How I Ringed My Cheating Husband

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Dear Altairboy,

As promised, this is one of a series of letters written to the editor of several different out of circulation Centurian/Spartacus magazines. Most concern original writings by wives, lovers and BD/SM mistresses and all will concern installed CBs which are based on frenum and other penile piercings.

Here is an adapted transcription of:

by Mistress Dee

Dear Editor of Slave Piercing and Feminization,

It seems that I am ahead of time. Several years ago, long before I saw your Chastity Devices in Slave Piercing and Feminization, I locked my slave/husband's cock into the permanent chastity ring device, which is illustrated in the enclosed photograph.

We had been married for nearly five years when I suddenly found out he was having an extramarital affair. By this time in our marriage, our sex life had become abysmal. My discovery of his rancid affair explained the reason why our sex life had recently fallen off.

When I strongly confronted my husband with the evidence that I had amassed concerning his affair, he soon confirmed that my suspicious were true. He begged me not to divorce him. He claimed that he really did love me, but I think that he was just afraid that I would take all of this money.

He pleaded me to reconsider and to state my demands in order for him to prove his love to me and to avoid a costly divorce action against him. I thought in silence for a few moments and then I told him my demands. First, he had to absolutely stop his extramarital affair. Second, similar to what we had seen in the movie "Story of O," he would have his cock pierced and fitted with a gold ring to mark that he was mine forever. And by accomplshing these two demands, I informed him, I would not have my attorney begin a divorce action. To my surprise, my husband readily agreed to do the two demands... (He later told me, that his romantic interests was waning in his affair and that he always wanted a penis piercing but was afraid to ask me!)

The following weekend, we went to a piercing salon and after considering all the penis piercing options, we selected a frenum piercing for him and a suitably sized 10 guage gold ring. Owing to the skill of the piercing, my husband experienced slight discomfort in having this done and a temporary stud was installed in the piercing.

During the aftercare, my husband's piercing bled slightly but his main complaint was that we could not have any sex. However, during his healing period, I demanded that he nightly give me a soothing massage and orally service me unti I came. Of interest to me was that my husband semed to like participating in this somewhat one way sex play.

When my husband frenum piercing fully healed, within 40 days, we returned to the piercing studio and I requested that a 10 gauge captive bead gold ring was installed in his frenum piercing.

Wow, did our sex life suddenly improve!!! I asked that my husband wore his frenum ring in the up position which snugly fit his penis and fit neatly into the groove which is located just behind the head of his penis. To me worn in this fashion, his gold penis ring looked very sexy. Because, the frenum ring grips his penis tightly when he becomes erect, it improved his sex performance too! He now had significantly greater erection-staying power than ever before! Also my husband's ringed penis seemed to give me new, highly charged erotic vaginal stimulation and I was now able to consistently experience multiple orgasms like never before!

So, I thought that the ring in his cock would work miracles in our marriage and cure his infidelity. But sadly, I was wrong. Within a year, I discovered that he was having another affair.

This time I went 'crazy.' After a long session of yelling and screaming at him and threatening to walk out and take everything; he got down on his knees and begged me not to, that he would do anything to appease me and he admitted that his wayward sex drive was an uncontrollable addiction.

This time, I told him that if he wanted to stay married, he would have to give me complete control over our married life. I demanded that he grant me complete control over his sex drive and allow me to make him into a sex slave to serve me! To this astounging demand my husband said, "OK, I'll do anything for you.. But no divorce."

I don't think he knew what I now had in mind for him! And I wonder now if he didn't get what he actually what he wanted all along...

It took me awhile to really decide on what to do. I consulted the advice of a friend who was chiefly employed as a very skilled machinist with a sideline as a custom piercing jewelry smithy. I told him, what I wanted was a chastity device for my husband which would give him very painful erections. This chastity device must be very permanent and could not be removed by my husband (who was not very mechanical). Furthermore, this permanent chastity device had to go under my husband's dress work clothes, casual attire and swim suits, be hygienic and not interfere with the passing of his urine.

ringed.jpg With the assistance of my smithy friend, in time I came up with the design for the permanent chastity ring which is illustrated in the photograph.

Following the advice of the smithy, I made several careful measurements of my husband's cock while he was asleep and when his cock was flaccid. These twice verified dimensions allowed the smithy to craft for me my husband's the custom made chastity device to exacting dimensions.

What follows are the specifications of my chastity device which was custom crafted for my husband and is still worn by him today ten years later. The reader please be advised that different dimensions may apply for the man you have in mind. The smithy obtained a 1.5 inch diameter steel ball made from medical grade stainless steel. He first milled through its center, a 1.0 inch diameter hole. Then at right angles to the 1.0 inch diameter hole the smithy milled a second hole which was intended to accommodate a 12 gauge stainless steel barbell piercing. Looking through the 1.0 inch diameter hole, the location of the 12 gauge barbell hole is in the lower quarter of the larger diameter hole. Next, the smithy milled into the outer surface of the stainless steel ball, two rounded pits or countersinks which were intended to recess the stainless steel barbell ends. Finally, the smithy gave all milled surfaces of the ball a high mirror polish.

