Chastity Belt found on eBay

Submitted by: Les

Hi Altairboy:

You may wish to take a look at something I found of interest on eBay. I found it of interest :o)

eBay Auction item 44771295 (Ends 12/02/98 16:42:29 PS...)

ebay.jpg The description: This functional chastity belt was made by a blacksmith in Bath, Ontario Canada in the 1930's or 1940's. It is signed with an R in a circle. His name was Riddell. The condition is pristine, it's a museum quality piece. The iron is all hammered, no casting here. The front waist piece opens to allow it to be put on. Then it is swung shut and a carved wooden peg on a chain holds it shut on the left hip. There is a ring for a lock in front. One can certainly see why no one fooled with ladies wearing them, OUCH!! This just a wonderful, wonderful find.

The waist circumference is about 32 1/2". Even though that sounds large, it is for a small woman.

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