Wife gets Jones Chastity Belt - Too Tight?

Submitted by: joinville1310@hotmail.com

Hello Altairboy,

Congratulation for your site. It has been a very good source of information for us. If you will excuse for the quality of my english (I am french), I will try to describe you how we deal with the cb.

I gave my wife her Jonesís cb one year ago. She was not truly enthousiast about this, but since she loves me passionnately she did agree to let me measure her. When a few months later, I received her belt, it was too late for her to turn back. In fact when she first saw it (she had never seen any picture and only knew that it would be in metal) she was very curious about it, and wished to try it right away. I was really pleased by her reaction, and became truly euphoric when was heard the final click. She was locked for good, and I saw in her eyes that she fully realized by now in what she had got herself into. I noticed how troubled and aroused she became then. We both knew that from now on, her sex belongs to me, the happy keyholder of her belt. It was a strong turn on for both of us, and it still is.

We began to explore your site few months later. We are still puzzled by the allegedly true story of women who wear their cb for many days non stop, and sometimes many months.

Although reluctant at first for a long term wearing, I eventually persuaded my wife to experiment it. She did try, but because of the tightness of her belt, she felt sore, specially on her hipbone, after 12 hours of wearing.

That is why we would like to get advice from women who are on long term wearing. We wonder if my wifeís cb is, or is not too tight ?

In fact the only problem with this tightness is that it seems unbearable for her after 12 to 24 hours of wearing. Nevertheless the fit looks perfect when she slips into it, and she feels alright for the first 6 to 10 hours.

Besides there is also some advantages about this tightness: It definitively arouses her. The front shield press firmly on her pussy making her labia lips protude through the slit, and this induces her clit to swell. A few strokes with my tongue on this sensitive flesh of my lover and she starts to moan and to undulate her pelvis lasciviously. If I stop, she begs me to continue. If I go on, I easily bring her over the verge of a strong climax.

We wonder if we shall or not order a new cb which would make possible long term wearing. Right now, my wifeís cb fits very well for bedroom play.

On your site we read the experience of women who were unhappy because their belt was too loose. One of them even found that if the waistband was loose, the unconfortableness was worst. Another pitfall from a loose cb is that it may alow the fingers of the wearer to reach the clitoris underneath the front shield, thus making useless the secondary shield. Right now, the secondary shield of my wifeís cb is a very effective device. My wife hates when I add it on her cb: She gets horny as hell, but it is absolutely impossible for her to get high enough. So she soon begs me to remove it. This alows me to get everything I want from her, without even freeing her from her cb.

May be the ideas of other cb wearers or some other visitors to your website can help us to figure out what to do with this tightness problem. Is it a question of training (or determination?), or new measurements for a new cb (why not an access denied with adjustable waist band)? Besides we would be pleased to share our experience with french adept of cb.

Joinville & Vestale

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