Following the advice of my smithy friend, I installed this permanent chastity device on my husband's penis during a special BD/SM scene that my husband greatly enjoyed... Slow Masturbation is described in the first edition of Joy of Sex; it is a sexual variation that my husband deeply enjoys me giving him. And we have enjoyed doing this ever since were given this book as a marriage gift. Slow Masturbation, as we practiced it, is done with him tied to the bed, with a soft blindfold and a chewy gag too. To help assure his cooperation, beforehand I encouraged my husband to consume a couple of mixed drinks which caused him to get very sleepy after sex, because of his intolerance to alcohol.

So with much enthusiasm, my naked husband assisted me to get aout all the ropes and other equipment, he then positioned himself on the bed on his back, and then stretched him self into a spread eagle position. So with minimum effort, I was able to firmly tie him with 1/2 inch polished cotton cords to the metal bed frame. Next, I propped his head up slightly with a pillow and tied a padded blindfold to his head and inserted a chewy cock gag into his mouth which was secured by means of a narrow belt around his head. After initially securing my husband, I did a rope check to make sure that all the bonds were tight; assuring that my husband would not squirm about but also checking that he could breathe without difficulty and that he was not experiencing any pinching due to an improperly tied rope.

By the time I finished fettering my husband firmly to the bed and checking all his bonds an additional time, I noticed that his penis became very erect and was throbbing with anticipation of the activity that would soon follow. Following the prescriptions of Slow Masturbation, I too became naked.

Next, I got into a comfortable kneeling-sitting position on the bed; so that my ass rested partly on his forehead and partly on the pillow cupporting his head. This position caused me to face his feet and it gave me complete control over his body. Furthermore, this position caused my cunt to cradle my husband's nose; his gag allowed no mouth breathing; so he was forced to breathe in the scent of my womanhood which further added to his sexual excitement.

Because of my tight fetters which stretched my husband into a helpless spread eagle position, no movement or sudden jerk or spasm by him could throw me from my seat on his face nor interfere with my teasing and massage of his throbbing cock. With absolute confidence, I began giving him Slow Masturbation. I first applied massage oil to his cock. Then I slowly and continuously stroked and massaged his cock with oiled hands until he explosively came. Then, without stopping I continued to massage his cock, despite his muffled groans and vibrating body until he became whipped into a frenzy. Amid great full body spasms and loud muffled groans his cock came a total of five times. But soon he had his last orgasm; which was a dry one. This signaled to me as being the proper time to stop massaging and teasing his cock. We had be doing this continuously for over an hour and it was time to stop the sex play. I dismounted his face and without out removing his bonds or changing his fetters, I placed a single bed sheet over him as he rapidly cooled off. And for a few moments I lay down next to him, to catch my breath, and I observed under the sheet that his cock become already very flaccid. All done, so far in our customary manner... But, I then allowed him to continue to rest and he soon fell asleep; which he has done on several occasions following a frantic session of Slow Masturbation.

After about one hour of rest, at an auspicious time when his sleep seemed to deepen, I decided the time had arrived to install my permanent chastity device on my husband's flaccid penis. I first obtained the chastity installation tray I had previously secreted into the top drawer of the bed stand cabinet. Then, I removed his gold penis ring from his frenum piercing. From the kit, I obtained a foot long length of 1/4 polished cotton cord. Using a slip knot, I firmly tied one end of the 1/4 inch cotton cord around the groove behind the head of his cock. Next, I lubricated his penis head and the first 1/3 of the shaft of his cock with our favorite sex lube.

I obtained my chastity ring and coated the inside of the large hole with my finger previously dipped into sex lube. Next, I threaded the free end of the 1/4 inch cotton cord through the large hole of the chastity ring. As I gently pulled with one hand on the cotton cord, I slowly worked the ring with the other hand down his stretched flaccid cock. Slowly the lubed chastity ring moved down his penis, past his penis head until the piercing holes of the ring came into near alignment with his frenum piercing. I verified the precise alignment by gently squeezing the shaft of his penis on both sides of the ring, until I could see that the stainless steel ring holes came into perfect alignment with the hole of the frenum piercing. At this point, I stopped sliding the ring down my husband's penis. I then untied the 1/4 inch cotton cord from head of my husband's penis and blotted off most of the sex lube from my husband's penis with a tissue. And through all this activity my husband was still soundly sleeping!

Next, I obtained from the kit, the stainless steel barbell. I unscrewed each of the two barbell ends and set these aside. I then lubricated the barbell rod with sex lube. I gently squeezed my husband's cock next to the chastity ring and when I was able to see straight through the ring; I gently slid the lubed barbell rod through one side of the ring, through my husband's frenum piercing and then through the other side of the ring. At this point the chastity ring was pinned to my husband's cock and the barbell rod was equally protruding through both sides of the ring. With this done, the ring was almost completely installed on the penis of my still sleeping husband!

