

I had the time to have a closer look at the belt and try to unlock it or touch my vagina to cool me down. It is impossible. The belt is very tight, ( too tight? ) and has secuirty locks and a secondary shield.

I was really depressed but fell asleep after a couple of hours.

The following morning I found my husband sleeping on the sofa. I woke him up and he agreed to unlock me. We had a terrible day, after our disastous night, but I promised myself to try the belt again when he will be away from home, and attempt to get used to it.

Altairboy, I promise to write to you again, when I have a new experience to write you about.


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