Research Topic: CB's for Safety and Security?

Submitted by: Stacy Albin

Recently at the Erotica show in NY, I met Brigitta from the cb manufacturing company, Access Denied. As I'm a journalist who writes about adult life, she suggested I do a piece on chastity belts. Sounded like a good idea.

While talking to people, someone told me that some people wear them for safety or security, sometimes out of fear of because they were sexually assaulted. This person, however, didn't know anybody personally.

If one of your readers has ever worn one for safety (or knows someone else), I'd be grateful to talk with them. I believe my source was sincere and honest, but in this day and age who knows. My work # is 516-877-7373 ext 6275.

Thanks so much
Stacy Albin
Long Island Voice

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