Next, I cleaned both of the threaded ends of the barbell rod with a cotton Q-tip dipped into rubbing alcohol to removed any trace of sex lube. I then obtained one of the barbell ends from the night stand and into the barbell's threaded hole I put a tiny drop of super glue. Holding the other end of the barbell rod with a pair of jewelers pliers, I then quickly screwed the barbell end onto the barbell rod. To the remaining barbelI end, I also applied a tiny drop of super glue. Holding the chastity ring firmly with one hand while pressing with my thumb on the fully installed barbell end, I then quickly screwed the second barbell end onto the barbell rod.

As I mentioned earlier, I had the smithy mill small cup-shaped countersinks or wells into the outer circumference of the stainless steel ball to accommodate the barbell ends. Well, these were milled perfectly by the smithy to fully recess the barbell ends and combined with the strong power of the superglue, my husband's chastity ring was truly permanent! So working quickly, I continued to twist each barbell end until they became fully seated into their respective recessed wells in my husband's chastity ring.

I then gently cleaned and polished my husband's now permanent chastity ball and blotted up any sex lube with tissue. I then cleaned up the mess on the bed and returned the tray into the top drawer of the bed side cabinet.

With this last task completed; I suddenly realized that my mission that night was 100% successful. I had just completed the installation of my permanent chastity device on my husband's penis! And no way can he ever cheat on me ever again!!! And through all of this, my husband was asleep!

I gently slid off the bed and then untied and removed from my sleeping husband all his fetters. Then, I put away the ropes, blindfold and gag into the chest of drawers. My last activity for that night was to cover my husband and the bed with all the customary blankets and comforter. Exhausted, I slid into bed and gave my husband a soft kiss on his cheek and I gave a gentle pat to his chastity ring, as I turned off the lamp on top of the bed side cabinet...

Early the next morning, I was awoken by the bouncing of the bed and the sudden cry of my husband when his penis attempted a morning erection. With his sudden discovery and awareness of a steel ball attached to his penis, he yelled at me; Where?... What in the hell is this?" I turned on the light. Fully awaken then, I yelled back at him; "It's either that or divorce... Remember, I would take complete control over your sex life... Right!... Well, on your penis is my permanent chastity device... PERMANENT GET IT! AND YOU ARE MY SEX SLAVE STARTING NOW!!!"

He then jumped out of bed and went toward the bathroom, with me following on his heels, and he looked at himself in the full length mirror and he then attempted to pull the chastity ball off his penis. "OUCH! F**k Woman!", he then yelled to me, "Why did you do this to me?"

I said to him in a calm but firm voice, that we had agreed that he would give me full control of his sex drive in order to avoid a divorce. And that meant Full Control of His Sex Drive!!!

In the days that immediately followed after I had locked his dick into the chastity ball and his situation began to sink in, he actually started to get turned on. I think he wanted to become my slave all along.

The look of his prick struggling to stand up was amazing. The shaft was not hard enough to really be called an erection; some deep red color came to the head of his cock and that was all.

It was obviously very painful for my husband. I told him that he had brought this upon himself by being such an ass. I reminded him that he agreed that I was now in complete control of our sexual life. I was not just his wife, I was his Mistress and he was my slave... forever! Furthermore, I told him that I planned to pay him back for his screwing around by fucking anyone I wanted, but with him in attendance as a sex slave. I made sure he realized that he would never be able to fuck anyone or come ever again!

Since then, I have come to enjoy my control and his suffering more and more. The chastity ball is heavy enough to always be pulling on his cock. This reminds him every minute of every hour that he is my slave and is not just my husband.

For several years now, he has had no sex. I on the other hand have had a great sex life. I screw who I want and when I want. I usually just leave my slave at home to think about what I'm doing. When I am feeling particularly cruel, I will bring home a lover and include my slave-husband in our sex play. The humiliation my slave feels turns me on so much! I love looking up from an orgy and seeing him longing to join in. Of course, his only reward is the pain he feels in his cock while I am enjoying incredible orgasms at the hands of my lovers.

Because of my chastity device design, I can actually slip the ball and my slave's dick into my cunt. He can't really thrust in and out of me and he gets pain from attempting to get an erection, so he really can't enjoy this. Sometimes we will lay there with him on top of me and my lover will fuck him in the ass. Whenever my lover comes inside me, I have my slave lick me clean of course. It is wonderful to see another man's come on his lips and face!

I hope you, Mr. Editor, have enjoyed reading about our sex history. We are truly living a sex life as Mistress and slave. My slave-husband is so much easier to live with now. I know he has no sex life other than that which I permit him. He tells me he is happy and so am I with this arrangement. We love your publications and can't wait to see the next issue when it arrives to our home by mail.

In closing, I hope that every woman will take the initiative to rule over her husband and to make him her slave. Most men are wimps and deserve very little. Take a slave ladies, and buy a chastity device for him (or have a custom one made like mine). Girls, you'll will never regret it!

Lovingly yours, Mistress Dee

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