Das Band der Venus

By Dr. Alexander Schulz

Submitted by: Anonymous

The book is © 1984 Andreas Schulz Verlag, mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Herrn Dr. Schulz

I read about the book "Das Band der Venus" on Altairboy's website. So I got in contact with the author by eMail. He told me that the book is no longer available but that he still has some copies - and he sent me one - for free (thanx again!). I told him that I'd like to send scans of the pics and a translation of the text to Altairboy so that he can use them for his cb-site and he agreed. I'm a bit busy at the moment, so I wasn't able to translate the stuff yet. By the way: it's written in a horrible complicated kind of german. For those who speak german, here one example:

Yes, this is ONE sentence! So for now - be happy with the pics.

Pictures (Abb.) 1, 5, 6, 8, 12, 16 are missing because their quality is so poor (in the book) that there was no change to scan them. (Pics 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 19 are photos, rest are drawings.)

Abb. 1n/a Amor appears to unlock the chastity belt - Germany, 1648
Abb. 211K gif it is said that this chastity belt was worn by Katharina de Medici. Musee de Cluny, Paris
Abb. 334K gif Woman with chastity belt, approx. 1540
Abb. 417K gif The sign of Melchior Schedel, approx. 1550
Abb. 5n/a A fooled husband. 17th century. The scene is based on a story by King Henry IV of France (1589-1610)
Abb. 6n/a Illustration of Women-keeping (Frauenhüten) from the Boat of Madmen (Narrenschiff).
Abb. 782K gif Est florentinarum hoc bracile dominarum ferrum et durrum ab antea sit reseratum. - The is an iron-belt of the women of Florence which can be locked up in the front like this. Bellifortis by Konrad Kyeser, 1405
Abb. 8n/a Heinrich Aldegrever. The woman with the chastity belt. 1532
Abb. 935K jpg Pluto in front of Proserpina wearing a chastity belt. Illustration of a poem by Voltaire. 18th century
Abb. 1021K jpg Woman with chastity belt. Taken from the Parchinger-Collection, Linz (Austria)
Abb. 1129K jpg Woman with chastity belt - Photo taken arround 1900
Abb. 12n/a Box with miniature painting on inside of the top-cover. Two lovers - girl wearing a chastity belt. 18th century
Abb. 1322K jpg Chastity belts from the collection of the remains of the castle of Greifenstein
Abb. 1429K jpg Chastity belt, start of 17th century. Musee de Cluny, Paris
Abb. 1517K jpg Chastity belt, Erbach Castle, Odenwald, Germany
Abb. 16n/a Time to go for the husband. From L'Ecole des Maris jaloux, Neuchatel, 1706
Abb. 17n/a The old man who doesn't trust. The chastity belt is like the one described in Aloisia Sigaea. 18th century
Abb. 1843K jpg Julia and Jocondus. Le Meursius Francais, a Cythere, 1782. Illustration Vol. 1, before p. 225
Abb. 1919K jpg Modern rebuild of a chastity belt (Ridgeway Forge). Collection of Rainer G. Feucht, Allmendingen
Abb. 20 9K gif Iron chastity belt from the Parchinger-Collection, Linz, 16th century
Abb. 21a10K gif Front of a chastity belt, 17th century
Abb. 21b11K gif Another front of a chastity belt, 17th century
Abb. 2212K gif Reconstruction of Julias chastity belt (see Aloisia Sigaea)

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