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Submitted by: Chastity

I have attempted to revive the chastity newsgroup:

I've began posting a little bit at a time (generally a couple of pics and story files every one to two days), and expect to be in it for the long haul. I'm hoping to re-establish the group as a message board for pictures, stories (experiences or fiction) and discussion.

There has been little of the latter, since I'm currently one of a small few people posting regularily, but I'm hoping that will change (and have seen a few indications of renewed interest already).

I'd appreciate it if you could please put a note up on your site to let people know what's happening. If there's anyone out there interested in chastity belts, they can feel free to contribute -- I'd enjoy the company, and I only have so much to offer, alone. Anything that anyone can contribute would be welcome, and assist in the resurrection of this newsgroup.

Anyone choosing to post should be aware that advertisers sometimes comb Usenet for email addresses. You can usually avoid being put on a mailing list by adding some obvious anomaly to your email address in the "reply to" field of your newsreader (for instance: ""). Serious respondents will be able to remove it to reply, while SPAM list compiliers don't take the time to do so. (Fortunately, there has been relatively few SPAM problems with the group thus far).

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